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My projects are mostly "gay/yaoi" with themes of action and conflicts with morality. Contrivance Project Genre: Sci-Fi?, Gay In a world where androids are so advanced to the point that they can live with humans, lives Tyler Vadrick a anti-Chronochum activist, and frequent goer of the Deldum forum, unexpectedly is given a Chronochum an advanced android that incorporates itself into a person's life so well they believe that it was there the whole time. Forced upon one, he comes up with a crazy idea to get rid of the robot threat, by using a robot to kill one. Of course the police aren't too happy to see anyone destroying other people's property, and the androids are so intrgrated into society that the line between human and android has completely blurred.Tyler goes through some character development, and is called out for his hypocritical attitudes. Tyler joins an antimachine group on Deldum forums, and the group of five set off to destroy the factories and machines in their city,

One of my concepts was one of the character's sister actually marrying a Chronochum, while another concept was murdering the Chronochum 'surrogate mother of an orphan" Tyler Vadrick- Is a very hypocritical character he hates Chronochums yet we see him using technology like crazy, he values his intelligence, and is the voice of logic. He makes a lot of mistakes throughout the story, that he tries to justify but fails to. Jason Opher Wes- Is Tyler's love interest, at first he is absolutely hated by Tyler for being a machine, and constantly struggles with trying to win Tyler over even when Tyler hates him. Jason is the moral voice of the group, and reminds Tyler when he's done something particularly awful. His main function is to kill other machines, but throughout the story he is hesitant to do so and even critical of Tyler, only doing so because of his programming and loyalty to Tyler. Silver Lining Genre: Superhero, Gay In Silver Lining, I focus on a Korean American named Jin Hyeon as he struggles to make his dream come true to be a hero. He's living in a world were humans have evolved to a point that everyone has powers of some kind, and wants to distinguish himself from the masses and make his geeky dreams come true. Along the way of course he faces obstacles in achieving his dreams, and his biggest weakness his trust and gullibility are completely taken advantage by a villain who has managed to win his trust.

His powers consist of using technomancery, which is a power that manipulates technology and transforms or controls them into anything Jin wants. Jin has the capability to make his own but he likes using his powers. He turns his family into a giant mecha named Saggatarian to transport. Jin is a really playful and gullible, and his gullibility is taken advantage of. He has a one-side love interest, with a boy named Ian Love, his closest friend.Ian like Jin aspires to be a hero, but realizes his power would be useless, as his ability is manipulating pheromones increasing people's attraction for him. Unfortunately he can't really control this and this has been an obstacle in his life, and he has issues with trust and relationships to the point where's his only real relationship is his bromance with Ian. Because of this Ian is compltely asexual and not interested in anyone- proving an obstacle to the feelings Jin tries to deny for Ian. Ian isn't completely useless, and actually has decent skills with computers and strategy. Ian hides any securities with a snarky and foul mouth, he is seen as the logic to Jin, and tries to keep his idealistic friend grounded.

"Oh yeah like I would be any help. Oooh look at me I can make the villain have the insatiable urge to r*** me. Totally useful for my hero!" Ian Love Cruor, the major villian, has profound issues with heroes, having his parents murdered by one. His revenge consumes to the point where he's become completely sociopathic, even able to harm and manipulate someone he loves. He can manipulate his own blood. Connor Janus- IS Jin's actual love interest, and is an aspiring hero. He's part of the indie hipster culture, a artist on the side, and works at a cd store, when not prancing around as the hero Second Stop. He has a onesided crush on Jin. FOr some reason everyone is in suspcion of Connor, which Jin blows off as his friends being jealous and weird. Hyperion Hand- Is Jin's idol who happens to be a real j***. He's a superhero who won a comptetion on tv, and earned his fame that way. He is leader of the super group Alphateers, which is Olimpos' superteam of young adults. Insidere- Is a African American, ex supervillian, who was forced to be one as his parents were a big name villian syndicate and corporation, Insidere just wanted to be a doctor and actually make a name for himself. He is convinced to join the Alphateers by Jin. He uses the power of fear, and mind manipulation to distract his enemies, before he just fights them with his own strength or weapons. What do you guys think are these strong concepts?

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