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Mask of Words

FateFiction is this site that literally just went up. It is for authors (or artists) of slash that have only original characters. They are new, so they are accepting members. More people to share your hobby and read your stories! Obviously, everyone here supports slash...

If you check it out, look me up. My name on there is ghostofwords.



11/12/2009 #1

Saw you link on the other forum, then remembered I had a question! So I'll post it here.

I'm writing an original character slash-novel-thingie. Is this site only for showing off works published in online venues, like fp.com? 'Cause it'd be cool if you guys had as section for actual novels on the subject. Like me, I'd love to read a slash-type novel, but wouldn't know where to get one or whether it'd be good-- not just porn. XD Thanks again for the link!

11/12/2009 #2
Mask of Words

Absolutely. The site is to post your own works, while gaining knowledge and raising awareness. I know I post my novel from fictionpress, but Scarlett-chacha is copying and pasting hers from google docs. The admin said that if she can get enough momentum, she would like to start posting links to places that actually publish original slash novels. Isn't it sad how rare places like that are? I look forward to reading it.

11/12/2009 #3

Thank you for answering my question. My friend and I are both writing slash novels this year, and are thinking of independently publishing them together. We have to finish them first, of course. :)

I look forward to the links of places that publish original slash novels.

11/12/2009 #4
Adrian StClaire

I'm super stoked to be a part of something RIGHT at the beginning. I registered and everything....if only the sign up process was automatic.

Anyways I'm glad you said something here, I never would have found this. Also, its gonna be so nice to have *better* feedback on my stories, and to be able to feedback better on other peoples....no one here uses the reply button when I review....not too many people here even review. And its so nice to know what people think. I have questions about the process there, since it's not really a website but a forum. But I'm sure I'll figure it ot.

Id guess you wanna be a mod? I do, anyways, hoping to be able to really be a part of it, spread the word and such.

The more people that use it the better it will be. :]

thanks again!

Oh, and now i'm gonna go read all your stuff, :]

11/12/2009 #5
Mask of Words

Welcome, guys! And thank you so much for offering to help spread the word. I think it's so important. I've been trying to tell people on fp about it and scarlett-chacha told some people from deviantart. Anyway, not the point.

The point was... Welcome! haha.

11/13/2009 #6

For anybody on the fence about checking FateFiction out I whole-heartedly suggest you give it a shot. I joined about a week or so after it got up and running and while I'm not quite as into the whole forum business right now as I was a couple years ago I found it really easy to come into the place. It's a forum very receptive to new writers and readers and just generally a good atmosphere for creativity. I feel like it has the potential to be a great place to build a strong slash/femslash writing community. For now I've refrained posting or linking to my own work through the forum for personal fears that my current fic isn't quite slashy enough but I look forward to using FateFiction as a tool for support and communication with any slash writing I might pursue in the future. It's a bit lacking at femslash at the moment, so anyone who posts here on FP and seeks a bit of a more concentrated audience should definitely give the forum a shot.

in the event of tl;dr - FateFiction = super awesome! You should join!

12/8/2009 #7
Twelfth Night

I read it, so it was Too Long; Did Read. I agree with Never. FF's awesome.

2/13/2010 #8
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