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Adrian StClaire

This is something I caught myself doing after I became *obsessed* with the L word. [Mostly because I would LOVE to just bang Alice and Helena]

Does anyone else besides me catch themselves putting their characters in "L word-esque" settings/situations?

Like the last few stories I've tried to start have been in big cities [ a.k.a. Los Angeles] with groups of women [the L word women] who are rich [Bette/Tina, Helena, Alice on some levels] and surrounded by art/music [ everyone ] and their lives are like...all glam and glitz.

Does anyone else find their work influenced by the L word? or any other TV shows for that matter?

11/12/2009 #1

I think it only makes sense that something you like influences your work; I think that happens to everyone on some level even if it's not completely obvious for everyone.

A lot of times I'll see a film or read a comic or something that I really like, and I'll get an urge to create a story that feels like that film or comic did. Sometimes that means taking several elements from whatever influenced me, and sometimes it means just using a similar setting.

11/13/2009 #2
Knightmare Elite

The L Word had a lot of influence early on in my writing. It was one of my favorite shows on TV. I'm sad its over, and I'm not looking forward to that reality show version. They should have enough respect for the show to leave it as, not cash-in on a name that means so much to so many people.

11/13/2009 #3

To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with the L Word. I thought it kind of gave a bad name to lesbians. It makes us look like a bunch of inbred sluts or something, and notice they were ALL attractive fems, of course. The only one in between was Shane, who was still gorgeous. There were no legitimate butch lesbians. Max doesn't count, and he was also a huge disappointment and just fed into stereotypes. The whole show was just a bunch of stereotypes, and when someone complained, they seemed to throw something in there. It was just.. far from realistic, in my opinion. And it makes us look like whores who can't hold down relationships without sleeping with someone else. It just gradually gets worse. I liked season one and two. Five and six.. no. The only good things about the series would be Alice, Shane, and Helena. The actual plot is just terrible, so nothing I would find myself stealing.

Sorry for the rant. I did watch the show, and become obsessed with it. I did enjoy it, but I also found myself screaming at the screen, a lot. Specifically, "NO, DON'T BE A SLUT- DAMNIT."

10/10/2011 #4
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