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Brenda Agaro

I hope I don't get flamed for this... I'm concerned about the lack of male characters in Lesbian fiction (and most of the stories on this site.) Usually, from my reading experience, if there's a male character, he's either:

A.) The gay guy best friend

B.) The ex-boyfriend (or the one in love with one of the girls) who's there for drama

C.) The father whose Lesbian daughter hates

I think there were one or two stories that don't succumb to these cliches. It's something I want to improve in my own writing, and I'll admit that writing male characters are one of my weaknesses. Are there any tips on having male characters in a Lesbian story without making them boring/too flat or having them "just there"? I appreciate it, thanks.

3/31/2010 #1
Rae D. Magdon

You are totally right. I have struggled with this in my own writing. So far, I have only made one very likable, funny male character that I enjoyed writing about, and he was not a major character. I agree that many of the male characters in lesbian fiction leave much to be desired. Perhaps it's because we're not that interested? xD

3/31/2010 #2
Brenda Agaro

Well, I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to add likeable straight males in a Lesbian story. XD I can understand that they rather focus on the Lesbian relationship and not add a male character as a plot device for drama. But it wouldn't hurt to try. I actually have a lot of friends who are males, so I'm making sure to add a few in my stories. My first attempt failed, though. XD

But yeah, it is hard. I believe it needs to be convincing when adding a male character (to make it realistic and not contrived.)

3/31/2010 #3
Twelfth Night

...I actually did the gay best friend thing...Sorry. Heh.

Well, I've re-written a fic where there are in the first two chapters about three main male characters who I like. I probably won't post it here...I don't know, I just rewrote it because while I liked Robin and all, but I wanted to re-write her angst-y. She doesn't have a father she has, but she has a gym-candy using step-dad. One of the main male characters is his nephew, who's her step-cousin...

Sidebar: Are there such things as step-cousins?

Maybe it's easier if you've written things with a main-main male character? But, that might not be right. I mean I've written things with a main male character (not saying they were very good...) but I still make those mistakes.

3/31/2010 #4
Brenda Agaro

That's all right, don't panic! We all write a cliche at some point without being aware of it, until someone points it out.

Yes, I'm sure there are step relatives. You should repost your story if you want. I really need to catch up on your work.

It'll be interesting to read a story with a main male character who befriends a Lesbian. ;D

3/31/2010 #5
Knightmare Elite

This is an issue that I've struggled with for a very long time. I'm guilty on all fronts of purposely ignoring male character in my stories, or if I do, they're one of the mentioned cliches.

I really don't know how to explain my reasoning without feeling extremely weird and awkward. The thing is, I really hate guys. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a "manly" man. I don't watch sports (except pro wrestling), I hate male bonding and the many natural "guy" mannerisms like burping out loud and farting just disgust me. I don't know if that's like some twisted variation of homophobia if I can't stand guys in general. I don't know, I feel really weird talking about this. I just want to put in my two cents about why there are so few male characters in my writing.

I also realize the irony in my situation. You'd think I'd have more males than female in my stories for the obvious reason. Another reason I avoid males is kind of silly. I dread the idea of people trying to slash my fics, and I worry that if I have any males, people would pair them up into a 'cute omg m/m' thing. Then again, you actually need to be popular for people and relevant to fanfic your stuff.

I'm not trying to say I'm better at writing females than males, I'm just more comfortable with females. That's also another weird topic I don't want to get into. I have been exploring that with my Summer character. Writing guys feels like I'm writing slash which gives me this huge icky feeling. Please don't try to make sense of my rambling, it both confuses and depresses me.

Okay, now that I've shamed myself I'll go crawl back into my corner.

3/31/2010 #6
Brenda Agaro

Hey, don't feel awkward. I actually agree with you, especially on the stereotypes. I don't like the examples (mannerisms) mentioned either. Not a "girly" girl myself, but I just don't like to be "nasty." And some guys I know hate sports in general. So, yeah, I see where you're coming from. :-)

Honestly, it irks me when they see two guys who are friends as a "canon" slash pairing. But I'm not going to go on ranting about that... Although I'm personally worried if I put a male, then people would pair him with one of the females (who's a Lesbian.)

I remember from "Groove To Da Beat" that Cassie doesn't hate her father, and Fabian isn't gay (?). I don't think you're unintentionally using cliches.

4/1/2010 #7
Vii Zee

I do like to put in likeable male characters in my storie :) My favourite so far is the older, protective brother of a lesbian. He's very overprotective of her and such. Then there are her friends who are just normal straight guys who happen to be her friends..that's all.

I like staying true to life...

4/1/2010 #8
Twelfth Night

I don't. XD I envy you, Zee.

I might, Cuenta, but only if you start writing Sea Witch again. I really really really really liked it.

Mare, you probably would be slashed, just saying. You're pretty popular...at least, I think so. But that shouldn't stop you. It's not like you wrote it, right?

4/1/2010 #9
Vii Zee

Hehe, thanks :P

By the way, why is your name Twelfth Night? xD

4/1/2010 #10

It would really great of one female lesbian had a good male friend to support her, helping her trough hardships and homophobes. No romantic love involved. Just a really, really great friendship. Or heck, even a brotherly figure. Not the envious jack*** who has hots for one of the girl characters and does everything to make the other miserable.

4/2/2010 #11
Brenda Agaro

@ Vii Zee: Yay, good for you! :-) I actually wanted to add an older brother character in a future story.

@ Twelfth Night: I might not go with the idea, since you thought of it. XD But, yes, I will try to work on the mermaid story. Just have to type up the chapters, since they had been written by hand.

@ Trash.Sprout: I agree with you. There are cool, respectable guys out there, some who are my best friends.

4/2/2010 #12
Twelfth Night

What idea? Do it! Do it, Cuenta! XD

4/2/2010 #13

I can't help but think I'm guilty of not putting guys in, since my only story so far is set in a girls' school. :/

12/15/2012 #14
Knightmare Elite
I can't believe I forgot to mention this. I actually have a legitimate male character in one of my stories! He's in Aphrodite Academy (not the Fictionpress version). He's an English teacher that sort of mentors the main character. She wants to be an editor and he's helped them form their own writing club, and ever complete the teen version of Nanowrimo. He's also dating a female staff member. See, I do have straight women in my writing. I :)
12/22/2012 #15

I have a big problem with this too. In my story, most of the characters who actually matter are women, so I compensate by having a large supporting cast of male characters. There's one-off characters who help or impede the heroine, and deceased male characters who have had a great impact on the story, and a supporting cast who figure into the whole thing as recurring characters.

5/20/2013 #16
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