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Vii Zee

Just a random topic for people who want to discuss PenNames and such :D For instance, mine came from my nickname...Vii Em Zee :D They are my initials written phonetically, VMZ. I just like Vii Zee better :D

4/1/2010 #1
Twelfth Night

Mine's mainly cause I couldn't think of anything better...plus, I heard the name Twelfth Night, put it in, and am too lazy to go through the hassle of changing it.

4/1/2010 #2
Vii Zee

Thought it had something to do with the play...you know, by Shakespeare :D

I love that play xD

4/2/2010 #3
Twelfth Night

That's how I heard the play. Someone in my school did a scene-monologue from it.

4/2/2010 #4
Knightmare Elite

Warning, lame story ahead!

When I really think about it, my name sounds pretty arrogant. That was never the case. It's actually kinda odd how I chose this name. Being that I'm "old" The internet never blew up until I was in the10th grade, so I knew virtually nothing about computers, email or web browsing.

During the year I was 16 (Ugh I feel old!) I got a summer job at the library, most boring job EVER! It was there I happened upon computers with internet access. I had no idea what I was doing, and tried to go to any site I could remember, mostly video game sites. So one day I see this teen go in a chat room and used the name "Kendal", I then discovered chat rooms, and proceeded to use "Kendal" since I didn't even know about Instant Messaging or anything. So basically, I finally got my own computer at seventeen. It was a piece of shit floor model that broke monthly, (that's actually how I learned to fix computers, and found my nerdy love for technology) and my dad signed me up for AOL (shudders) and my screen KKerr89138, can't believe I still remember that!

At seventeen, with my own computer, I finally learned about the seedy underworld of the internet, and chat rooms. When I look back, I must have read close to 500 adult stories between 17-20, since I had no way of paying for adult sites. *awkward* Getting to the point, I really started hitting the chat rooms and met some really cool people, and one awesome writer who I'm still friends with to this day. There was one French girl in particular, that I met in a Yahoo chatroom. She didn't have AOL, so the only way we could chat outside of rooms was though Yahoo messenger. Being I was a three year internet veteran, I didn't want to keep using the dorky KKerr89138, she asked me if I had Yahoo Messenger, and I tried to think of something unique, that described me (At the time).

Back them I was SUPER obsessed with this video games, and I used to read this magazine, GameFan. It had a particular reviewer I liked named Knightmare, unfortunately that name was already chosen. I though of how do differentiate myself from that person, and totally embody everything Knightmare stood for. There was also a character in a fighting game named "Soul Calibur" which had a character named Nightmare, that I absolutely loved due to him being absurdly powerful. I also had this obsession with power, maybe it was from watching so much Dragon Ball Z. Then it came to me, what would make Knightmare sound powerful and exclusive to me. Elite, binged in my head. So I put them together and created Knightmare Elite.

This entire naming process occurred within ten minutes because she really wanted to talk to me outside of chat. Well, there's my sad story of my name. Looking back, I probably would have chosen different name which sounds less seventeen, and more professional. I'll just leave it since all my fiction is attached to Knightmare Elite, and if I changed that, then the people who read my stuff would vanish into thin air. :(

4/2/2010 #5
Vii Zee

...That is a very long story, Knightmare xD

Twelfth, that play is awesome :D My friends actually did it and I was just staring at them as they sang like 'Oh my Lord...Alex can sing!!! :O'

And it's an all girls' school so some actually looked really hot ;)

4/3/2010 #6
Tah the Trickster

Convolutedness warning!

Hm. Well, it sort of (really, really loosely) came out of an old username I had on neopets. (Yes, I used to play neopets. Shut up.) My name there was shredder08. Mind, this was when I was like ten. And watched TMNT. Anyways.

A few years later, quite a while after I quit neopets, I found a different website (I don't remember the name of that one) that I wanted to join. Since I was used to going by shredder08 - or, as people shortened it to, shredder - I put 'shredder08' as my username. Only it was already taken. I tried 'shredder' just for the heck of it, but it was taken, too. So I then had the fabulous idea of adding an article to my username to make it unique. (HAHA. Right.) ...'TheShredder' was taken, too. So then I tried to use the misspelling 'teh'. (This was back when it was crazy popular to use 'teh' instead of 'the'.) Only, being the FABULOUS typist I am, (-cough-) I misspelled the misspelling as 'tah.' So my username came out 'TahShredder.' So, instead of being called 'shredder' like I'd been used to, I settled for being called 'Tah' because I was too lazy to correct them. And also because Tah sounded less childish (and sounded less like I was a boy) than Shredder.

The 'Trickster' part just came from a literature class I took. A form of literature I really enjoyed reading were what I learned were called trickster tales. So, when I signed up for FP, I of course put my 'first name' as Tah, since that's what I was used to. Then, just for the heck of it, I added 'the Trickster' on the end, 'cause I was an author. And I wrote tales. (HAHA aren't I original.) /humorfail

...Wow, that was more convoluted than I thought it was gonna be. -headscratch- (Parentheses are fun.)

4/4/2010 #7
Vii Zee

OK I have the urge to make my story longer :D

So...here it is!

Summer 2008 and my friend, Chanelle had a boyfriend named Shaun. Shaun was a jerk, they broke up after 3 months, and I never liked him. But the one thing that I liked was the nickname he gave me. Chanelle introduced me, and he was like, 'Let's shorten your name...to Vivi :P'

And Vivi stayed.

Later that week I told my friend Emily about that new name. She said it was too long, and that we should shorten it to Vii.

Pretty soon Chanelle started calling me Vivi Zee. But I insisted she call me Vii. And Vii Zee was born :D

4/5/2010 #8
the invisible princess

My names something i thought up all of 2 days ago. Invisable because i often feel alone and invisable. and princess because its what my girlfriend calls me. so it makes me a invisable princess:)

4/12/2010 #9
Mirror of Remembrance

I got my name from Lirael by Garth Nix. Lirael reads in the book of Remembrance and Forgetting how to use the Dark Mirror to peer into the past.

5/23/2010 #10

Mirror, you just reminded me of one of my favorite series of all time. I'm not one for young adult fiction, but those books will remain in my collection until the end of time.

As for mine, I've always chosen usernames in a boring fashion. It's my first initial followed by my middle name. Before, on other internet exploits, I would use my old cat's name in front of Skye; but I stopped doing that once she left (or, as most people call it, ran away).

6/1/2010 #11

Mine is actually very simple, because I dislike complex things.

Caleigh is my name. And I like hugs and kisses. Tada!

I go by another PenName (CaleighCatastrophe) on many other sites and that story is a little more complex. Again, my name is Caleigh and I wanted to have something that described me. One day, I was at school and we were studying 'Catastrophes of the World' or something like that. And I thought, 'Catastrophe, that sounds cool.' So I went with CaleighCatastrophe.

Also, I've seemed to always end up with my PenNames during the times when everyone puts an X before and/or after their name.

6/29/2010 #12
Rae D. Magdon

Rogue Roxness comes from my first Neopets username, too! It was Roxeant, because I loved the name Roxanne, and Roxeant seemed a little like it.

Rae D. Magdon, my official pen name, is an anagram of ARMAGEDDON. I don't know why I chose that word to rearrange. It just sounded cool. Also, I loved Raven from Teen Titans as a young teenager, so... Rae anything is cool by me.

6/29/2010 #13
Knightmare Elite

I need to come up with an official pen name. :(

6/29/2010 #14
Adrian StClaire

So along with everyone else's stories, I've thrown in mine.

Hmmm...I guess its not really that great a tale. My real name is Noah St. James. Hence the St. Claire. Adrian I just heard someplace and liked. I'm a girl with a real boys name and a female author with a boyish penname. But it's official so if you ever see anything written by Adrian St. Claire, that's me!

7/1/2010 #15
Just in cases

My name is a line from one of my favourite movies. I won't tell which so you guys can see if you can guess what it is...

Not all that much of a tale really.

9/22/2010 #16
peppermint latte

I play a ukulele and I have teeth. :) Nuff said.

10/1/2011 #17

"Well painted passion, you rightly suspect

Impersonation, the dumbing down of love

Jaded in anger, love underwhelms you

No box of chocolates, whichever way you fall."

Frou frou. I love Imogen Heap, a lot. And I thought Painted Passion had a nice ring to it.

10/10/2011 #18
Selda Summers

I actually got my name from one of my characters. Summer Sauteur. He has a twin brother called Winter. :)

11/9/2011 #19
Tabby Kattene

I feel incredibly unoriginal, PLUS I don't even have a cool story to be unoriginal with. :( Though it turned out to be a good thing... which IS a short story.

Oh well, here goes:

Because I am eighteen and totally adult and everything, Winx Club is one of my favorite shows. Haters gonna hate, heh? But anyway, back when I was so young and innocent at seventeen, I signed up for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer forum as LoveLoveLovix because the Winx had a power called Lovix, and LoveLoveLovix sounded generally catchy. Then I had to go and change my fanfiction and fictionpress usernames so they'd match and get an email address to boot.

Now, despite this name being a lame reference to a 8-15 age group television show, it was a good thing. My future girlfriend saw my username, thought it was a Taylor Swift reference (she loves Taylor), and that was the beginning of her side of the Story of How We Became A Couple (mine is "we got into an argument because she thought I wasn't gay," but that's another story). :)

11/11/2011 #20
I got my name from a song that I like. People comment that it sounds like my name on here is kind of depressing, and I think it sounds kind of cool, but really the song isn't that neat :P I love the penname though. The song is, obviously, Even Angels Fall by Sarah Riddle.The lyrics go: "You will fly and you will crawl; God knows even angels fall. No such thing as you lost it all. God knows even angels fall." I'm really not that religious though, even though its kind of a Christian song :P Anyways, thats how I got my Penname :)
12/19/2011 #21

Interesting topic.

I picked out my pen name by mangling my address.

BTW, I'm new on FP, and just beginning to figure out how/what to post. I'm a bi woman, late 40s, and want to connect with other bi women writers for friendship and writing support. I've written and published before (journalism as well as short fiction). I am employed as a high school English teacher and spend any spare time I have trying to reclaim some mental space for my muse to come back out to play as she did so prolifically in my 30s.

Feel free to PM me.


Dar S Woods

aka D.S. Woods/DSW

3/21/2016 #22
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