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Oh course, when I wander into a forum I'd like to partake in, it seems to be dead. Is there any chance of resurrecting it?

It's not that long dead. Like a month, but still. This is saddening.

There has got to be some femslash fans and writers out there!

8/4/2010 #1
Up Falls Down

Yes, unfortunately, I only found this forum just after it died down. I personally think Fictionpress has died down all together. I used to write under a different account when I was a teenager and the femslash community was insane (the way I remember it, anyways) but there were no forums yet. I hope this place picks up again.

8/4/2010 #2
Knightmare Elite

The forum isn't really dead, there just aren't any exciting topics I suppose. I'd hate to see this forum die, it's one of the few forums dedicated to femslash on fictionpress. :(

8/5/2010 #3
Twelfth Night

Maybe it's because of overpopulation on this site...But on a grander scale, how do you resurrect a forum? Say it's a forum with a website all its own?

8/15/2010 #4
Knightmare Elite

It's mainly because M/M is infinitely more popular F/F.

I've been meaning to post some reviews of a few movies I've seen. I'll post some new topics in an effort to get things going during the week. I will not let this forum fall deeper into the slash shadow, I know it's still informative to lots of people. They just don't trust something that looks inactive.

8/15/2010 #5

Yeah, it is a shame that it is dying. There is still a lot of information that some of the newer people to Fictionpress could find useful...

9/11/2010 #6
Limited Edition

That's so sad. And I even went to a lesbian bar last night to gain some more experience for this lol

9/12/2010 #7

Haha, how was it, Limited Edition?

9/12/2010 #8
Knightmare Elite

I know quite a few people who have really good questions and topics but are afraid to post on here. :( I guess I'm going to have to start randomly throwing out topics about lesbian fiction. We do get some really great discussions going when the topics are good enough. I know lots of people do come to our little forum for help and advice. If this place goes, I don't think there's another femslash forum on fictionpress.

9/12/2010 #9
Limited Edition

It was quite fun! I enjoyed the atmosphere, and the girls were very nice. Wished I could've stayed longer, but had to go for a friend's b-day. But girls are sure more shy than guys, or perhaps they are unsure due to the society. It kinda felt like you first have to go on a date with somebody to get them into bed, while I wanted to jump several of them hahahahahaha XDDD And it was quite nice that no men were allowed.

Wonder why people are afraid? It is quite anonymous if you want to be.

9/13/2010 #10
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