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Hi, I've been lurking around here for a while and I've decided to come out, so to speak, by asking how many of you guys read manga? There's a lot of yuri/lesbian manga out there. Much of it annoying with the same tired schoolgirl plot, but there is some good stuff out there. In fact, I'm currently fascinated with one manga called "Flower Flower." What about you guys? Anyone out there got a manga/comic that they like? Or ones they loathe?

Well, that's enough out of me. ...you could just ignore me if you want. ...I was never here...

10/2/2010 #1
Just in cases

Umm, can't say I read any of it and its probably because like you say "much of it annoying with the same tired schoolgirl plot" and I havent really got the kind of attention span required to find the good stuff.

Also, it isnt all that readily available where I live and I honestly get too distracted by other shiny things when I go to the larger book/comic stores in the city.

10/7/2010 #2

I tend to read them online because I too get very distracted by shiny things in book stores and comic book stores. Every now and then, you find a gem in those annoying schoolgirl stories. One of those gems is a manga called "Girlfriends." It seems like it's going to be the same old crap, but then turned out to be an all right story. There are other good ones. Unfortunately, you have to look really hard for them.

10/7/2010 #3
Limited Edition

I love yuri :D I look for hours after good ones. Was quite temped to buy yurihime, but I'm tend to buy all these mangas and forget to read them XD

10/30/2010 #4

I also look for hours for good yuri...and alas rarely find any. I like yurihime. It's where I found the manga "Flower Flower," which I think is downright adorable. One of my favs was also Clover, mostly chapter 2. Midori and Sugiura were so freaking cute together. I like yurihime wild rose too. It had some good ones in it, like Sweet Little Devil and the Greenhouse Witch. I mostly read them at mangafox. I've only broken down and purchased 2 manga before, neither of them remotely yuri--Tramps like Us and Black Lagoon.

10/30/2010 #5
Blair Phoenix

Octave and Aoi Hana are my current Yuri manga obsessions, though I admit, Octave can be extraordinarily aggravating at times. Fluff wise I also highly enjoyed Hanjuku Joshi, despite the ecchi content.

12/20/2010 #6

I haven't read Octave in a while. I was waiting to get a spare moment and then just have a bunch of chapters to read. It was also annoying me after a while, so I had to step away. My favorite yuri manga Pieta. The storyline was on point, the artwork was decent, and there's some nice karma at the end. It wasn't overly cute like a lot of manga and even though the characters are in high school, the manga is not set in the high school like a lot of other yuri manga. I also liked Hanjuku Joshi for what it was, but like many manga, I wished it had a little more substance to it. A lot of manga is fluffy. Sometimes it works and sometimes you're sure you'll go into diabetic shock if you don't stop reading...at least that's how I feel.

12/21/2010 #7

I keep track of Dynasty Scan's reader, since they have almost every scanlation team's stuff up. My favorite mangaka is Hiyori Otsu, and after that Morinaga Milk. Yuri Hime always has the best pieces. Chatting at the Amber Teahouse is at the top of my list, as well as everything by that author.

7/19/2011 #8
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