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The Gothic Code: Ivy(Vera) is a teenage girl obsessed with any and all things gothic but hates life and plans to end it. Joselin is a female vampire who rests underneath the bridge, and manages to save her. (Romance/Friendship)

I've been working on it for a while now and i'm not to sure whether to stick with my original idea which was just friendship fic (fictionpress needs a friendship main category) or change it into a romance fic. Also, what do you think of the main story idea? I have a feeling the story will be a little angsty.

2/23/2011 #1

Cool plot idea but if your not sure then maybe you should try to think more about your plot and characters. Like for example why does Ivy have an obsession with all things gothic and how does this come in with her trying to kill herself and why does Joselin rest underneath a bridge. I'm just giving my opinion here and it's really up to you, but about whether or not it should turn into a romance. I think It'll work out better as a romance, I mean just imagine if you've just been saved by this being coming almost straight from a dracula book especially when you have an obsession with all things dark. I'd think you'd fall in love.............. but I guess that's just me.

Good luck hope it helps a little :)

2/23/2011 #2

Thanks, I definintly thought a lot about Ivy and Joselin as a match and whether it would fit the plot of the story. I think it will change some of the main plot if i make it into a romance but it would probably turn out better than just with friendship.

2/24/2011 #3

Yeah, I love the sound of a story like that. I'd read it! I think I'd rather it as a romance though, but either way, I'd read it. :)

2/24/2011 #4
Knightmare Elite

I think it would be more interesting as a friendship story as the vampire genre is over saturated with angsty gothic teens who are swept off their feet by mysterious creatures of the night. Besides, if they become friends you story has more opportunity for actual depth beyond the usual 'Romeo and Juliette' type of deal in these stories with the human being in danger because the vampire's friends or whatever want to kill them.

Of course, I've see nothing of your story and you could have the premise for a refreshing romance within the friendship. But as mentioned before, we need details about Ivy and Joselin, especially how each came to be. With Joselin however, it's usually better to sprinkle her past throughout the story rather than pause a scene and she gives a long speech about how she became a vampire. Hope that helps a little.

2/25/2011 #5

If you guys think it's plausible, I can post a little of each of their backgrounds and explain their reasons for being what they are being. I definitly do not want my story to resemble a twilight themed story as i see a lot of them already posted on here.

Joselin: Her background could be seen in two different ways since she is not a full fledge vampire but a half-vampire. The reason she rests underneath the bridge is because her mother(who is a sort of nun/something else) sealed her away the night of her 15th birthday when she would have inherited most of her vampire powers. Her mother loved her dearly and is still alive in the story(sort of) and Joselin is over 150 yrs old and because of being sealed away, she has a strong desire for life.

Ivy: She is not as developed as Joselin is but in some ways her personality is conflicted. She is obsessed with the darker aspects of Gothic life meaning she likes death/ her favorite color is blood red and doesn't really value her life and life in general. She is somewhat crude when she talks but there is a bright side in her life.

2/25/2011 #6
Goldfish Policy

I like the story idea and theme. I'm always looking for a thought out and luscious dark romance. When it comes to writing plots that you know have been over-cliched with popularity, I would suggest focusing primarily on character development. Even in overused plot-lines you can still write a great story when the reader can relate to and believes in the characters. In this instance, ask yourself:

What was it in Ivy's past, parents and friends that gave her an obsession with the goth scene? Where did she first see that style of living and become attracted to it? what great leaps and hurdles would she have to take to realize the benefit of living? How has her lifestyle effected her parents and what are they doing about her depressive tendencies? Does she have any friends and, if so, are they the types to take her to parties and get high or the types to sit in the dark and read by candlelight? How does not valuing her life influence Ivy's day-to-day actions and behaviors?

For Joselin, does she resent her mother for what she did to her? Does she think she deserved to be locked away? How has she matured, if at all, over the time of being sealed away alone for a hundred years? Does she seek out other vampires or would she rather live as a human? The first question that came to my mind was what would attract Joselin to Ivy when she loves life and assumabley not being alone or in the darkness ever again?

That's all, haha. I am interested in the story! I will definitely read it.

2/26/2011 #7

I should probably mention that Ivy is an orphan, I don't really mind giving her back story away as that helps me with thinking the rest out. Anyway, a few years before the story begins she is in a car accident with her parents and siblings and her parents and older sibling is killed. She manages to survive and remove herself from the car not realizing her youngest brother is alive and screaming for help. She tries to save him but realizing she can't. He gets seriously injured and falls into a coma. The accident started when she was 9 and her brother was 7.

This starts her downward spiral as she blames herself for her brother and not being able to save him. She lives with her aunt and uncle, who try to help and she's been in therapy for a 3 years(she's been in therapy since she was 12) now and her only saving grace is her brother who she visits everyweekend for 6yrs.

3/3/2011 #8
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