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So, there's a story I've been writing for years..

It's a girlxgirl coming out story with some darker drama mixed in, but basically, they're teenagers, and the readers would primarily be a teenage audience. I want to someday try to get it published, so I've been revising the heck out of it.

Well, I saved the hardest part to revise for last- the sex scene.

I'm not entirely sure how much detail I can put in a teen novel. Does anyone know what the limit is? I'm having an extremely difficult time.

10/12/2011 #1
peppermint latte

I figure there's three ways to go--the lame, vaguely-implying-but-not-really-saying-they-did-it way, and the holy-shit-that-was-amazing-but-my-parents-will-kill-me-if-they-find-out way. Then, of course, you could take the third road and only be so graphic without actually saying that they're doing stuff like, I dunno, Stephen King (cos really, most of his stuff is whacked). If they're a teen audience, they're going to have to find out eventually, and being the innocent, never-had-a-worthwhile-sexual-experience-freshman myself, I strongly vote for semi-graphic stuff, cos who else is going to tell us how it really works? My straight mother?!

Good luck and stuff!

10/13/2011 #2
Knightmare Elite

I'm seen way too many "Teen stories" on this site that are thinly veiled smut fests, and those annoyingly gets lots of encouraging reviews. Though, if you judge by today's standards, just about every teen movie has some form of gratuitous fan service (side boob, bare breasts, excessive panty shots,). As for a teen novel, as I've always said you can damn near write a full on rape story. It really comes down to the ability of the author to craft the story into something compelling enough for people to not only care about your characters but want to invest the time to find out what happens on the next page.

Look no further than the Twilight novels. There are endless debates of whether they're a literary abomination versus the greatest self insert love story every told. It all comes down to your ability to create a compelling product. So you can push the envelope as far as you want, just make sure you can back it up.

A good example is the movie "Thirteen" Even though that's a hetero story, it sounds along the lines of what you're talking about.

10/14/2011 #3

I would just like to say, as a teenager, that in reality, if any sane adult followed thier kid to school and was able to witness an ACTUAL normal day... Lets just say the parents were somehow invisible :) Then we would probably all be homeschooled... -_- Even for those of us that HAVENT done anything, we're around so many people that have that it really doesnt even matter. So if you want what the parents say is ok, then thats really not much, but if you want to go by what we all know and are exposed to daily? Then to tell you the truth that doesnt rule out much, and besides, even if you want to put a "T" on it and say its for teens, then you should know that if the teens want to read that stuff or a story with that stuff in it then they're going to go into the "M" category and read it regardless, trust me. -_- IDK if this is the type of response you wanted or if you were aiming towards the older age groups, but just thought that I'd put my two cents in :P

12/19/2011 #4
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