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Imagine Nation

So I've been watching this show on Syfy called "Lost Girl" recently. Anyone heard of it or watch it? It's my current obsession right now, especially because of the awesome character Kenzi, played by the gorgeous Ksenia Solo. It's a Canadian show that started on Showcase, but was picked up by Syfy. It's already almost done the second season, and has been renewed for a third, but for anyone who wants to watch it, both seasons 1 and 2 are coming out on DVD this fall (and I highly recommend that you do watch it).

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because the main character, Bo, is bisexual. And I mean, legitmately bisexual, which I think is awesome. I've found that as rare as it is to see lesbians or gay men on TV, in literature, in movies, etc., it's much harder to find bisexual characters. I'm a lesbian myself, but enjoy bisexual characters. There are a few characters out there (and lots of people while we're at it) who call themselves bisexual, but in reality aren't. For instance, they might kiss the same-sex and flirt with them, but their only real relationships and attractions are with the opposite-sex. To me, that's not bisexual. I personally define bisexuality as being completely split down the middle, meaning both women and men have an equal chance at a relationship, which is essentially never seen. Bo, however, is completely bisexual, and has two love interests in the show (not at the same time), one being a woman, the other a man, and both standing an equal chance at winning Bo's heart. I feel that this is a huge step in television. There need to be more strong bisexual leads.

So now that that's all said, let's get back to the world of fictionpress and writing. I have only written one story with a bisexual character, and I admittedly neglected exploring any of her potential attractions to men. Not that her sexuality had much to do with the story; it was more like that was how I envisioned the character, but the actual story centers around her falling in love with a woman. The readers of the story likely didn't even pick up on her bisexuality. Has anyone here written a story with a genuine bisexual lead or even a secondary character for that matter?

8/23/2012 #1
Knightmare Elite

Just wanted to say I LOVE Lost Girl and yes, Kenzi is gorgeous! I actually look forward to Friday just for a new episode.

Personally, I haven't written anything with a genuine bisexual character, if they are, it's circumstantial.

8/23/2012 #2
Imagine Nation

I know what you mean! Everytime I watch a new episode, I'm just ready for the next week; the wait kills me!

8/23/2012 #3
Fade's Fury

I haven't seen this show yet, because I only heard about it during an episode that was almost at the end of the second series, and figured I'd wait for it to be repeated from the beginning.

I know the lead is bisexual though, and I really like that! I've never read anything with someone legitimately bisexual in it. They're either straight, lesbian, or sexually confused. Or maybe they're straight and have a minor attraction to the same sex. Similar with TV shows, most characters are straight anyway, and if they're not it's because being gay/lesbian *is* their main story/theme within the show. Usually, anyway. If they're shown to have any bisexuality it's treated as a "you're just reluctant to come out of the closet and let go of your straight identity" thing. I actually stopped watching Glee because I was so annoyed with them doing that (especially considering it's a show that does an awful lot of moralising about accepting people as they are).

Torchwood was a really good series for bisexuality though, most of the main cast had relationships with both men and women.

I'm writing something at the moment, and honestly, I have more trouble trying to make some of my characters gay/lesbian/straight, because they tend to end up bisexual by default. I don't know whether that's just because I'm bi, but I tend to think "this character is perfect for this character" and try to bring that into the story, regardless of the gender, so I end up with a story where Everyone Is Bi.

8/29/2012 #4
Imagine Nation

Yeah, I think the second season is almost over, but they should be replaying the episodes before the third season starts. If not, I know they're supposed to be coming out of DVD and Netflix soon.

Couldn't agree more in regards to how bisexuals are portrayed on TV. It's annoying really. Another thing I don't like is when they make a big deal about it. Unless it's pertinent to the plot of the story, I think it should be portrayed as something natural for the character. In "Lost Girl" it's never really explicitely said that she's bisexual, it just shows her involved with both men and women and I really appreciate that. The other characters are similarly relaxed about it. I've never heard of Torchwood; I'll have to check that out.

Your bisexuality probably has a little to do with writing most of your characters bisexual, but it might also have to do with the flexibility that provides your characters with. Also, I agree with Alfred Kinsey's theory that our sexualities themselves are a lot more flexible than we make them out to be. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing to make all your characters bisexual, but if you'd like some of your characters to remain lesbian/gay/straight, there are things you could do to help with that. It sounds like you might improvise a lot in your writing; mapping out the story beforehand might help you keep your characters' relationships the way you intended.

As for myself, I've been coming up with some ideas for stories with bisexual characters recently. I'm currently already working on a story, but once I'm finished, I might begin working on one of those.

8/29/2012 #5
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