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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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Knightmare Elite
I just wanted to take the time to welcome all visitors, and maybe future members. I noticed there are like a hundred M/M Slash forums and C2's on the site, and not a single Femslash forum. Now i know there are lots of people who read and write lesbian fiction. Honestly I didn't want to be the one to make a forum, but I guess someone had to. Anyway I guess I'm one of the few authors of Femslash. I'll admit I'm a little addicted to it myself. But anyway the focus of my writing has always been to who an unbiased portrayal of two women in love. I'm not one for happy endings and perfect world type stories. The word can be a very dark place, and I like to reflect that in my writing. I always think it's more believable when the reader can relate, especially in flawed characters, because no one is perfect. That's enough rambling, just wanted to say a little about myself. So welcome to the forum.
1/6/2007 #1
Hey! I am new to Fiction press and just looking around until the admins allow me to post something for real here :) I like the sort of contnt there is on this site! Its exciting! I think your women who love women forum is very cool and I might have a thing or two, to say about this one ;) So how do things go about this place? -DF
3/5/2008 #2

I really enjoy reading Femslash though don't write it. This seems like a community for me!

5/29/2008 #3
Knightmare Elite

Welcome to the forums Kore-of-Myth. I hope you take a lot from our little space and feel free to contribute anything you like.

5/29/2008 #4

Thanks! I'm working to catching up on my FP reading (I've come over from FF) at the moment, but I'm glad to have found a community with similar interests.

5/29/2008 #5

Like Kore-of-Myth, I've also just stumbled on this forum, and I'm very glad I did! I created my account two years ago, but it's only really been the last few months that I've started taking an active interest in all things FP, and femslash seems really hard to find. I haven't really seen/read (or even written) that much femslash (MxM is so popular it's sickening), although it's something that's interested me for the past 2-3 years, so I'm happy to find that there are enough people on this site who are into it to start a forum. This probably isn't the right place to ask, but is there a C2 that ties in with this?

5/31/2008 #6
Knightmare Elite

Unfortunately there is no specific C2 for this forum. But there are a few femslash C2's.

F/F Stories - http://www.fictionpress.com/c2/289/3/0/1/

Femslash Fanatics - http://www.fictionpress.com/c2/29/3/0/1/

Femslash stories - http://www.fictionpress.com/c2/1102/3/0/1/

Girls-In-Love - http://www.fictionpress.com/c2/649/3/0/1/

There are likely more but these are all that I know of.

5/31/2008 #7

Eh...I'm not really exactly good at the whole introduction thing, but I guess I'll do my best.

I'm pretty much addicted to femslash. Whether it be in a television show, a movie, a book, an anime, a manga, or fanfiction, I'm horribly obsessed with it. I guess that my obsession with femslash began when I first started watching BtVS ((Buffy the Vampire Slayer for those who don't know of it, shame on you)). Then it moved onto anime. And with anime I made it my personal mission to watch every single anime that had any hint of even the slightest romance between two female characters...as pathetic and sad as that is. But it's not like I have a social life, so at least I'm doing something remotely productive with my free time, lol.

Er, anyway. My name is Aliana, but people usually call me Ali. I like femslash fanfiction that portrays realism, or at least a considerable amount of it. It annoys me to no end when people write femslash stories and make it horribly cliche, or skip over character development so they can go straight into something more "interesting". As a writer, I'm one that likes to improve, but I have trouble with actually finishing stories I start. I get inspiration from things and people around me, so usually if that inspiration dies, so does the story. I've also been writing for six years, ever since I was in the sixth grade, and if possible I would like to be a professional author, even though I'm planning to go to college for art.

But yeah, this post has gotten long enough already. I don't know if I'll make a big habit of coming here, since I have lots of things to deal with right now ((I'm staff at two different forums, and also shamelessly addicted to an MMORPG at the moment...)), but I'll try my best.

6/1/2008 #8
Knightmare Elite

Welcome to the forums Aliana. Don't be embarrassed about the anime thing. I did that too when I first discovered yuri a few years back. *Looks back at anime collection* Yeah I went out of my way to find animes with any hint of two girls more than friends.

I also appreciate that fact that you have respect for the characters and avoid cliches. I know there's no way to completely avoid cliches, but we all do out port to slay the beast one stereotype at a time.

6/2/2008 #9

Hi, I'm a huge fan of femslash, I'm working on a femslash story right now and I'd love help and advise and I'd love to read other femslash stories too. ^_^

8/26/2008 #10

I'm Sinful Wolf, usualy refered to as Sin or Sinful. I'm a fan of femslash simply because I think its a part of our world thats partially overlooked, except where its being used as a lure for adolescent males.

Most of my writing involves femslash in a way, though there's usually not too much sex involved. For example, my story 'Winter of Reason' is a zombie story, which happens to focus on a lesbian family.

1/7/2009 #11

Wowzars, (I swear that's a word!) it's been so long since anyone posted here in this particular eh; topic.

I'm, well, Omok. Hehehehe. Some of you MIGHT know me, from the reviews that I may have given you for your stories. Since I have the tendency to spam reviews to authors whenever they update. Hehehehehehe. So maybe, maybe you've seen me around, since my reviews are pretty much everywhere...(if I do say so myself), well, everywhere that have femslash. You see, I'm a HUGE fan. Huge huge huge fan. Ever since I quit playing MMROPG games I've taken up reading. It's my new (well, it's been over a year now) addiction. I've been here, on FP, for roughly a year and a half. Yup yup. Not old, not a new member either. It's the first time today (after a whole year and x months) that I've actually browsed through the LGBTQ communities on FP. -- and I'm glad I did. I found four stories that I've not read just now!! Woot! I'll have something to do for the next week or so! (When I'm not busy cramming for school. xD)

Yup. As you might've noticed. I love rambling. Just to cut this thing short: I'm not an actual writer, I can't write for my life. I'm trying - to save my life I mean. I'm all the way from Canada (it's not really THAT far), I love to read (about girls; but you know, that part is silent =P), I'm a girl, I'm in High School, and if you put two and two together; a girl who loves femslash....HUMMM.......Yeah; My favorite thing in the whole fictionpress world (other than spending a few good hours reading a good femslash story - rare now, since I've read most...) is to spam authors' with lovely reviews whenever they update. So. Dear authors: UPDATE SOON PLEASE =D =D

Lastly; dispite my over stressed mind, paranoia personality, OCD, slight depression, hyperactivity, boredom, randomness, weirdoness, irrationality, oblivious, ignorance, shallowness, misunderstanding, questionable, complex, simplistic (I know, complex AND simplistic...)...etc etc, personality ---- i'm actually not (I know, unbelievable...) that bad of a person to talk to. =D =D but since this is FP, I'll end this post with (as I always do 80% of the time): Update soon please =D

3/1/2009 #12
Knightmare Elite

Welcome to the forums Omok, hope you stay a while. :)

3/1/2009 #13

Yes, welcome to this little portion of the writing world. Glad you could join us here, and yes it has been forever. If you want I have my own story up which should be updating too, but alas it takes awhile for each chapter due to curant... circumstances. Well there I go again... bad me for self advertising.

3/2/2009 #14

Hey, So I'm new-ish to the site. I've only recently started to post.

I'm all f/f, being a lesbian and all its what I feel the most comfortable writing and it comes truest to me. I have tried some M/F but not going to lie, they were all crap.

But seeing as this is the only Fem community I thought I'd say Hi, hopefully make a few writing buddies or what not, insporation and aids with stories that I'm working on. I am also looking for a Beta. I'm a film student so anything I write is for fun, and I am a horrid speller and my grammer is shot to he-- and I almost never remember to capitalize my 'I's.

Aside from all that, I just wanted to say hello. :)


5/14/2009 #15

Welcome to the site, and to this particular forum. I do hope you enjoy your time here.

And, if your looking for a beta reader, I would be up for it. Though it may look like I don't work very much or update often, I work faster as soon as it comes down to someone else. You can PM me if interested at all.

5/14/2009 #16
Knightmare Elite

Welcome to the forum Girl in Perals. I hope you make some friends and find lots of awesome stories. :) Feel free to post anytime.

5/14/2009 #17
Loretta Grazie

hi.. i'm kinda new to this forum thing so anyway, when i stumbled upon this room, i'm kinda happy. i am currently writing a female to female story and i hope that i can find help in this forum... i got interested in this genre because there are few who attempts to write female love... anyway, i hope i can get advice and help here... thanks...

5/18/2009 #18
Brenda Agaro

I'm not very good at introductions...so here's goes. Hi, I'm Cuenta (not my real name, of course XD ), I'm currently a college student...and I just started to write and post Lesbian stories on here. They're mainly for practice, though. I'm honestly not good at romance (not big on the genre; will only read something from it if it's interesting or not too cliched), but I'm trying. XD I actually wanted to focus on issues and themes that are underappreciated/rare in LGBTQ fiction like same-sex immigration and how Homosexuality is viewed in different cultures other than American. Plus, there aren't many Lesbian stories on this site, which makes me sad. D: Well, I'm not going to complain about how there are more slash than femmeslash on this site; I'm just going to write about Lesbians and Bisexual/Pansexual girls, although I was thinking about writing something that includes Het, Gay, and Lesbian relationships.

Sorry if I'm rambling. XD Glad to see that there's a femmeslash forum here.

10/25/2009 #19
Twelfth Night

Cuenta! Hi. I just saw a link for this on a slash forum...

I'm Twelfth Night, but call me Night instead of Twelfth. I would've gotten that as my penname, but someone beat me to it...heh.

2/13/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #20
Knightmare Elite

Welcome to the forums Twelfth Night, hope you enjoy your stay.

2/13/2010 #21
Twelfth Night

Thanks! Is that a picture of you?

2/13/2010 #22
Knightmare Elite

Yes that is me in all my stalkerish glory.

2/13/2010 #23
Twelfth Night

You have a moo-stache!! My brother wants one, but he has no facial hair. It's funny when he's yelling my name to show me some tiny hair I need a microscope to see...XD

Um, good job with the forum!

2/13/2010 #24
Brenda Agaro

Hey, Twelfth Night! Sorry for the late reply. ^^;;

To answer your question, the issue with same-sex immigration is that if you marry someone (or domestic partnership) of the same sex, and one of you is a citizen of another country, you can get deported if caught by the law. Hope that's not confusing. There's a site if you want to know more (I'll PM you it.) It's not a well known issue in the US, though.

3/31/2010 #25
Twelfth Night

That sucks. I just re-read my introduction thing here. It's sorta...I shoulda stuck with the one I first posted on FateF.

EDIT: I know it's been forever, but are you still writing that mermaid fic?

3/31/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #26

wait; what? O_o; even if same-sex marriage is allowed in your country; your partner, from another country, can get deported? (even if you ask for permanent residence status?)

This is a little bit confusing to me. Though I've never bothered to do research into it, since well, I'm still a bit young...

For example, like, I'm Chinese-Canadian. --- if I fell in a love with a girl, whose Chinese, with a chinese citizenship, --- and somehow, we get married together; would she be deported from Canada? O_o; or whatever? O_o;

XD and yesh; could you give me the site too? :O Pretty please? :D

3/31/2010 #27
Twelfth Night

Wouldn't you only get deported if she was illegal and they found her? I guess that's why on Will and Grace, when Will's Canadian boyfriend was about to be deported, Grace married him. There's a site for this?

Sidebar: You should go to Fatefiction, Mok! XD

3/31/2010 #28
Brenda Agaro

@ TwelfthNight: Your intro was fine. Better than mine, actually, which seemed jumbled. XP

As for "The Sea Witch's Daughter", I've already written most of it, but I got stuck. D: Plus, I can't help but feel like I'm writing in the wrong point of view (not to mention that the first chapter/prologue was utter crap and needs to be fleshed out for tightening.) Hopefully I'll work on it when I get inspired.

@ Omok: Yes, it's true (unfortunately.) For instance, if you marry someone of the same sex who's from another country, you'd have to live with her (leaving your country.) But it's in the US. There are nineteen countries who support same sex couples. I'm bad at explaining (I apologize if it's still confusing.) I found out through an online friend of mine, who is currently living with her wife in another country due to the same problem. Hopefully the site will explain better (I recommend clicking on "Issues" on the navigation bar):

Link to site (remove spaces):

w w w . i m m i g r a t i o n e q u a l i t y . o r g

3/31/2010 #29
Twelfth Night

Email it to me. I'll try and help the best I can, or find a few fresh pairs of eyes if I'm not skilled enough.

4/1/2010 #30
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