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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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Knightmare Elite
What's your favorite type of character? Are you a fan of the shy girl who blushes upon eye contact. Or do you go for the strong and confident go-getter who sweeps women off their feet. Or what about the self absorbed drama queen? There are lots more, but for some reason those three always stick out to me. I tend to favor the drama queens, mainly becasue I can wreak havoc in their lives.
1/6/2007 #1
As for me.. i'm a fan of shy girls that blushes upon eye contact, mainly becos i always thinks of ways to make them blushes more.. and also i like the way they look when they blushes.
1/8/2007 #2
Knightmare Elite
I've used a lot of shy girls in my writing. I think in a way all my characters start out shy in some level. You're right it is fun thinking of ways to make them blush, but at the same time, I have to be careful not to make whole blushing seem redundant. And maybe it's just me, but I always associate shy girls as 'soft and frail' Not necessarily petite though in most stories, the shy girl is a 80lb Asian girl. I guess it's the adorable factor that help shy characters get away with the things they can. Though it's always up to the author if they want the character to stay why the entire story, or do they want the character to progressively lose their shyness as a means of character development. That's just my two cents.
1/9/2007 #3
It depends on what you mean by favorite character. I love kick-ass women. The strong, protective ones who help people and have a great sense of humor and are just outgoing. I love those characters because that's how I want to be. Cool and confident. On the other hand, I love shy, quiet, cute people. I just want to hug them and protect them. That's the kind of girl I want to date, generally. Like, if anyone watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I just got hooked to it last night, so it's fresh in my mind) I love Willow because I just want to hug her so much. In the beginning, she reminds me of an abused puppy, and I just want to take care of her. I always find myself getting attached to the girls who people hurt because I have this protective thing. And I tend to hate the people who hurt them, even if it's by accident. Yeah, so there's my life story, right there. Wow, I just wrote out the inner workings of my mind on a public website... what is wrong with me?
1/13/2007 #4
I do not believe I have a favorite type of character. What I do have though is a favorite combination of characters. Because lets face it, each character helps the other grow and if you’re characters don’t grow then you don’t have a worthy story. With this said you also have to have enough characters for the reader to fall in love with in hopes that one of them can connect with the main character/s you have picked to represent you’re story.
1/19/2007 #5
Knightmare Elite
You do have a valid point. Even if the primary character doesn't appeal to the broadest audience, there is likely a character major or minor which will in some way connect with the reader. I'm fond of the dynamic character as they are so open ended, and even especially when they have friends or loved ones who follow them through the story or transition. I also think on some levels narration helps drive the character alone can't.
1/19/2007 #6
i do agree with your.. if withot both the primary and secondary characters.. the story will not be that interesting as mostly the secondary characters help to spice up the story
1/19/2007 #7
I think secondary characters are best for reveling those hidden personality traits in the primary characters. Not to mention half the time they are the ones who get the primary character on to the path of change.
1/19/2007 #8
Yeah, that's true. Actually, in a lot of first person stories the secondary characters have more revealed personality than the primary one. It's a sign of a well written first person story that the primary character shows personality, in my opinion.
1/20/2007 #9
all you need is oxygen
I have to admit that I'm attached to the more boyish, outgoing ones. I tend to write about those types of people, simply because I guess I can relate. And besides (this is just my opinion), if you're writing a femslash story, and the main character is more outgoing and open about their sexuality, it makes the story easier to write. On the contrary, if you make the character shy, blush-upon-contact, and generally petite, it makes for a very suspenseful story since you can create a lot of psycological battles between "gay" and "not gay". I have to say that when the shy main character is battling beween gay and not gay, it really hooks me to the story.
1/29/2007 #10
Knightmare Elite
I think almost all my main characters are outgoing, because it really is easier to write, and you can forgo the whole 'hand holding though their sexual acceptance' portion and jump into the story. Not to say it's not fun writing that as well. As for the boyish characters I think I've created two so far. I try not to make hardcore butch characters, it may be a little biased but the character has to somewhat entice me to create and write it. After all in creating a character, you are pretty much giving them permanent residence in your mind, so it's always good to create someone you can wholly except. Not saying a dyke character is out of the question, I just haven't felt comfortable enough to create one. The closest I've come are 'soft butch' characters, kinda like the character 'Shane' in the L Word. One issue I have is pairing two boyish characters together. I like pairing different character types together, especially different races. I've done a few chubby girl/skinny girl stories. I'm currently looking into some new pairings for future stories. If anyone has any idea feel free to offer up, I'll give you credit in the story if you have something really unique. :)
2/1/2007 #11
This isn't necessarily new, but if you put two shy people together, especially if they aren't together yet, it can be really awesome. In the beginning they'll be all nervous around each other, and if they haven't gotten together yet, it can be really drawn out because of their shyness. Then it's even more gratifying when they do get together because they both had to overcome there own fears. And it also seems like this kind of pairing/story would be a particular challenge for you, so you might want to try it just for that.
2/18/2007 #12
Knightmare Elite
Is that a challenge? Yo u might just tempt me to try that! Never had two fully shy characters, but I think that would be too hard for me to pull off in a one shot. :(
2/18/2007 #13
Knightmare Elite
That whole shy girl thing has been floating around in my head for a few days now. I'm even beginning to form a rough idea for a plot. The hardest thing stopping me from that was figuring out how to get two shy girls together, as one would naturally have to be the initiator in some levels. But I think I have an interesting idea for that, but I have to give it more time to let it develop in my mind before I commit.
2/22/2007 #14
Wow, now I feel all manipulative... muahahaha *laughs evilly* :-D
3/5/2007 #15
dog problems
My favorite characters... well, it doesn't really matter what type they are, per se, but really it's how likable they are, how much depth goes into their character creation (I'm the type who puts ridiculous, painstaking thought into the characters that don't even matter -- for instance, I created a whole past and personality and psychological complex into a chick that only had a chapter to live -- so I tend to HATTEEEEE simple characterS), etc. - Colleen
5/8/2007 #16
Knightmare Elite
I try to make all my characters matter. Usually after I finish a chapter, I'll go back and flesh out supporting characters. At times one time only characters have nearly taken on their cameo chapter. But I do agree with you about them having to be likable, well to some extent at least.
5/8/2007 #17
dog problems
Yeah. Plain, flatout BITCH characters are annoying, and so are Mary-Sues. :S - Colleen
5/10/2007 #18
Knightmare Elite
I think in the beginning we all create some form of a Mary Sue, that bitch sure does get around. But I think for many new authors especially, they don't want to flaw their characters, even while intentionally trying to steer clear of Mary. When I look back at some of my earlier writings Mary reared her pretty little ugly head. :( As for bitch characters I've always tried and failed to make on. She'll start out a real bitch but goes all soft as she story progresses. I want her to stay bitchy dammit! Maybe in another story I'll get it right. Maybe I need to hang around with one in real life.
5/10/2007 . Edited 5/30/2007 #19
dog problems
I'm pretty sure everyone writes a Mary Sue at some point in their early-author period. - Colleen
5/29/2007 #20
lol I can never keep a character bitchy either. They seem to almost mellow out.....but isn’t that the way its suppose to go? Think about it- people are normally bitchy/cold because they are hurting or hiding something not because they are confident, easy going, emotionally stable individuals.
5/29/2007 #21
dog problems
[q]Maybe I need to hang around with one in real life.[/q] I know a few that I could reccomend. - Colleen
5/31/2007 . Edited 5/31/2007 #22
Squishy D. Hopkins
I'm a total feminist so I have to go with the strong woman. ^_~ Although, if it's written properly, I will read the shy girl who blushes upon eye contact. It's cool to have strong girls so long as they aren't cocky or arrogant. I seriously hate those. Especially girls that're bitchy and whiny. Ugh... As for the self absorbed drama queens... there are so many of those out in the world. -_-
6/8/2007 #23
Squishy D. Hopkins
I'm a total feminist so I have to go with the strong woman. ^_~ Although, if it's written properly, I will read the shy girl who blushes upon eye contact. It's cool to have strong girls so long as they aren't cocky or arrogant. I seriously hate those. Especially girls that're bitchy and whiny. Ugh... As for the self absorbed drama queens... there are so many of those out in the world. -_-
6/8/2007 #24
The strong outsider, take no crap but sweet and cute on the inside if the right girl comes along
9/5/2007 #25

Aww, I'm writing a story-haven't posted it yet- and my favorite in the story would have to be Keelin, because he tries so hard to be good, but in the end he really is BAD! I'm not describing it right. you have to actually read the story to get it.

5/1/2008 #26

I like bitchy badass girls :)

5/14/2008 #27
Elizabeth D-hopeless romantic

i agree with bloodyfangs. There are aspects in each character that make me like them, but flaws as well. In general I like the girl that it pretty much comfortable in her own skin. i don't mean that's she is confident, just that she has an attitude that portrays a girls that can't get shoved around too easily and doen't mind much what people say about her

5/30/2008 #28
Verona N

Characters that have flaws are easier to relate to. I'm turned off by perfect, flawless ones. They are unreal and as though they're fantasies of the authors.

12/13/2008 #29

I like head-strong, know their hot type of girls, that don't need someone to be there but have a soft spot in them.

2/6/2009 #30
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