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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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Knightmare Elite
We all have those special stories that held us tight, and never slowed till the very end. There are so many gems on this site that go unnoticed, and hopefully I can help change that. So don't be afraid to recommend your favorites, especially those obscure often overlooked diamonds in the rough.
1/7/2007 #1
Yeah, someone should definitely give some links. I normally stick to MM, so I have no clue about who's good on here as far as femslash goes. I'd really appreciate it :D
1/9/2007 #2
Knightmare Elite
Personally I like the darker type of stories, or one that are kind of weird. I think this is a good variety for starters. [s:1722845:Bloody Me Razor] [s:2176135:Don't Dismay, Be Gay!] [s:1717957:Frosty Skies] [s:1773010:Groove To Da Beat] [s:19664:Angel on my Shoulder]
1/9/2007 #3
One of my personal favorites is called Fragrant Magnolias. I'm not the best critic, but I think it's really great. An amazing femslash one-shot is called Copy Cat.
1/10/2007 #4
Knightmare Elite
I just read Copy Cat, and I have to admit it really is amazing. There's so much emotion, and it made me care about her, something many stories fail to to. It only all stories could be that in depth, and it was done in such a short space too!
1/12/2007 #5
Yeah, that story really impressed me. Some of the metaphors and figurative language was really amazing too. "free falling at the speed of midnight" is my favorite line in the whole story, I think and it's describing an elevator ride, which is usually something really boring. It made me go "wow, that is really good writing" It was also really emotionally grabbing too. I really cared about the character as well.
1/13/2007 #6
Ah! Everyone should read Angel on my Shoulder - a lovely story.
1/20/2007 #7
I completely agree with you on that one! :-D
1/23/2007 #8
all you need is oxygen
One of the femmeslash (femslash) stories on here that really caught my eye is called Rock Me, by Rei no Tenshi. I really like how the story was planned out, and the character. Though some parts could be improved, the whole story captured my attention, and I can't help but read it every few weeks (: Anoter spectacular one is calle Hysteresis, by find-nowhere. I really like the whole aspect of it, and how it twists. Though it does have quite a sad ending.
1/29/2007 #9
[s:2105625:Pencilled In For Never] -- I'm on chapter 9 of this story, and it's so... great. But it only has four reviews. I'm going to start reviewing it once I finish reading it(it's complete at 15 chapters) but since it's so great and has so little attention, i'm posting it here.
2/10/2007 #10
Knightmare Elite
I'll definitely check that one out this week, always have to help out the overlooked writers.
2/11/2007 #11
Excellent, I'll have to read these too. To add to the list, A Different Kind of Feeling by Esquirella, Of Tears and Broken Hearts by Keilanch, Land of a Thousand Words by ICaughtFire, and also her poem Paintbrush Promises. It's beautiful. I also want to recommend Fragrant Magnolias by Narcissenoire again because it's really amazing. Don't dismiss it just because it's about cheerleaders, it's really an amazing story. Cheerleaders aren't all as shallow as they seem, really. At least, not in her story.
2/17/2007 #12
Well, I'm writing a story if anyone wants to check it out. I'm a first time writer, well.. not exactly. But this is the first 'public' story.
3/21/2007 #13
My current favourite? [s:2283142:Krugers And Ashes: Director's Cut] Written by Alex J. Finn, whom I've come to know because both of us reviewed and plugged each others' stories haha. She is an awesome writer, though, with a couple more stories uploaded but that's definitely her best work.
4/11/2007 #14
I suppose I'll take this space to shamelessly exploit my story "Deux Ex Machina". Frankly, it's the best thing I've written in a long time. 'S experimental historical fiction; WWII era. It's helpful to read it with Shakespeare's 12th Night in mind. Written in revolving-viewpoint vignettes. No reviews yet (not even four!). Feedback would be appreciated greatly. So please, ladies and gents, take a ride on the read-n-review express, and one fay will love ya forever. [q]Stop the world--I wanna get off![/q]
5/5/2007 #15
Knightmare Elite
I'll try to check out some of these stories within the week. I've been so backed up with work lately.
5/5/2007 #16
there is actually a pretty hot, quite funny one at fanfiction, that I just read. It's with Marge and Maude from the Simpsons. It's short, but good. I really hope they make the story longer. here's the link http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3373826/1/
6/5/2007 #17
dog problems
Marge and Maude? Aren't they, you know, mother and daughter? Or am I thinking of someone else? - Colleen
6/5/2007 #18
all you need is oxygen
I'd reccomend the story "The Cosplay Diner" by Kir Sirin, if you like humorous romance (http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2338544/1/), but if you're looking for something magical, I'd reccomend "Mia and Arine" by baka-gaijin30 (http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2163779/1/). That's all I've got right now (:
6/19/2007 #19
as beauty dies
We can recommend poetry, right? ^^; "We Go Against Science" by the multiples of six; it's the most breathtaking work of poetry ever on the subject. It's not an over-load of angst or anything of the like; just insanely cute and highschool/love oriented. "When I Am Queen" by never forget what i lost; she is quite honestly the reason I sometimes post confessional poetry nowadays. Though, I warn you, you might not be a fan of her style. (And, sadly, she hasn't been posting in ages and I don't know why she hasn't.) "strawberry daiguri" by kiss the bruises; it's amazing. Go read. "dumb pupet" by lackluster; though it is only undertones it qualifies enough, I think. When you finish reading this, go read the rest of her work. It's amazing and will take your breath away. Literally. Hmn. Those are all the poems I can think of--all the fiction that I like/enjoyed have already been pointed out. Check out my POETIC ABORTION profile, under my favorites, to find more. Anyway, I hope this helps abit. ^^ - Noelle
6/27/2007 #20
A few that I've found and fallen in love with.... Take This To Your Grave (http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2332707/1/) by PersephonesNauticalNun---it's written in first person, and the characters are a bit vague, but it's not hard to figure out that they're both girls. This author has some really good stories on fanfiction, too. Sneakers (http://www.fictionpress.com/s/1944743/1/) by Thorn's-girl---not finished, sadly, but I love the writer's style. definitely worth reading. Elaborate Eccentricities (http://www.fictionpress.com/s/919590/1/) by Crazywriter---a little surprised to see that no one's mentioned this one. It's an epic (31 lenghty chapters), but god it's good. Shooting Star (http://www.fictionpress.com/s/774359/1/) by daneorange---the first of the Cal/Leit series, and it's my favorite. Pencilled in for Never is a fantastic one as well. And now, to shamelessly plug my own story... Shades of Grey (http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2327490/1/) I've completely re-written it, and like it much better now, but opinions would be greatly appreciated. The first chapter is only a summary/prologue, don't cross it off your list until you read the first chapter. I've already got the majority of it planned out, so there won't be any writer's block or losing inspiration. I'm determined to finish it.
7/31/2007 #21
all you need is oxygen
A couple more... Smells Like Teen Spirit by SerialXLain - This one's actually slash, but I figure if you like humor and romance, you might wanna check that one out. Not So Happily Ever After by briannathewriter - Femslash, historic-romance-fiction, a fantastic read if you like history and romance.
8/6/2007 #22
http://www.fictionpress.com/u/551200/ I've only read a couple stories by this user so far... but they were both very touching and beautiful. All of the stories are stand-alones, but the length of them range from 1,000-something to 12,000-something words.
8/7/2007 #23
Knightmare Elite

I've fallen in love with this story. Her use of description and characterization is utterly amazing.

Imagine Me and You

7/24/2008 #24

Defenses by BoarderKC

Summary: She has given up her self respect and pride, just for a few meaningless moments with a beauty who only used her as a distraction for a unfaithful fiance. But Shelby can't say no to the kisses and warm touches.

Thoughts: 10 points for description. Pretty angsty but the ending is well worth the emotional wringer that you're put through. And the sex is hot! :P


9/12/2008 #25

can you check out my story, i dont know about being a gem so i want you to be the judge. its called Call me Ryn.

i'd really apprieciate it

9/16/2008 #26
i'm a barrymore 2

I'm going to second Knightmare Elite's rec for "Imagine Me and You." Love it cuz of the tension and that it's not one of those stories that is about lesbianism just for the sake of it and the sex- to really get inside one's head and see all the highs and lows of it. good freakin' stuff.

9/18/2008 #27

More Than You Know


Summary: She's an incognito pop star trying to break away from her white supremacist mother while fighting off paparazzi, homesickness and forbidden romantic feelings that could sever her family ties once and for all.

Thoughts: You just have to read the prologue to know that this is different. Because it isn't happening to an ordinary person and it isn't happening in a fantasy world, the scope of this story is so much larger. The author's also legendary in the Harry Potter fandom, but I didn't find that out until after I read this story.

10/1/2008 #28

I'm not sure if we can recommend our own stories but here is mine, its the story i've always been most proud of over the years.


One is a social reject and the other is the school’s resident psycho, who knew that cupid was flying in their direction?

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #29
Brenda Agaro

There's a oneshot I want to recommend, because it's unpredictable (a thriller with a Lesbian theme)...and you'll just have to read it. The only warning is that there is a suspected rape scene.


4/16/2010 #30
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