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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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Knightmare Elite
Simple enough, we all have our stories that led us to becoming slaves to the written word. Some simply do it as a hobby, what's your story? Something else I've always wondered about writers, do you see yourself still writing 10 years from now?
1/10/2007 #1
Why do I write? Well, not only to kill time and the fact that I usually don't have anything better to do, I like to just escape from reality. Writing is the best way to escape, as you can let your immagination run wild and create anything you want. I, personally, always get new ideas for stories, but very few of those ideas actually make it into type form, and here. Sometimes writing helps me to just, well, release anger and stress. Just pull up a word or writer doc and type away your feelings. Maybe, if it's good enough, people may want to read it.
1/11/2007 #2
hmmmm... why do I write? Well, I write because it's an emotional release for me. I write down things that I think about, that I feel. It makes my feelings become clear when they were muddy in my head. When something's bothering me I can lock it on the paper and keep it out of my mind. What got me started on writing? Well, as long as I've lived I've loved stories. At first, I loved to hear people tell me stories, or read them to me. Then I loved to read them and make them up. Even in elementary school I liked to make up stories. I kept them to myself, making them up in my head. Then I guess I just decided to start writing them down. I still have unfinished stories I started in elementary and middle school. They'll probably never be finished...
1/11/2007 #3
I write not only because I love to be because I have to. Because if I don’t my imagination will swallow me up one day while I am daydreaming. Because I swear there is this narrator in my head. Because my fingers ache with the need to press against keys with letters on them. Because I feel like something great has taken me over while I write, as if all the hidden secrets of life have connect with my soul…..
1/19/2007 #4
all you need is oxygen
Why I write? Well, for me, I always have a lot of useless fluff floating around in this empty chamber called my head, and it's good to get that stuff down on paper before it floods my brain. Also, it's a big relief to write down my emotions, thoughts, dreams, and experiences. Simply, when you know people love your writing and take the time to read it, it's Heaven.
1/29/2007 #5
Why do I write? Hm... Well, half of my writing is insane stuff that I think up while I'm bored while the rest is personal experiences that I need to write out. I write out the personal stuff in order to look at my life and everything thats happening and try to make sense of it. So much happens in my life that I don't understand and through writing I feel as if I can at least see through the fog of my life a bit better. Arg... It's just all so frustrating sometimes.
2/23/2007 #6
Squishy D. Hopkins
I write to express myself and let all the plot bunnies in my head roam free. I've never really thought about why I write. It's like a second nature to me. I honestly can't see myself not writing something whether it's fanfiction or original fiction. When I'm older, I'm pretty sure I'll still be writing. I'm actually considering being an author as a career, if I ever get good enough to do such a thing. ^_^
6/8/2007 #7
Squishy D. Hopkins
I write to express myself and let all the plot bunnies in my head roam free. I've never really thought about why I write. It's like a second nature to me. I honestly can't see myself not writing something whether it's fanfiction or original fiction. When I'm older, I'm pretty sure I'll still be writing. I'm actually considering being an author as a career, if I ever get good enough to do such a thing. ^_^
6/8/2007 #8
I write because lesbians are the NEW thing! I'm bi myself and I love to twist the story. I'm still working on "I won't confess for my crime" which has femslash, but I've a finished fic too. "Night-In-Gale"..a tale of darkness/romance and...............not anymore. Just read it.
6/26/2007 #9
Knightmare Elite
What exactly to you mean by 'NEW thing'? Because to me it seems like you're treating it like a fad and you're just jumping on the bandwagon while it's still hot. I don't necessarily see that as a good thing being most of the authors here legitimately write femslash for their own personal reasons, but not because it's popular. In terms of popularity femslash is strangely way behind 'normal' slash anyway so actually THAT is the new thing being America's falling in love with the pretty emo boys kissing in the park. Anyway good luck on your story, always good to see new people come through here.
6/26/2007 #10
Everybody hates boredom and people actually like to read gay romance. A writer should explore every aspect of diversity he could put in his story. Sometimes I don't like writing, but I still go on punching the keys on my( actually anybody's) key-board! And I can assure you that even though my mind's totally focused in doing business, I won't quit writing.
6/27/2007 #11
Besides, Knightmare Elite, how old are you?
6/27/2007 #12
Knightmare Elite
[q]Besides, Knightmare Elite, how old are you?[/q] It's in my profile with any other information you'll likely want to know.
6/27/2007 #13
I mostly write because I feel. And when I feel, the only way I can express my feelings are by putting words on paper, or in this case, words on the internet. Many people use many things to express themselves, such as music or painting. I also write because I'm slightly selfish. I could just write to myself and keep it hidden, and some of it I do, but I also want the satisfaction of people seeing what I write, and the responses; their own feelings if you will. That's why.
7/7/2007 #14
Bobby McGee
Because otherwise the idea sits in my head and festers and if I don't, my head will fall off. - Bobby
7/14/2007 . Edited 7/20/2007 #15
I write things down because if I don't they grow in my mind and slowly drive me INSANE. Plus, I'm a night owl and when I haven't slept, I get bored, then creative, then brain dead. (Not neccessarily in that order) I like to share with people what I think, and writing is the most pure way of doing so, at least when you aren't face to face.
2/13/2008 #16
if you're going downtown
my only talents are writing and sex. it is illegal to turn the latter into a career.
2/17/2008 #17
Thats not true...in some places it is legal.
2/17/2008 #18
Double Plus Special

Yay for finding the femslash forum... Hey Y'all!

Anyways, I like creating something that's more than the sum of its words. Ultimately I write as a way to give back to the LGBT community - sorry if this sounds preachy - but I think that if one person can relate to what I'm writing then maybe I've helped a gay teenager feel less alone or etched away at the homophobia ingrained by society.

4/7/2008 #19
Kylara Kitsune

Why do I write? It started as a challenge - can I actually produce something that other people won't think is completely awful. Now, it's become an addiction.

4/8/2008 #20

I write because reading always provided the greatest escape from the cruelties of life. Not to demean the suffering of others but my life's been pretty shitty. And then one day I was uber bored and I wrote my first story. Which happened to be ff slash, three years ago. I love making my own worlds and my own rules. And the sex side of it all is a major plus. I'll write till i die.

4/9/2008 #21

Because when I'm writing I'm in my own world and no one can do anything to me.

5/14/2008 #22

I write as it allows me to escape reality - the monotony of it. I can be whoever I want through my character, and live in other worlds through them.

Not just by selfinserting...just by writing a gateway to somewhere else.

5/30/2008 #23
Filly and Phips

Why do I write?....

I write I guess for the same reasons everyone else writes.

But i was always hated. and loved and paper (or internet paper) is the only place i can put how i feel into my charactors. I can Make my charactors face the same problems i have, to be a mirror for me.

I write because i like girls and never felt as tho i should say anything about it. I am teased enough for being a tomboy anyways.....

I also write for anger managment. Less damage is done if you write about beating sombody up than is if u actully do. ( and trust me i can do both- and writings harder)

btw i love chalenges gimmme one!!

8/10/2008 #24
Mrs Dalloway's flowers

The reason I write in general is very different from the reason I'm writing the one story I have on this site.

I am a very loyal person- loyal to my friends but especially my to my family. At present, this family consists of at least two gay people and some Mormons. I think both cultures are vastly misunderstood, particularly by each other, and so by writing this I'm trying to help maybe some people see why each group can be fine. Also, I have to admit that when I found out a particular close family member was gay, I wasn't sure how to handle it- I couldn't accept it right away. I didn't hate the person or disown them, I just felt more uncomfortable than I wanted to. I also have some bones to pick with a couple of the Mormons in my family. So basically this story is also self-therapeutic for me.

9/15/2008 #25
Knightmare Elite

I guess I can say that about myself in terms of writing. I try to open eyes and let people understand something they would otherwise dismiss or prejudge based on personal prejudices, or plain ignorance.

Another thing I've noticed is that you really learn a lot about yourself as a person through your writing, and through you characters.

9/26/2008 #26

Why do I write, well its becasue I like to share my own day dreams with the world. I've just always loved telling stories that entertain people. Plus its a good way to make new friends, :-)

Do I see myself writting for the next ten years? Well, considering that I've already been writting for nine years I think its pretty much a given that i'm going to do this for the rest of my life.

11/8/2008 #27
Numbers Have Feelings Too

I write for many reasons. To get out my thoughts, to escape the real world, to relax, to release pent up emotions, to make people laugh, to feed that inner romantic, and to kind of see if I can get inside the head of people who aren't like me, characters who maybe have different backgrounds and life stories and interests that don't relate to me as a person. It's just something I do, I guess.

I do see myself writing in ten years. I really love to and see my passion and talent growing over time. It has definitely escalated in the last few years. So, I hope that I can become even better in the future and maybe make something of it.

11/14/2008 #28
Jay Walken

I write because I want to know what an alternate reality would be like, and in reading and writing I'll generally find a rather pleasant one somewhere.

Besides, pouring out your thoughts and feelings onto a piece of paper and people reading it is a nice idea.

12/5/2008 #29

I write when I'm sad or angry. Writing allows me to forget my problems like many other writers. Especially femslash because I feel lesbianism is generally not approved over here and that hurts. thats my opinion though. The thoughts won't flow if I'm not emotional though, is that weird? gah.

12/13/2008 #30
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