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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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Knightmare Elite
Needed a catchy title hehe. But I think this could be a useful topic. It's mainly for anyone who's stuck in a story and needs any type of help. Be it plot advice, thinking up character conflicts, help in setting up scenes. Anything that's put your story on pause. I'm sure if we put our heads together, we can help get many of those stories off the shelf and onto the screen of our adoring femslash fans. Okay maybe that was pushing it. Seriously though, don't be afraid share your plight as a writer. We all get that creative burst, and write for hours, and suddenly it fizzles, forcing us to push the story aside, left to only minimal one sentence advances every few days purely by force. :( I have a few stories like that and it hurts to see a potential idea wither away. So come on share your work in progress troubles, and I'm sure we can help muddle through the gray area, and restore your work to it's pink puffy glory....I did not just say that. I really need to break into a new genre one of these days.
1/29/2007 #1
Knightmare Elite
Ok I guess I'll be the first to use this topic. So in my Valentines Day story, I've having a bit of trouble in a particular scene. It's a breakup scene between two girls. I'm on my third draft of the scene, it's just not up to my standards, which are too damn high in the first place. Lately I've been on this emotion kick in my writing. I'm trying to capture the emotions of both girls, going in a slow transcend from sadness-betrayal-anger-sadness. There's a small bit of violence that puts the entire scene into perspective. And I'm having a hard time muddling through it all. A quick run through is, both girls are lying on the bed looking up at a skylight, and one girl says she wants to see other people. Her girlfriend is quick try and set things right, but to no avail. There is a part where she gets on her knees, begging for one more chance, and right there that's what I want to capture, how they both feel that exact moment. I really write myself into a corner, but it's so worth it once everything comes together. :)
2/5/2007 #2
Knightmare Elite
In most situation when i feel dissatisfied with any particular part of my story, I highlight it yellow and try to move on. Then if I get to a better part I'll go over it again seeing what is usable, or just rewrite that entire section. I usually end up doing that quite a few times, and whatever I want to keep from the rewrite, I highlight green. As you can probably guess my drafts are very colorful. But in this extreme case of irritation, I simply left the story alone for a few days and focused on other projects. I came back in clear senses and visualized the scene in my head as clear as possible. It's still not 100% to how I wanted, but I feel the current edit of the scene is a lot better. Too bad I have to have it up by Wednesday and I'm only about 60% done with the story. Then again I do most of my writing from 12am -2am. ....maybe thats' why I'm always so tired during the day. (shrugs)
2/11/2007 #3
Sorry for not helping with your writer's block... I do the highlite thing too! I highlite yellow parts I want to rewrite, and Discrepencies in different parts of the story in green. I actually need help with a story too. To give a quick summary, it's about a woman who dies and goes to Hell because she's a lesbian. In Hell she makes new friends, reunites with past girlfriends, and remembers her life in non-chronological flashbacks all while searching for the woman she married. At the moment, I'm stuck right where the main character is about to have a flashback, and I can't think of a flashback for her. What I need is ideas for a scene that could take place between her and her life partner, or her and a past girlfriend. Thanks!
2/17/2007 #4
Knightmare Elite
Pardon my language, but that's such a fucked up plot. ...not really sure why it made me laugh. Flashbacks are pretty simple I'd say. When I want to create a flashback, actually I really don't think much about it till it comes up, as most of my flashbacks are spur of the moment things. But for your type of story, I'm guessing you're going for the gay is bad theme. So depending on how homosexuality is percieved in hell, and the actually message you're trying to get across, that really shapes your initial flashback. If you want people to feel for her and are trying to show she was wronged, then the flashback should be a happy one, butt the thing is, the more simple you make it, the more of an impact it will have. Take for instance, she remembers sitting in a chair, and her girlfriend walks beside her and rubs her hand, and you could give a bit of imagery on how that made her feel, then back to the present. Or if you're trying to say it's okay to be gay, but want to show why she was sent to hell, well then you'd need a deeper flashback. It would have to be something more 'in your face' about her sexuality. Not saying actual sex, but something physical showing their love and closeness. Maye something as simple as making out, or one of those after sex periods of them lying together just snuggling or whatever. Every action sends out a message, especially how it relates to the character and what they draw from it. Oh and you've got me really curious as to what your vision of hell is! Sorry if this isn't much help, I just work up so my brain is a little mushy and slow right now.
2/18/2007 #5
Knightmare Elite
I really think I'm writing myself into a corner with my newest story. Didn't expect it to catch an audience so quickly. I guess it's in part that I've actually made an effort to update faster than I usually do, which I need to work on anyway. But anyway, I'm getting all these ideas of where the story can go. It was initially going to be a pretty short fic, but now that I'm actually getting input, I think it may actual reach novella length. Strange I never pegged this as a coming out story, but that's what it's becoming, and it's fun screwing with the readers. I'm trying to see how far I can push them. Only problem is now I'll have to take a more serious approach to the story, well for the time being till I can definitely pinpoint a direction. The only thing I do know is how the story will end, it's just everything between I'm working on.
3/2/2007 #6
I don't think I explained my plot all that well... See, the story, purely by accident, has also become something of a satire on religion. My idea of Hell is that the whole point is to make every person regret whatever "sin" they committed which sent him/her there. When a person does not regret the way they lived their life, they become impervious to the tortures of Hell. The story is my character looking back on her life and deciding whether her lesbian lifestyle was worth getting sent to Hell. The irony is, when and if she decides her life was worth it, Hell becomes Heaven and it doesn't matter anymore.
3/5/2007 #7
A block, I've reached a block in my writing. This happen few years ago and got over it earl this year and its back again. The story is in my head, it doesn't seem to want to play out on paper. It feels clumsy to much depth and too long to get to any point ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh blow this block away
9/5/2007 #8
That heaven and hell thing (maybe 'Heaven' and 'Hell' will keep everyone calm)..whatever, so how did you manage to write so far with it? I mean, even flashbacks will get boring someday....(sorry, but I haven't read the story yet)...Are you saying gays are born to go to hell? (Do you happen to know the person who made that rule? I might just sew him.)... ....Yeah, and why write long stories if you can't find enough ideas and patience to do it.... ....................
1/19/2008 #9

I know the feeling...I have be smacked with the same block...when I pull up the document I just end up staring at it for an hour with out typing a single letter...while before hand a whole sence will have playd out in my head.

The only way I have been able to get out of it is to just pick up a bunch of books and just read, read, read and read till your mind is so tangled with ideas that you cant read another book till you get some of your own thoughs out.

4/16/2008 #10
Frida Miro

Hey everyone. I need some advice please. About everyone read books and watch movies about gays/lesbians/bis/transgenders etc. At least half of these movies and books involving families with Christian families. After watching JIHAD FOR LOVE and GAY MUSLIMS - UK, I got an idea. Well here is a basic plotline for my story so far. Winnifred is German of Sudanese decent. Her parents are Sudanese Immagrints. Three of them are Muslims. Winni may be only 16, but she is a liberal and inspire Jazz Musician. Underneth of it all, she is struggling with her sexuality. She fear that if she admit to herself that she's a lesbain and told her parents, Winni fear that her parents would hurt. So.....she turn to drugs to ease her pain, even thought it against her beliefs. I will look up Islam through books and the internet. I am wondering if this plotline sound kinda good or is it too much or what? I just simply don't want to overdo it. I do recomend JIHAD FOR LOVE and GAY MUSLIMS. I thought these documentries are pretty good.

1/29/2010 #11
Knightmare Elite

While having Muslim characters is a slightly different take on lesbian fiction, your plot is very typical. Not to sound discouraging, it's just, having Winnifred turn to drugs to ease her pain and cope is something of a generic trait of gay characters in general. They either turn to sex, alcohol, drugs or some other negative outlet that pretty much half destroys them before they either: turn their life around and meet a caring person who accepts them, or their life spirals so far out of control they either die, end up alone or kill themselves.

Depending on how authentic you want this story, you're definitely going to need a LOT of research. If you're using the internet, I strongly suggest searching out Muslims (preferably gay Muslims) on Youtube if you can find them. That's actually a great place to do research, by that I mean serious video bloggers, who offer in-depth views about their lives and situations. They provide a wealth of free information that would otherwise be overlooked by turning to the news for instance to get glimpses of what that type of person would be like.

As long as you can avoid the common cliches of lesbian fiction (there's a handy thread on there here too!), then your story can be thought provoking, and further break the molds of the All American main character.

1/31/2010 #12
Limited Edition

Muslim lesbian sounds like an awesome idea. It'd make a really good humorous fic actually, if you take out the drug and angst and abusive parents or whatever (not saying you were going to use that). Kind of like The Infidel?

9/12/2010 #13
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