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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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I am curious on femslash writer’s gender and sexuality, since it seems like most people who write it are lesbians or bisexual girls. And also any theories why it is like this? Usually people who draw lesbian art are boys that find it hot with two girls together, but I've yet to come across a femslash story that a boy has written. In the male/male-fandom, a majority are girls, mostly "bisexual" (like, I kissed my best friend on the mouth, I'm so not straight). I thought it would be the other way round in the femslash fandom, only straight boys that believes two girls are better than one, and got surprised when I found out it wasn't like that. Or maybe it's just that there are overall more female writers than male? So, are you male or female? And why do you like femslash so much? ^^ As for me, I am also a girl, somewhere between bisexual and lesbian I think.. (or maybe mostly lesbian. I just don't dare calling myself that xP) Oh, and a long time lurker and reader finally made an account and says hi :3 (I hope it's ok to start a new topic here?)
5/31/2007 #1
Knightmare Elite
It's more than ok to make a topic here I constantly encourage it. And to answer your question, well honestly this is something that's been really bugging me since like forever. I started writing lesbian stories because I initially did find it hot, but curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to understand on a more personal level if that makes any sense. One thing I've noticed about fictionpress is that no one reads profiles anymore which would solve many of the headaches and recycled questions. I thought many of my readers would have realized it by now that first off I'm not a lesbian. Second (take a seat for this one) I'm not a girl, yes I am a heterosexual BOY(well can't say a boy since I'm 25) , any why do I constantly get comments like 'you go girl' , 'I read knightmare elite she's awesome' Is that simply stating a male is incapable of writing lesbian fiction when 90% of all male/male stories are written by girls and no one has any type of issue with that? Seems like a double standard to me, but then again the sad true is that my stories are likely only people because the readers either think I'm a girl or convince themselves so. So yeah the truth is out, Knightmare's a boy, I'll slowly watch my fanbase dwindle now since being a male my writing ability will magically diminish. And yes there has been a link to my myspace page on my fictionpress profile for well over a year now which would clearly state I'm a guy and everything, but since no one ever takes the time to look there I just sigh reading more of those 'great job girl!' comments. (Runs off to cry in a dark corner)
5/31/2007 #2
You're a boy? I'm sorry! I had no idea *hides* I have read your info but I don't usually go to peoples homepages... Sorry Maybe you're just too good at writing about girls that no one would believe that you're male? :D (Ok so now I've made a real fool of myself with this topic.. *embarrassed* ^^''' Maybe I just assume that people who write very good femslash are girls themselves, unless proved differently, and I'm totally wrong on this?) And I wasn't only speaking about fictionpress, I've been into pharagraph rps for a long time, and it's the same thing there, or at least from my experience; some girls play the (very few) lesbian characters and the straight or bisexual girls play the gay boys, while the boys stick to the heterosexuals .p
5/31/2007 #3
Knightmare Elite
I'm under a lot of stress so I've been more than a big snappy lately. But the whole 'who should write what' topic really annoys me. And I don't think I'm 'too good' at writing at all. Actually most of the time you'll hear me talking down my writing, I guess it's a natural habit of all writers.
5/31/2007 #4
I'm sorry if I offended you with this topic, or someone else, that wasn't my intention at all ._. I had a discussion with my friend about the yaoi-fandom recently and why so many girls find it hot with two guys together etc, so then I started to wonder about the femslash writers, and if it's the same thing there or not, and figured I didn't know any of my guy friends who're into rp and such that write lesbian stories or rps. I am not saying that it should be the other way or not, actually, I don't think it matter much anyway because I don't judge people by their gender, but the way they act and behave, and then some people happens to be girls or boys. But since all this forum is about is love between girls, which happens to have everything to do with gender, I thought I could ask this question...^^ And I haven't read more than a few of your oneshots but from what I've read, I think you're really talented ^^ I know that most people talk down their writing, so I won't really take people seriously when they say something they did sucks...
5/31/2007 #5
Knightmare Elite
I don't want you to get the wrong idea, you're allowed to ask any type of questions and bring up any topic here. Like I said, I'm under a lot of stress, so I don't want you thinking I'm lashing out at you. I am glad you did make this topic (I've begged people to make topics.....) It sheds some light on one of the more mysterious aspects of our favorite authors, their sex. But I guess I'll always be a minority in fictionpress and out. Oh yeah Welcome to the Forum! Yes I know that was corny but I hope you stick around, I really don't want this forum to die, I wish it as even 1/5th as popular as the Slash Forum, that thing is like 30 posts a day :(. Then again it was made by a relatively known author so I guess that was my mistake right there.
5/31/2007 #6
You're a guy? Cool, okay. You know, there's another male writer on this site (at least I think it's a he) who writes amazing femslash: Al Kristopher, aka Mr. Toasty. I love his stuff. So, you're not alone. Myself? I'm a lesbian and I write femslash. Most of my readers probably think I've died, however, because I haven't posted anything in a month. I'll have a new chapter for something up in the next few days. There's not much else to do when you're moving away and the entire house is packed. That's life for you though. I started writing femslash bacause I couldn't write hetero relationships after I realized I was gay, so that's how that played out. It creeped me out the first time when I read femslash and found it hot, but I've thought everything through since then, and decided I enjoyed writing it a lot more than anything else, so I stuck with it. You know, I always feel wierd posting stuff on a forum. I feel like I'm intruding...
5/31/2007 #7
Rae D. Magdon
Well, I'm a lesbian myself, but I don't think boys are incapable of writing Femslash... You don't find good male femslash writers often, but they certainly do exist, our dear Knightmare being one example. Anyway! I think this is partially because our biology is a bit more complex, and the way our bodies work is a bit harder to portray accurately. Guys are rather simple. I've never had sex with one, and yet I know exactly how all of their parts work, and how to please a man if I wanted to. I also think that women in general tend to write more, especially romances. Again, I'm making some generalizations because you asked for them, and I do know that there are many exceptions. ^__^ I'm sorry if I kind of went off on a man-hating rant for a moment. I really don't hate men. It just pisses me off when the stupid ones get confused about our bodies and write everything all wrong.
5/31/2007 #8
Knightmare Elite
It's the complexity that I really enjoy. There are lots of times where a story will be held up just because I want to get a certain detail right. It's downright embarrassing the amount of research I sometimes do which creating certain minor situations or actions for characters, but I do want my writing to come across as believable. Though you're right about guys being rather one dimension (in most aspects) I think that's one of the reasons I just can't write hetero stories, guys just bore more, there's not real challenge but girls I don't know where to start, and I'm tackling one subject at a time....very very slowly I might add.
5/31/2007 #9
dog problems
[totally interrupting] I'm a chick, and I suppose I'm bi, but I guess I'm really too young to know (13). Sorry to just jump in like this, but I don't see anything wrong with men writing femslash, so long as they don't write pure smut. But I'm reading your profile now and I can't really see anything that says you're a male... unless I'm illiterate or something. :\ - Colleen
5/31/2007 #10
Knightmare Elite
Just go to my homepage :)
6/1/2007 #11
I understand ^^ I am in a stressful period too with all the exams and stuff.. And I will probably stick around .p I like smaller forums that doesn't get like 30 posts a day, because it's easier to learn to know people when there are fewer. And then I suppose that Femslash isn't as all as popular as Slash involving boys, so maybe that's a reason... (though I can't see why it is that way, I mean, what's so fascinating about boys being together? :P)
6/2/2007 #12
Rogue Roxness: That's a good point, I never thought of that before (guys being simpler than girls). And maybe because people know it's hard to portray how female bodies works, they don't really dare? It's like, I wouldn't write a story that takes place on a ship because I don't know how to sail, so if I did I would probably get everything wrong and people that are good at sailing would be pissed off at me, and I know that. (stupid example maybe but you get my point x)) (I am confused about how this forum works xD And sometimes when I click on Romance the femslash forum just isn't there. Why is it like that?) dog problems & briannathewriter: Aw don't feel like interrupting/intruding, it's just nice to get a discussion :p And I never said it's wrong with men writing femmeslash, really, I think it's nice when they do. Or not maybe, I mean, it doesn't make a difference to the story. The important thing is that the story is good and not the gender of the writer, and I'm not saying it should be one way or another, I'm just wondering why it obviously mostly is one way and not the other. Because all that have written here yet except Knightmare are lesbians and one bi. And I know this is a very generalized topic, but I think it's interesting too ^^
6/2/2007 #13
Knightmare Elite
[q](I am confused about how this forum works xD And sometimes when I click on Romance the femslash forum just isn't there. Why is it like that?)[/q] A little trick I figured out is to to into the 'Sort By' bar on the right side once you get into the romance section and sort by topics. This forum always shows up as the 5th I think. Well currently at least until other forums start making more topics pushing us down. But I think the system randomly displays forums, that's pretty retarded. I should apologize for my attitude before didn't mean to lash out at anyone. College is hell and it's slowly affecting my sanity, well that and the character conversations in my head.
6/2/2007 #14
OK, I'm sorry for joining this discussion so late in the game... but, Knightmare, YOU'RE A GUY?!?!?!?! Sorry, that was a surprise for me. I'm a girl, and I'm lesbian... I suppose I'm bias about gender, it's innate... I'm in school now, so later I'll actually say something relevant.
6/5/2007 #15
Rae D. Magdon
Anyway, the complication is what I love about the female body so much... aside from it having much less hair and soft skin and kissable lips (two sets) and the cute little sounds girls make and... *rambles* ANYWAY. I'm just happy that a man like Knightmare is taking the time to learn about the female body. He's probably (going to be, if he's not in a relationship) a very talented lover because of all the research he's done. It's shocking how little some guys know. He'll make some girl extremely happy. The thing that bothers me about some male femslash writers is their lack of... emotional intensity? Then again, some girls do that, too. I guess it just bothers me about femslash writers in general. I want a plot and some sort of monogamous relationship. I mean, it just kind of ticks me off when I'm looking for something good to read and keep seeing M/F/F threesomes just because some dude thought it would be cool to write a story about HIM getting all the attention from two girls (because everyone knows all lesbians love doing hot guys in threesomes, right?)
6/9/2007 #16
Knightmare Elite
I hear you on that, it's still the fantasy of most of my friends to have that coveted threesome. But in all honesty I'd feel too awkward doing something like that. And there's always that chance the girls would enjoy themselves more and the guy's just sitting there like a jackass. I don't know, maybe I'm not the right person to think about these things. Sometimes I feel like I'm anti-male or something. As for emotional intensity, that is one of the single easiest factors in telling if a male or female wrote a femslash story. As hypocritical as it is for me to say, you're right though most guys write femslash they way they want to see it, with the anatomically incorrect women, graphic (and not to mention badly written) depictions of lesbian sex, not to mention gratuitous groping and kissing, and and a hair thin plot in there somewhere which is usually so cliche it's just a smoke screen to see two girls get it on over and over, and and they must always use sex toys, I mean there's no natural way women can have sex without a prosthetic member right? Maybe this is why Knightmare is automatically labeled a woman. *shrugs
6/9/2007 #17
Rae D. Magdon
Well, I'd take it as a compliment. If people think you're a girl, it means that you've managed to portray girls accurately! Anyway, I'd put your gender on your profile. Lots of people DO read profiles, but don't have time to go to an author's actual homepage. It would clear up lots of confusion. ^__^ And I know that none of us here truly hate men... we just hate the dumb ones. And you aren't dumb. Having a penis doesn't automatically make you a target for angry femslash writers.
6/11/2007 #18
Knightmare Elite
***Wow*** That last bit of your post was embarrassing, well not sure if it was more embarrassing than your last post, things were a lot less awkward when everyone thought I was female. But I'll put up my gender on my profile, I thought people would have realized by how I kept saying I was trying to figure out girls, but then girls could be doing that too. Of course the only thing I worry about now is that once I put the 'I'm a guy' tag there, they'll immediately assume I'm gay (which I'm not) since my stories are so pro gay. Another question do you think it's weird for a femslash forum to be started by a guy?
6/11/2007 . Edited 6/25/2007 #19
Rae D. Magdon
Darling, we've both shared several erotic stories. Nothing we say to each other should be embarassing. Speaking of which, I have one I want you to read... It's a sort of... BDSM version of Cinderella, and it's rather interesting. AND... I edited ten pages of Aspen Kisses today, so I'm all happy and stuff. About the gay thing... just say, "I'm a straight male that is trying to portray the emotion in femslash without cultural bias" or some shit. Besides, after reading your work, we all know that you're not a lunkhead male femslash writer. By the way, I don't think it's weird that a guy started a femslash forum. Guys are allowed to like femslash as long as they don't make us lesbians look bad. What can I say? We're hot.
6/11/2007 #20
Knightmare Elite
UPDATE! Since stating I'm a guy on my profile one person has already taken me off their favorite author's list ....and so the fall of Knightmare begins. (Runs to a corner and cries)
6/11/2007 #21
Rae D. Magdon
What? That's stupid! You should read someone's writing because you like it, not because of their gender. Did the person say anything to you? Want me to kick their ass? Hey, I might seem like I hate men sometimes, but I only hate the stupid ones. I really love the nice ones, and I'll beat up anyone that tries to mess with ya, Knightmare! ^__^
6/12/2007 #22
Knightmare Elite

You can be my bodyguard if you want, and I'll pay you in sleezy one shots. :) It is stupid that someone dropped me so fast but I did expect it. Let's be real here most girls really don't some some guy poking around in their business. I really am glad that I have so much support here, it makes me feel less weird writing.

Oh and um Ms. Roxness I'd love to see that new piece you've written!

6/12/2007 . Edited 11/12/2008 #23
Rae D. Magdon
Hehe... Ms. Roxness? Call me Roxy or Chrissy, darling. ^^ Either one will do. And I'll show it to you when I finish it. I keep writing it in short bursts.
6/13/2007 #24
all you need is oxygen
Nothing's wrong with a guy writing femslash or starting a femslash forum, Knightmare, it's a nice change, actually. Sorry, didn't realize you were a guy for a long time... I read some of your work, but I never really check out people's homepages. As for myself... I'm female & gay. I guess I realized that I wasn't totally straight when I was about 10, when I didn't ogle all the pretty boys like my classmates, and then it just progressed from there. I think (can't remember that far back) I started reading femslash because I was really tired of all the stories involving a narcissistic/arrogant guy who attempts to get the school's ice queen or bitch or pencil-necked girl. I think I also started reading femslash simply because I was confused about who I was, what gender I preferred, and so reading femslash really helped me figure out myself. I think that most femslash is written by bisexual/homosexual girls for a lot of reasons. Maybe because they need a place to think about their lives and sexualities because they can't talk to anyone else, or because they know who they are and they know what they like, so they write it down. There are a lot of reasons why girls write femslash, I'm not too sure about why boys don't write as much femslash, however... I don't think it's that there are more girl writers in general, or that boys "just can't write love stories", I think it's just that there are more girl writers who use fictionpress (no offence, Knightmare). I'm not sure about that - it's just a theory - because I haven't seen that many active males on Fictionpress. But that's just my opinion.
6/17/2007 #25
as beauty dies
I'm very female; I'm pansexual, for the most part. The main reason that I began witing femmeslash was because I never really got the appeal of writing about two guys kissing--this is before CLAMP and Kouga Yun's [u]"LOVELESS"[/u], people! 8D;--and I was writing for the shock affect, because I was known for it. Writing just about anything under the sun, seriously. Then I got bored with writing fanfiction and started writing poetry, because I realized that being cathartic through your words was better than snapping at everyone or going to therapy. Then, I actually fell for this total badass in my class--who was a real jerk and I would later swear that if I ever saw him again I'd hire someone to castrate him, THAT kind of loathing--and my best-friend at the time. My very female best-friend. So that's my little story and all I'm saying on the subject because it's 1:34 AM and I really should stop writing now. - as beauty dies
6/17/2007 . Edited 3/23/2008 #26
Wow. Yeah, I'm guilty. I'm a girl who adores writing guy slash. It's so cute! But I've also written a femslash story. I have one review, whilst Adam and John(my slash story) has like, over 100. Femslash just doesn't seem to reel in the reviews like m/m does. But I like femslash if it's written well. I was having a hard time trying to find f/f stories so I thought I'd check out the forums. Good decision on my part, I've found some great reading. So I'm a girl. And I like femslash because...well...lesbians like reading about other lesbians. I can't tell you how many lesbian flicks and lit I have on my bookshelves. Good stuff. Gotta support the cause. ANYway, so yeah, Knightmare a guy? Old news. Us in the lesbian community love him anyway. Well...ME in the lesbian community love him. I might have to bring it up in our next "clandestine meeting of the lesbian elite" and put it to a vote. But I'm sure we're in his favor. Yeah...just joking. Sam
8/16/2007 #27
Femslash stories don't get reviews? I beg to differ. My one completed Femslash story has over 100 reviews, and the short story has even more than a story I'm writing with MF and FF pairings. In my case, femslash stories are all that get reviews, which I think is kind of a shame, because I have none romantic, philosophic stories I'd like to post. No one will read them though unless I put that FF sticker on them. Gah! Anyone else suffer from being stereotyped into a category of writing?
8/16/2007 #28
Knightmare Elite
I feel your frustration, the only thing people will read from me are Femslash stories. Its like if I write anything else is goes unnoticed. I've decided to just write FF stuff on my FP account being that's what gets read, and I'm SO behind on updates because of school and my job, hopefully this weekend I can get some stuff up. But no matter how popular a Femslash story is, it will always pale in comparison to a slash story, EVEN if it's a badly written slash story. I've come to accept that weird fact but write nonetheless. I feel bad for not posting more here but I'm so tired all the time. :(
8/17/2007 #29
Eh, I guess it just depends on which community of writers you ingrain yourself into first. If you start off writing femslash and a build a fanbase like that, no one pays attention to a slash, existential, hetero, or (dare I speak it) an action/adventure suspense story with no romace at all! It's all about relation. I write slash, then I write femslash. All my slash readers look at it like "Ew. Girls. Don't like girls." and all the femslash readers are over at some other story written by a primarily femslash writer. I guess it's all about who you actract first and how much exposure you give the story. But I agree, slash gets all the love. *sigh* Oh well!
8/17/2007 #30
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