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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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if you're going downtown
I'm a bisexual chick. I haven't written any femslash yet, though there's one fic I'm thinking about that's probably going to wind up F/F (as soon as I finish my het WIP, and since I'm three letters into chapter one, it might be awhile... [grumble]); I read more femslash than slash, if only because you get fewer silly fangirls here. I have more to say, but I can't adequately phrase it. D:
8/17/2007 . Edited 8/17/2007 #31
The majority of writers online are female, to an extent. I'm as bisexual as they come, despite the fact that most people say true bisexuality doesn't truly exist. I'm also a girl. I've written my share of m/m in the past, (essentially, all of it...) but that never really interested me as much as I thouht it would. As a girl, I naturally write girly, and having two people who sound like girls, act like girls, but don't look like girls is a little awkward.
2/13/2008 #32
Kitty Taylor
I'm female, and straight, and I sometimes write femslash. To be honest, when I do write about homosexual relationships, it's not -because- they're homosuxual, it's because it felt right with that particular set of characters. Likewise with straight relationships. I only have one femslash story up on here though, because most of the others are actually elements in larger pieces that I don't like to post- and, admittedly, the only piece I have up here was my first one, and it was cliche and awful, but hey. :) It's interesting to see how many are actually lesbians or bisexual girls *nod* :3
3/23/2008 #33
Elizabeth D-hopeless romantic

Hmmm. Funnily enough I'm a straight girl. Don't ask why I'm a straight girl who writes/enjoys reading Femslash, I just do. I don't quite understand myself. I guess it's because Female/Female pairings are more interesting than Female/Male. But maybe I'll never figure it out.

4/4/2008 #34
Knightmare Elite

I'm the same way, M/F parings just bore me. Maybe I'll change in the future but for now, meh, girls are too cool to give up.

4/4/2008 #35
Elizabeth D-hopeless romantic

Hmmm. Funnily enough I'm a straight girl. Don't ask why I'm a straight girl who writes/enjoys reading Femslash, I just do. I don't quite understand myself. I guess it's because Female/Female pairings are more interesting than Female/Male. But maybe I'll never figure it out.

4/4/2008 #36
Grimm Days

Saw this community and thought I'd have a look around. I've been reading femslash for about 2 years( just thought I'd add that in there). I'm just now trying my hand at writing some, haven't posted anything yet. I'm female, I'm more of a free love type of person, if I fall in love with a girl, that ok, if I fall in love with a boy that ok, too. BUt I don't see myself as Bi.

5/5/2008 #37
Jesse the Storyteller

To be bi, or homosexual, don't you have to have had an actual partner in whichever? I guess I'm straight haha. I have a boyfriend (the only significant other I've ever had) and I'm a girl... I just think that girly love stories are sweet because only girls can really understand each other's lives, I guess. I dunno. It just feels more perfect because both sides have the tender, loving tendencies... in my (small) experience, boys kind of fumble around in love and don't really GET IT like girls do... so yeah. That's the appeal, haha. :P I haven't written any (I'm too lazy and never finish like ANYTHING) but I like reading :D


5/8/2008 #38

I read F/F and have ideas about for writing it. (Unfortunately in the FanFiction world...)

As I'm rather young, and haven't had much experience in the world of love, I believe I'm straight. I'm a girl, and I don't quite know why I'm reading femslash - M/M doesn't quite interest me unless it's done amazingly well, and then probably in a one-shot only. Menage a trois fics have interested me as well - especially those that deal with the emotional, instead of bodily factor - but mostly M/M/F, not F/F/M.

And no I don't quite know why...

5/30/2008 #39

I am a teenage girl, and I am straight. Ever since puberty I always found BoyxBoy extremely hot, and I never had much interest in GirlxGirl. It was only recently that I was writing a story about two girls, and it was originally a friendship piece, but after a while I thought it would be more interesting to make it romantic. Then I got confused, because I thought only people attracted to females were supposed to like girl-on-girl stuff. I briefly wondered if I was bi, but I knew I was definitely not gay, because I love boys 3. So, yeah, I now consider myself straight, but open-minded, as I've always believed in gay rights (I live in NYC, aka, liberal-heaven, and go to school in one of the most homosexual neighborhoods xD). But I will always prefer boy-on-boy or boy-on-girl, I guess. For now at least.

8/30/2008 #40

I am all girl :D and I like femslash becz..well, I like girls.

Oddly enough, I can always tell when the writer of F/F is male. Theres just little things that stick out...I cant give you any quotes from stories...its just...theres something that doesnt follow 'female logic'. I am not bashing male writers by saying they just dont understand women. Research will show, outside of our twisted social norms, men and women are very much a like. One of my fav. writers on here is a male. At the same time one of my least Fav. Femslash writers on this site is a male.

I dont care to read m/m. I will read well writen F/M but I would much rather read F/F.

9/5/2008 #41
Knightmare Elite

I wish all readers had your perception, bloodyfangs. There are still readers who refuse to acknowledge me not being of the female gender. I got hit on by a lesbian once on AIM after she read one of my stories. God has a cruel sense of humor indeed. :(

Anyway, if you do know of any male femalsh writers please list them. I'd love to feel like less of a freak by any measure.

The only ones I know of are: Al Kristopher and Yuri Fan

9/6/2008 #42

lol Must have been weird for both of you! I just dont think a lot of f/f readers know there are male writers in this area.

I dont want to add a list of male writers. For one I am just lazy and it would take too long to try and find stories/one shots :P and second I am not sure if they want ppl to know or not. Could kill their fan base if ppl didnt already pick up on it.

9/6/2008 #43
Knightmare Elite

Yeah that's true. I took a hit when I 'came out' of the anonymous closet. But I've also gained more readers so I guess it's not all bad. I suppose.

9/6/2008 #44
Slightly Ajar

I'm a girl, and am probably somewhere between bi and lesbian. Gotta add in that probably though (seriously, I am simply amazed at people who could tell since they were like 9 or something!) :P. Usually I write just to get stuff out of my mind. Once I put it down on paper (and usually on fictionpress), I feel a little more at ease with myself.

I think guys writing femslahs is fine too. Sure, often they write smut, but I bet as many girls write femslash smut as guys write good femslash, so I guess it sort of evens out. :P

10/19/2008 #45

I'm a straight male and I enjoy femslash. I wrote one story on fanfiction.net and I have an idea for an original story but I haven't gotten it down on paper yet.

I guess I could say that I do find girl on girl to be pretty... enjoyable... but that isn't the reason I enjoy femslash stories. I personally enjoy seeing how the authors portray the dynamics of a lesbian relationship and the reasons that the girls may have for (and I say this at the risk of possibly alienating some) choosing to enter a same-sex relationship. I find that when an author writes on the subject it's usually because they want to write girl/girl sex scenes and while I don't fault those people (because, sadly, I've done that) I find that I don't enjoy it when there is nothing of substance between the girls.

Would you happen to have any good suggestions for reading material?

11/12/2008 #46
Verona N

I'm female and I'm straight. For me slash and femslash is both equally interesting but I have to imagine and make up the stories myself because I've never known any gay people in my life. And I think having sex with one's same gender doesn't mean the person is gay right? I prefer to read about the emotional bonds between FF and MM. It can touch the heart more.

12/13/2008 #47
Rae D. Magdon

I don't think having sex with another woman (or another man, if you are a man), makes you gay. Some people do it just to see what it's like. But usually, yeah, I'd say it is. It's pretty stupid when a girl makes a regular habit of sleeping with other girls and still claims she's straight (yes, I know people like this). I'd say, if you do it once because you're curious and/or drunk, you probably are still straight. If you do it multiple times, you're probably at least bisexual (even if you still prefer the opposite gender). Either that, or you're in serious denial. PS: Response to the post before- Choose? What the hell are you talking about? I suppose you can 'choose' whether to enter a same-sex relationship or be miserable and/or suicidal for your whole life.... unless you're bisexual. Then, yes, it's a choice whether you want to deal with the stigma of being in a lesbian relationship or just go with a guy to live an easier life (or because you're in love with the guy, I guess xD). But you can't choose who you are attracted to. It's hardwired.

12/13/2008 . Edited 12/13/2008 #48
Knightmare Elite

I've also come to the 'hardwired' conclusion through my years of writing. I mean, when I first stared I knew very little of lesbians relationships outside of 'omg two chicks kissing and they have boobs!!!' It's very layered in the reasons why girls enter relationships, not actually coming to terms with their homosexuality, but the relationship aspect.

In a weird way I can relate that to transsexuals. I guess because I'm currently writing about one, my adorable Mia. I know that with many transsexuals, sex isn't the defining measure of their relationships. Then again, many of them won't even enter any type of sexual relationship until they can accept themselves whether that be through sexual reassignment surgery or a few years nude before a mirror. (OK the latter was a bit embellished but you get the point) Okay, that was just waaaaay off topic.

Anyway, I have to agree with Rogue on the whole 'sleep with them once you're likely still straight, but after the third time, you're just in denial. While the debate of whether someone can truly be bisxual seems endless, it's still the greatest safety net to avoid persecution. Okay, back to writing.

12/13/2008 #49
French fancy

Hiya I'm a lesbian teenager (woot) and on the whole I like to read well written femslash (when I can actually find it in all the badly written 'omg hawt guys kissing' mary sue smut that is an insult to real gay men and well written yaoi everwhere but I will not begin to rant...) and to be honest I don't give a damn about who wrote it male/female/hamster whatever! As long as it's good and not just some pointless story that patronizes or is completely unoriginal then I don't care lol :)

Just my view XD

1/4/2009 #50

Hello. I'm a female, I'm bi, and currently in a relationship with another woman. I don't write femslash perse, but I often have my main characters as lesbian or bisexual. There is little sex (in the non-smut stories that I've started writing recently). I've also never been attracted to slash, though I have no problem reading stories of characters that happen to be male homosexuals.

Also, Knightmare, I know of one author who is male called Chaoswolf021, who wrote, while not exactly a femslash, he like me had the central character a female. I thought he did a pretty good job.

So, I believe males can just as easily write femslash. However, the possible reason why there are more girls writing both slash and femslash both, are because I've found that generally women are more understanding of homosexuals. Most guys I know can't even fully grasp me being bi and in a relationship.

1/7/2009 #51
Jay Walken

I'm a bisexual male. I write all types of romantic pairings, but I tend to lean towards femslash, because I find it kind of... I don't know. Pretty? I find the idea of it all beautiful, I guess. Besides, gay relationships I find to be less Mary Sue-ish. It's somewhat more interesting to me.

I wouldn't automatically assume the gender of someone who wrote FF or MM. I used to think that the majority of internet writers were male. ^_^"

4/4/2009 #52

I'm a girl, and I'm pansexual...I've had my share of relationships with both boys and girls, even though I'm only seventeen, but somehow I always like the girls better. The only boy I had deep feelings for was one of my best friends who is bisexual but at that time was going trough is gay phase x3 I think the only reason I liked him was because I thought he was out of my reach...the moment he started liking me back I lost all the interest x3 But I still like boys, the cute ones though, I’m not into manly man. As far as transgenders go I have no experience whatsoever but I can feel attracted to them too, don’t ask me how I know, I just do…I guess I’m gender blind x3

I write f/f and m/m and usually both in the same story. I don’t like het romances because I think its already all said and done. And it lacks the angst being rejected by society brings x3 Well here in Portugal society never rejected me much, but I think that’s because people don’t give a damn about who you like and contrary to popular belief the population stopped being catholic twenty years ago. Even so, a wee bit of controversy is always appreciated x3

7/11/2009 #53
Adrian StClaire

Alrighttty, joining late but still joining in.

Hey everyone, I'm Adrian. I'm a girl, I'm gay, I hate saying "lesbian", I get all the negative connotations that growing up in a born-again Christian family brings with the word.

So I'm gay. And I LOVE writing f/f slash. Every time I try to write about straight characters I feel COMPELLED to make one of them suddenly gay or I feel like I'm not being true to myself. I love that boys [ahem, and men] can write femmeslash, and I will say that Knightmare is probably the reason I was ever brave enough to take my stories off the paper and onto Fictionpress a LONG LONG time ago. :]

I'm glad that this is up for discussion, I think its important to at least talk about. For me, its either good writing or bad writing, its either REALLY compelling works of art that have me drooling over every word, drawn to the next chapter posting and nearly mobbing the author for more, or its HORRIBLE cliche sh** that I click back out off as soon as I read, "She was beautiful from where she stood across the hall."

Boys, girls, whatever. If it gets me hot and bothered, I'm reading it. :]

Now I will say, and this is just me and probably only me, I have a strange compulsion to m/m slash, I just can't take the characters and their feelings seriously. I think its because I'm gay and I just have a natural [ or unnatural ] aversion to gay guys and straight guys alike.

You all know which team I bat for. :]

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/12/2009 #54
Vii Zee

Hi everyone :D

I'm Vii ^^ I'm Maltese...and I guess I'm bisexual female. Or just bicurious for now. I have a boyfriend, but I also have a best friend that I've had a crush on for 2 years now.

I've taken to writing femslash lately just because I can. Nobody can stop me, and nobody will. My country is finally developing some sense and they're not being idiots about sexuality anymore so I'm a free citizen. A book was recently released called 'Xander's Married And Gay' and I have yet to read it, since it seems really interesting.

I'm not one to be picky about what stories to read. I do hate the one were sex is the main priority. I like stories with a plot though, and a way to get the girl in the end. I'm a sucker for Romance, especially if it's written well ;)

I do like m/m slash...but I will always pretty much prefer f/f. The second book I finished this summer features one of the characters as a bisexual girl. It's gonna be really hard to get the publishers to agree to publishing that, but I believe that the community has a right to know what most of their teenagers are going through these days, what me and my friends jokingly call 'The Phase'.

So, that's me :)

2/13/2010 #55
the invisible princess

Hey:) Im female and lesbian. To be honest I don't care if a male is writing lesbian fiction, if girls can write male slash why cant boys write female slash? I don't really like reading male slash myself though it bores me same with most hetro pieces.

4/12/2010 #56

I'm female. I'm bisexual but I swing more towards girls.

And I like femslash because.. well, I don't know, really. Hmm.. I don't really like straight relationships.. and I've never really been with a guy in that sense so I guess that's why I write/read femslash. I don't have experience with guys at all. Sooo, yeah.

6/29/2010 #57
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