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Lesbians in love, such a misunderstood topic in modern culture. It's not just about the color pink, or magical kisses in the rain. It's about two people in love who happen to be women. If you're a writer of femslash or simply a reader, stop in.
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Knightmare Elite
When I woke up this morning I found an invitation to be on the staff of a femslash C2. I was quite sure to join or not, even though seven of my stories were already on there. I don't really think C2's have much impact, but then again it's the closest to advertising on FP since they did away with the ads. So what do you think about C2's? If anyone has found any of their writing on C2's has it had a positive effect on your writing (reviews, more hits, random late night IM's) The C2 is here if anyone is interested: [c2:1102:Femslash Storys] And if anyone wants one of their fics added just post it in a response. I do see this is a potential way to 'get out there' but I worry FP won't get saturated with so many C2's springing up. That's why I never started one as much as I wanted to. But I'll see how this works out.
6/26/2007 #1
as beauty dies
Being the creator of one here and a staff member of many on FF, I actually find them a way to get a hold of fiction that otherwise might have escaped you. For example, I help out on another femmeslash C2, Femmeslash Central, and I read every single fic that I, myself, didn't submit inside; it really helps to keeping progress with the femmeslash fics. :) The downside though is if you are working in a C2 geered toward--here, I figure, it would be genre--a character or series and you submit sometihng controversial--it annoys me to no end that yaoi/yuri is still controversial--and then get yelled at by the Creator. -___-;;; [q]And if anyone wants one of their fics added just post it in a response. I do see this is a potential way to 'get out there' but I worry FP won't get saturated with so many C2's springing up. That's why I never started one as much as I wanted to. But I'll see how this works out.[/q] The whole "getting out there" has proven to have backfired since nobody seems to review anything anymore. It's quite disconcerning. - Noelle
6/27/2007 #2
Knightmare Elite
Yeah I agree with you about people outright refusing to review. It is disappointing especially when people say 'oh you're great', 'I love your work' but usually you get those responses in private messages or emails rather than reviews. BUT I know it's not good to write for reviews, and I write because I love writing it's an obsession. Not to say a review doesn't make an author feel appreciated. It's too much of an effort to ask people to review anymore.
6/28/2007 #3
as beauty dies
[q]...I love writing it's an obsession[/q] Here, here. ^___^ I totally agree on that; writing is an obsession and, not to mention, addictive as hell. I've always been surprised by how un critical most reviews are--of which I really shouldn't be talking because I dish more praise than crit (unless, you know, it has a pet-peeve or something along the lines in it)--but I'm really surprised mostly how FP finally got updated yet nobody is reviewing... It's the same over FF--though a lot worse--except it has more detailed changes to it, which border-line on annoyance toward the FP staff. They are, yet again, ignoring their duty to update this site. But, yeah, otherwise I'm in utter agreeance with you. So we remain on topic: C2s rock my socks. :3 - Noelle
6/28/2007 #4
Soul At Rest

I, for one, am not fond of leaving reviews.

I prefer to leave the writers a private message with my thoughts on the story instead of a review.

I love all of Knightmare Elite's stories and I've even sent him a few reviews/private messages.

As for the C2's I prefer them since I don't have much time to read I would go to a User Profile check out their favorite stories or their C2's and check out which story captures my attention instead of searching normally and going one by one to see which one is femmeslash.

6/17/2008 #5

oh god, i agree with you a hundred percent.. i always leave a review for everything i read so the author knows they are apperciated.

11/8/2008 #6

Hey guys, i have a new C2, if you wanna submit a story or be a staff, pls. PM me. i did some major scanning of the categories and just added whatever fits the category but i havent quality checked the latest ones.

here's the link, its about Lesbian Fairytales and Fantasy, includes vampires,goddesses,princesses,incest,mistaken identity etc.


you can subscribe also if you want so it will go on top of the list so more people can see it. obviously its non-profit and im doing this on my own time/expense, so help me out please :D Its just my obsession. haha

5/19/2010 #7
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