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Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
Stranger: XD Do you play BioShock?

You: No.

Stranger: .-.

Stranger: Do u play Video games? .

You: Some.

Stranger: M or F?

You: Genderless.

Stranger: XDDDD

Stranger: Perfect

Stranger has disconnected.

10/7/2013 #39,691
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

Why does everybody think that sex is funnier than killing!?

10/7/2013 #39,692
Stranger: hi

You: hu

You: hi

Stranger: asl

You: 2 m riding a dinosaur

10/7/2013 #39,693
10/7/2013 #39,694
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like blood, death, and demons.

10/7/2013 #39,695
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like lesbians.

Stranger: Asl

You: 22 f earth

Stranger: 17 f horny?

You: Not particularly

Stranger has disconnected.

I don't know why, but that made me laugh.

10/7/2013 #39,696
I trolled some people being Max
10/7/2013 #39,697
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like fantasy.

Stranger: M

You: Genderless

Stranger: Race ?

You: Demonic fire elemental.

Stranger: fucking idiot

Stranger has disconnected.

He said he liked fantasy.

10/7/2013 #39,698
10/7/2013 #39,699
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Darkness.

Stranger: Hey..

Stranger has disconnected.

I never got to say anything!

10/7/2013 #39,700
I've had that :/
10/7/2013 #39,701
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

I need to put roleplaying back on there just for the lulz.

10/7/2013 #39,702
10/7/2013 #39,703
Do it
10/7/2013 #39,704

My favorite response to someone saying they're horny is "Good for you"

10/7/2013 #39,705
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

4/5 people who come up for me just like roleplaying.

10/7/2013 #39,706
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Roleplaying.

Stranger: Hi, 15 Male looking for Female 12 to roleplay with on kik! :)

You: 729,419 Genderless evil lord of fire, kik Infernal.Warlord

Stranger: Lol

Stranger: Ok I did.

Stranger has disconnected.

*reinstalls kik*

10/7/2013 #39,707
Stranger: horny?

You: Not particularly.

Stranger: oo

Stranger: but i am

You: Good for you?

Stranger: wat?

You: Are you enjoying that? Is it fun?

Stranger: yes

You: Okay then. Enjoy yourself, I guess.

Stranger: ya

Stranger: am watching porn & wet

You: Good for you.

Stranger: hmmm

Stranger: can i lick ur?

You: It would be pretty hard to do that from India

Stranger: oo

Stranger: just i chat

You: Just you what? xD

Stranger has disconnected.

10/7/2013 . Edited 10/7/2013 #39,708
Lol wow
10/7/2013 #39,709
You both like lesbians

Stranger: M

You: Yay?

Stranger: What

You: I'm not sure what that M is supposed to be. Is that like your first initial?

Stranger: It actually is

You: Wow. Awesome guess.

Stranger has disconnected.

10/7/2013 #39,710

Wings is the best trollllllllll of them allllllllll.

10/7/2013 #39,711

You're just saying that cause you like me.

10/7/2013 #39,712
Stranger: Wanna kik a dude?

You: I would like to kick a dude, this one dude in particular

(a few stupid lines)

You: Why would I want to kick you when I don't know you?

Stranger: Kik u know what that is?

You: Yes, but I'd rather pretend I don't.

10/7/2013 . Edited 10/7/2013 #39,713
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

I have transcribed the following kik conversation Homestuck style.

JOSH: Hi lol.



JOSH: What's up.

JOSH: ;:)

ANDROMALIAS: Destroying the world. :)

JOSH: Having fun with that?


JOSH: Awesome. I'm Josh. 15M.

ANDROMALIAS: I'm Andromalias the evil lord of fire and death.

JOSH: That sounds really cool

ANDROMALIAS: Yeah it is.

JOSH: So you're genderless?


JOSH: So you have a dick and a vagina or nothing at all?


JOSH: Now be honest with me. Are you joking with this shit. Its real funny lol

ANDROMALIAS: I am genderless because I don't need to reproduce because I'm immortal.

JOSH: Could you become a gender if you wanted to?

ANDROMALIAS: No, and I don't want to.

JOSH: How can you prove you're genderless?

ANDROMALIAS: Because that's what I identify as.

JOSH: I mean how can you prove it to me?


JOSH: Pic?


JOSH: Haha. You look like a girl that dressed up in the halloween costume.


JOSH: Maybe I will one day.

JOSH: ;:)

ANDROMALIAS: And if I had a gender, I would be male.

JOSH: Lol. Don't look like it to me.

ANDROMALIAS: I'm a pretty boy.

JOSH: That's why you'd probably be gay

ANDROMALIAS: I do prefer men because I hate tits, but I don't like dicks either.


JOSH: You'd want a flat chested woman.

ANDROMALIAS: I don't want anyone. I hate the entire human race.

JOSH: Could you make me like you?


JOSH: Then what kind of overlord are you with no powers?

ANDROMALIAS: I don't have love powers. I only have powers to destroy.

JOSH: I meant like a demon like you.

ANDROMALIAS: Yeah I know. If I did, you'd just annoy me.

JOSH: Then why are you still talking to me?

ANDROMALIAS: Why are you talking to me?

JOSH: Because I find this joke funny

ANDROMALIAS: It's supposed to be.

JOSH: Lol good job. So what's your real name?


JOSH: Well I wish you good luck sir. Farewell.

ANDROMALIAS: Good riddance.

10/7/2013 #39,714

I love you, Sal xD

10/7/2013 #39,715
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

Thank you. Seriously, everybody is so fucking horny.

10/7/2013 #39,716
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
You both like Roleplaying.

Ok, this is seriously getting old. Nothing else ever comes up.

10/7/2013 #39,717
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

I didn't even have roleplaying until I ended up with some real life sadistic killer who told me to add roleplaying and fantasy to my interests so that he wouldn't have to deal with people like me. He obviously didn't know what roleplaying and fantasy also mean.

10/7/2013 #39,718
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

I'm going to remove them both.

That's what she said.

About his balls.

10/7/2013 #39,719
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

And, that puts me back here...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like blood, and killing.

Stranger: Hi.

You: Hell o.

Stranger: Blood, and Killing..

Stranger: :)

You: Indeed.

Stranger: Makes me happy.

10/7/2013 #39,720
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