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Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like evil.

Stranger: hey

You: Hello.

You: Are you the guy who wanted me to make people naked?

Stranger: what?

You: Never mind.

You: Some guy wanted me to use my evil magic so that he could look at tits.

You: Because humans are so stupid and sexual.

You: I don't do that kind of magic.

Stranger: hahhaha he sounds like an idiot

You: Yeah

You: Oh

You: One guy wanted me to make his dick huge.

You: That was hilarious.

Stranger: omg did you??

You: No.

You: I don't do that kind of magic.

You: I kill people.

You: I don't help them fuck.

Stranger: you should have made it tiny

You: I did.


Stranger: how much smaller? hahahahahha

You: Lucifer My Fallen Angel Overlord = LMFAO

You: I actually made it a cunt.

Stranger: u turned him into a girl??

You: Yes.

You: With tits.


Stranger: you are hillaroues

You: I'm Hell-arious.

Stranger: ....u do evil magic an puns?

You: Yes.

You: And, I do evil magic puns.

Stranger: u are one HELL of a guy

You: Death-initely.

Stranger: when u go outside dou get a sa TAN

You: Yeah, I put the tan in Satanic.

Stranger: i put the tan in titanic ....cause i killed those people

You: I stand alone in a desert a lot under the baking sun because I like the burning sensation, so I'm pretty tan.

You: I like to summon demons.

You: I like to pray to satan while wearing a black cloak and a goat skull.

You: Because I'm evil like that.

Stranger: i one time tried to summon a demon, then my mother in law came to visit , needless to say i was successful

You: Lol.

Stranger: so i do magic too

You: LOL= Legacy Of Lucifer

You: What kind of magic do you do?

You: I like to summon Belial.

Stranger: haha=happy assasions hunt anarchists

Stranger: im a "bounty hunter"

You: Tonight, I'm going to summon Namtar. He's the king of the undead.

Stranger: ohh sounds like a big night

You: Oh yeah.

Stranger: i think im just going to watch tv

You: There's going to be so many black candles.

Stranger: i like to summon the gate keeper

You: Sweet.

Stranger: have u seen what happens u summon the key holder near her

You: Yeah they fuck.

You: HAHA= Hell's Antichrist Hath Arisen

Stranger: yeah but u know what happens after that? ill give u a hint it involves a lot of fire

You: Yeah, I bet it starts getting hot.

Stranger: and the marshmellow guy catches on fire and i had to call....well u know who ur gunna call


Stranger: doooo doooo doooo

Stranger: okay back to bussisness are u the one who gos by "the dark warrior"

You: No, I am the Infernal Warlord.

Stranger: ohhhhh next best thing i have a bounty out for ur arrest u know witch craft is illegal

You: Of CORPSE it is. Do I give a DAMN?

You: Where I come from, there is no law.

Stranger: dude i work for the HELP heaven exterminating loser possesors and im here to destroy u and send u back to hell

You: That would be HELPful indeed. I've been trying to get back to Hell, but I'm trapped on Earth.

You: And, I'm also HELP.

You: Hell's Evil Luciferian Paladin

Stranger: how did u escape? dont worry this is a c ommon problem did u try to go back or have u just been SATAN around

You: I was once a very powerful demon, but I'm being damned to live as a human.

Stranger: but are u the GREAT guys righting every action together

Stranger: hold on im bringing up ur file now

You: GREAT God's Really Evil And Terrible

Stranger: PUNS people unite neverless similarities

Stranger: okay i got ur file up

Stranger: oh wow u got some record

You: HELL yeah I do.

Stranger: okay well at a press of a button i can send u back, HEAVEN forbid i have to ask but do u want to go back?

You: DAMN right I want to go back to Hell.

Stranger: okay allu need to do is one human verfication thing please make a meaning for PARTY

You: Psychotic Apocalyptic Revenge Tastes Yummy

Stranger: okay sounds good let me press it.....DANMET it crashed i hate internet explorer

You: Oh well. I don't mind being on Earth now. I've made it pretty far as an evil lord.

Stranger: oh okay well if u ever get bored just go through the local soup kitchen theres a secret door there cause we know ull never look there

You: So, that's where they get the secret ingredient.

Stranger: yeah thats why it tastes so HEAVENLY or as you would say DANM good

You: UNDEAD I would.

Stranger: okay well i have more files to proccess angel out

Stranger has disconnected.

10/8/2013 #39,991
Complex Variable

One of the "suggested videos" next to it was this:


(My first time watching a PewDiePie video, actually xD)

10/8/2013 #39,992
Complex Variable

Could a tyrannosaur even hold a ukelele? xD

10/8/2013 #39,993
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

I watched one Pewdiepie video because somebody suggested it to me. It was Pewdiepie reviewing a cheap ripoff of the Omen.

10/8/2013 #39,994

LOLOL It's supposed to be funny though. Nothing in there should be taken seriously. I thought the songs were hilarious.

Also: I don't get the jokes either but I just put conversations between them up because that is displaying their true love.

And, I wanted Wings to be the star on THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE. The keyword you used was fiery so that is on you, sir.

10/8/2013 #39,995

I've been subscribed to him for a year. Maybe they pull suggestions from my subscriptions and interests? I know I put a lot of awkward tags on the STD song and there was a ton of nasty STD related videos.

10/8/2013 #39,996
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha
Homologous chromosomes are pulled to opposite poles as kinetochore microtubules shorten.

In other words, they are drawn and quartered.

The centromeres do not divide as they do in mitosis, so each chromosome still consists of two joined chromatids.

Oh, so they aren't drawn and quartered. They're just separated from their lovers. Close enough, *evil voice* BUT I PREFER DRAWING AND QUARTERING.

10/8/2013 #39,997
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

*burns a baby* Burn baby burn!

10/8/2013 #39,998



Sal, you are smarter than me. Accomplishment? :D

10/8/2013 #39,999
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

Apparently, I'm not smarter than Bang. Not even in occultism since I got invoke and evoke mixed up with each other. I still prefer to say evoke for what I do instead of invoke because evoke sounds like evil.

10/8/2013 #40,000

BangBang doesn't count because he is not American

10/8/2013 #40,001
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