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Post things you think others would like to read here. Include an explanation of why people would like to read it, and how you found it yourself. Please, no self-promotion.


Fictionpress or Other

Link (where applicable): Author/creator: Why you enjoyed it, or why you think others should check it out: How you found it: Who should read it:

Structure is not completely binding, but you must put whether it's Fictionpress or other at the top of the post, bolded.

12/18/2012 #1

Liv showed me this one, lol.

Fictionpress: Stupid post it notes

By: Dirty-Angel-Toes

Genre: Slash

Liv and I both think this is addicting for some reason. It's just... Not even the best and it's really slow in the beginning but... So addicting. *_*

12/18/2012 #2



Stuck In Neutral By Terry Trueman.

You can find this at the bookstore. It's super short, but such a great read. It's in the teen section and really gives you a new perspective about disabled children and morals. Basically, the main character (Fourteen) has cerebral palsy and his dad thinks he is suffering because of it. He shows signs of wanting to kill him because of it. It's a really interesting look at morals.

But, if you don't like swearing or sexual references this probably isn't the book for you, even though they are sparse.

12/23/2012 #3


Title: Capricious Infection

Author: Revamp

I find this story amazing. It is a fantasy which takes a whole lot of twists and turns which make it so memorable. Also, the story features an awesome cast, each with their own flaws. Any pairing goes(M/M), (F/F), (F/M), so it is a perfect read for anyone.

10/26/2013 #4


Title: Doesn't really matter because it's for the lulz but it's called A Song for Jonathan

Author: Doesn't really matter but: Mots Doux

It's cool because I only skimmed it before getting creeped out. I want to use this thread 'cause it only has three posts in it. So. Like. Read this if you like Jesus and homosexuality.

11/19/2013 #5
Flabbergasted Flock


Title: Limyaael Rants

Author: Limyaael/Arin i Asolde/Lightning on the Waves

It's not a fic or anything, more like individual essays on how to write good fantasy. There's a few hundred of them. You could go and find the original 'rants' at her livejournal but that'll take some time, and it's scattered over several journals. Someone had organized them on Curiosity Quills so it's easier to find and read.

12/26/2013 . Edited 12/26/2013 #6
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4/17/2014 #7

Oh cool.

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4/18/2014 #8


Title: Jesus and Hitler: A Romance

Author: Angkras

It's hilarious because it's smut about Jesus and Hitler. I'm only posting it here because I said I would in a Skype partay. Don't read it if you can't take Hitler Jesus jokes. The reviews are funny too.

Also in chapter 2 Hitler and Jesus slaughter women and children so they can be executed so they won't have to commit suicide to go see God because they wanted to get married.

4/21/2014 . Edited 4/21/2014 #9
Wtf Ann
4/21/2014 #10
The Night Trilogy - By Elie Weisel. The first book is like an autobiography of himself but as a child surviving the holocaust. The other two books are works of fiction, but with similar feel.
4/21/2014 #11
All Quiet on the Western Front - Erich Marie Remarque. The telling of WWI on the front by a German soldier named Paul Baumer. This book seriously made my cry, it is such a good book.
4/21/2014 #12
Vincenzo Bellini

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8/3/2014 #13


Title: Thirteen Years Later.

Author: A Misguided Ghost.

I like this story because it was so raw that it made me cry. Just read it.

9/13/2014 #14
Midnight Hashiri

There was one on Wattpad that made me cry (or maybe it hit a spot near home). Falling For My Husband.

10/8/2014 #15

@luckycoolhawk9; Thirteen Years Later was gold, aside from a few nitpicks.

2/11/2016 #16
Juniper Adler

Annything, I read the Jesus and Hitler story years ago!! I was trying to find it online but couldn't find it!! Thank you!

2/26/2016 #17

I would like to recommend the works of this particular writer that I've been extremely fond of since returning back to this site.

faery tragedy mostly writes for the historical fiction genre, but I think that most of you will enjoy the writing of this particular story that I did fall in love with the first time I discovered it.

In thy Sorrow I Will Kiss thy Tears

Since I read it a long time ago, I am not sure if this contains smut scenes or not, but it is an excellent story regardless.

1/19/2017 #18

Found this story a while ago and thought it looked interesting.

Out Running the Alpha

10/13/2017 . Edited 10/13/2017 #19

Thanks for sharing this post.

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12/22/2019 #20

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6/28 #21
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