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Complex Variable

Take a penny, leave a penny; that's how we roll.

In this thread, you can post story ideas you think up—ideas that you feel comfortable giving away. If you decide to use someone's idea—or something like it—don't forget to say thank you!

As a guiding principle, say what genre(s) you feel that the story belongs to.

If somebody wants to use an idea, PM the idea-giver so he/she can edit his/her post. PLEASE NOTE: ideas are open to all. Just because an idea is being used doesn't mean you can't use it.

NEW NOTE: No user is required to inform you that they have used your idea NOR does any user need to ask for permission to use the idea.

12/18/2012 . Edited by Annything, 12/8/2015 #1

Story Idea: (Romance)

Okay, so two people (two boys, two girls, a boy and a girl, w/e) are high schoolers. There is a talent show which is where the story starts. (Trying not to force my ideas too much on this and trying to keep it fairly general, lol) One of them is up on the stage. They are singing and dancing. But, they're wearing a hoodie and a mask. They love music and get really into it.

A boy/girl is in the audience watching. They are mesmerized by the performance. They are searching for this person. Eventually after some trouble finding them, they go over to their lab partner's house and find them dancing and sing exactly the same as before to the same song. You decide how that climax finishes. c:

Inform me if you decide to use this. I would love to watch you make this work and help you with it. PM me! :D

12/18/2012 . Edited by Rogue Energizer Bunny, 12/18/2012 #2
Complex Variable

Story Idea: (Supernatural/Fable)

A young (elementary school-age) girl living in a rural community is wandering through the woods/fields/meadows/something when she meets a strange boy about her age. They play for a while, but then the boy says he has to leave, but, that he'll be waiting there at the same time the next day. The girl goes home. The next day, she meets the boy again; they have fun, etc. This continues for a while. Each time, though, the boy gets the girl to do a few not-so-nice things (theft, eavesdropping, etc.)—the tasks get meaner every time she meets him. Then, one day, the boy reveals himself to be a demon, and he eats the little girl. The End.

12/18/2012 . Edited 12/18/2012 #3
Rogue Energizer Bunny

OH. Leapfrogging from Ann's idea...


I've wanted to write this story for a while, but my voice is entirely too dramatic. So the drama department of a high school is overrrun with men. The school puts on Romeo and Juliet because you don't have to spend money on those pesky copyright things, and snobby flamboyant MC assumes that he'll get the lead. He does get the lead - but as Juliet, and now he has to make out with the (apparently) straight novice cast as Romeo. Things get out of hand.


MC has little dog syndrome and gets snippy over playing a lady.

Romeo has a nervous giggling habit that appears whenever he has to kiss the lovely Juliet.

The two can't get along and threaten to ruin the show.


Could be femslash

Could be a low-level theatre troupe, if you're anti-high school.


MC is allergic to makeup and his face swells up like a watermelon.

12/18/2012 #4
Complex Variable

Story Idea (Fantasy):

The characters from an unfinished fantasy story that a famous author started in h(is/er) youth become sick and tired of waiting for their story to be finished, so they decided to break out of the story-world, hunt down their author and murder h(im/er) in the worst way imaginable out of their resentment toward h(im/er) having abandoned their story. Only problem is, the author (now world famous for his crappy romance novels) is on the other side of the world (maybe in a fancy resort in New Zealand, or something), while his fantasy characters pop out of their book to find themselves stuck in rural Colorado (or someplace similar). And, of course, their fantasy characters; they have no idea how to live in the "real" world.

It would be kind of like Ocean's Eleven, except that they would be planning a murder, instead of a heist, and, that they would all be stereotypical fantasy characters from an inexperienced teenager's badly written, highly unoriginal story.

12/18/2012 . Edited by Rogue Energizer Bunny, 12/18/2012 #5
Complex Variable

Character Idea (Fantasy Villain):

A villain who isn't even a physical being; a villain who is just an idea—a sentient idea—that lives like a parasite off the minds of its hosts, controlling them, making them do whatever it wishes.

Used by:

I miss Wash (5/3/2013)

1/5/2013 . Edited 5/3/2013 #6

Story idea (Fantasy)

So its the dreaded apocalypse. The four horsemen rolled in and started kicking @$$ and chewing bubblegum and the world gets royally fudged sideways. What if someone woke up in the middle of nowhere and had no idea who they are or what had happened to the world? What if he starts to walk the streets every one else is afraid to walk? What if the horsemen don't harm him, nor the demons of the world? What if he was God? But he doesn't know it. So there's my little prompt, do with it what you will!

5/4/2013 #7
Lady Liselle

Story Idea:

Epic fantasy as told from the letters the hero sends to his parents/child/children/friend(s)/spouse.

5/30/2013 #8
Complex Variable

Story Idea ("Hard" Science Fiction)

The fundamental constants of nature get altered (speed of light, pi, planck's constant, rest mass of an electron, permativity of free space, the figenbaum constant, etc.). The story deals with the ensuing fallout.

6/5/2013 #9
Lady Liselle

I think Arthur C. Clarke already did that in Time's Eye.

6/6/2013 #10
Complex Variable

Story Idea (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, based on a dream that I had a week-and-a-half ago)

An idealist, "liberal", city-slicker from the western or northeastern coasts of the USA in the near future gets flung through a rip in space-time to an alternate universe where the Rebels won the American Civil War. The main character manages to travel back to his/her (our) world, but, during their stay in the (horribly, horribly racist, kind-of-like-nazis, with slavery and plantations and nowhere near as much advanced technology as our world) Confederate Realm, they manage to accidentally leave behind technology and/or knowledge that the Confederates then use to mount a full-scale invasion of our world. For a while, they win, and do horrible, horrible things to our society, but then we beat them back and blow them up. Yay freedom!

7/15/2013 #11

Story idea!( Supernatural/ Horror or Humor)

A young male/ female is hired to be a flight attendant on a plane during a full moon. He/she know they are a werewolf, but can control their form. The flight takes off on Halloween night, and the flight attendant becomes a werewolf and it is up to the passengers ( who have no weapons) to survive or stop him/her.)

Must include the attendant admitting they're a werewolf and a passenger overreacting it to, on a delay.

10/22/2013 . Edited 10/22/2013 #12

Story Idea( Supernatural/ Horror/ Humor/ Romance/ Family)!

Your average everyday man or woman ( who is estranged from their family) falls in love with a supernatural creature on Halloween. However this creature is being hunted by all the townspeople. As soon as that conflict is involved, the creature and MC want them to meet their respective family, since they fell in love around Thanksgiving time. The two families don't get along at all. This will lead into christmas, where a new supernatural creature attempts to seduce the MC into falling in love with them and use christmas magic to their advantage. To end off the story, when the couple attempts to get married on Valentine's day,the creature's ex a human-hunter wants them back.

( Yes, this is a mix of a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's day movie)

10/26/2013 . Edited 10/26/2013 #13

Story idea (Horror/ Supernatural/ Some Sci-fi)(Based on a story I abandoned awhile back)

The MC is a young boy with a tragic past. His parents were killed before his very eyes by a young girl carrying a scythe when he was 4. The killer never was caught and he hasn't slept since that day. Approximately 11 years later an experimental drug is given to him to make him sleep, and the girl who killed his parents returns to take his head just as he about to fall asleep. From here on out you have free reign, kill him off, make him suffer as he tries to figure out how he's linked to the girl. What is she exactly probably a Fae, a spirit of death, or something else all together. Must include some scientific facts about long term sleep deprivation like how after several days you start hallucinating.

12/15/2013 #14

I started and abandoned a similar story to this - I think my problem was that I couldn't find the line between taking on too much and making it too simple. Anyways, the plot of the story was that the MC's parents were killed when she was a little older than your MC. Maybe 7 or 8? I forget. Anyways, she lives out the next decade in a long term mental hospital when her roommate is killed in a similar fashion to her parents. And there's some sort of ghost-y things running around (spoiler alert: it's one of them that's doing the killing, while in possession of a body) but I hadn't quite given them a name.

I never thought about long term sleep deprivation. Good idea on that one.

12/16/2013 #15

Story idea (Humor/ supernatural(first person (originally was going to use for the anniversary thread)

The MC wakes up after having a drinking contest with a goddess of chaos in nothing more than catnip underwear and in the middle of an alley. A Puma(mountain lion) mews then all the sudden he is running for dear life. During ensuing chaos the goddess appears in front of him running backwards in a black gothic Lolita dress. must include the line "I'm not a scratching post dammit!" somewhere in the story other than that it is only limited by your imagination. Blame Psy for this idea.

12/18/2013 #16

Story idea (Crime/ Horror/ Supernatural/ Humor)

MC is a remorseless reprobate that breaks into the wrong house. The house is haunted not by your normal ghosts, but every pervert that died unsatisfied in life. Now the MC is their new play toy and like scary movie and that poor clown they plan on making him regret breaking into this house.

12/31/2013 #17

Story Idea (semi-Historical, mystery, drama):

A young teacher comes to a new town and is staying with one of the richie-rich people in town because she knows the housekeeper (the housekeeper has arranged for a room for her in the servant quarters).

She hears rumors about the "crazy mansion" from the people she works with.

She goes home to the mansion one day and runs into the stern-faced butler. As they're talking, there's really loud, really terrifying organ music, followed almost immediately by screaming. The butler seems unperturbed and tells her to go to her room and ignore everything she's seen. Later, she hears through the servants' gossip that this happens every day: organ music starts echoing through the mansion, causing the richie-rich dude's mad fiance to start screaming, but when people go to the music room, there's no one at the organ and the organ is not playing. People think there's a ghost in the mansion.

Repeat of the same scene (umm... cuz... this came to me in a dream... and the scene repeated in my dream):

She goes home to the mansion one day and finds the butler's office door open. She sneaks in, deciding to have a look around, and comes across a dusty old organ in a connected storage room.

The butler finds her here and takes her out of his office to talk to her at the same spot they had spoken in during the first scene. The organ music begins to play, the screams start, only this time she hangs back and sees a shadow run out of the butler's office almost as soon as the music stops.

Eventually, she finds out that the butler's daughter has a thing for richie-rich dude and has been slowly driving his fiance mad with the organ music.

Yeah... this all played out like a black-and-white really awful horror/mystery/drama in my head. Have fun with that!!

3/12/2014 #18

Story Idea (ghost/romance)

Teen Boy A buys a ring for Teen Girl B (or Teen Boy, you like slash, etc.) and lets her know he'll give it to her at the school dance next week.

Teen Boy A gets hit by a car / bus / meteor / flying tub of margarine moving at Mach 3 the next day.

Teen Boy A is now Ghost Boy A, and is stuck here until his unfinished business is wrapped up, i.e. Teen Girl B gets the ring.

Ghost Boy A asks Teen Girl B to help her get the ring, but mom cleaned out his room.

Teen Girl B can either

  • Help find the ring, which means Ghost Boy A will go bye-bye, or
  • Keep Ghost Boy A around, because he's kinda cool in spite of being a ghost.
4/9/2014 #19
Complex Variable

Story/Character Idea:

Takes place in a "modern" fantasy world. The main character is a sorcerer who works for a financial firm, or on the stock market, or an insurance company, or as a stock broker, etc.; anyways, the point is that he (like many others in his profession) uses all of the most cutting edge magical techniques for scrying into the future so as to best react to the coming changes in the market and stock prices. All the best (literal) wizards of finance are locked in a constant, cut-throat competition with one another to try to get one step ahead of their rivals—to get the best deal, using whatever magics are at their disposal: summoning demons, going back in time to alter the path of the economy, raising groups of undead to stage strikes or lawsuits or other tactics designed to hurt the competition, and so on.


5/17/2014 #20
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

Story Idea (Manga):

A group of young boys (and maybe a girl) play a popular trading card game about fantasy characters who fight each other. However, the characters from the cards come to life during the battles, although they lack free will. Each has a fancy epithetic name to hide the fact that they are secretly ancient gods enslaved by humans. One evil card character, who is Sorath, gains free will and leads a revolt against the foolish humans who thought they could control his kind. The name of the story? Cards Against Humanity.

6/27/2014 #21

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7/23/2014 #22




This little shit above me made me think that this was The Promenade. Sorry.

7/24/2014 . Edited 7/24/2014 #23

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7/27/2014 . Edited by Annything, 11/6/2014 #25
Vincenzo Bellini

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8/5/2014 . Edited by Annything, 11/6/2014 #26
Xahhak'atar Kho'rkandha

Story Idea (Generic concept):

The hero is just an innocent human being trying to protect/save the world. The villain is trying to destroy the world. The hero does not know that the world needs to be destroyed. The world needs to be destroyed. The villain is lawful good. Your argument is invalid.

8/10/2014 #27

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10/26/2014 . Edited by Annything, 11/6/2014 #28

I totally agree with you!

11/16/2014 . Edited by Annything, 11/17/2014 #29
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