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The fuck's wrong with you, cb?

3/29/2015 #31

Story Idea: (Horror)

I am typically over protective of my story ideas, but as I no longer have the time to devote attention to this one, I want somebody else to be inspired and take it on.

The story is a gothic horror, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and his story 'The Black Cat'. A character (a male or female) is haunted by an entity that wishes to seek revenge upon them for a wrong they committed. The people that are in this character's life are concerned as they watch the changes come over their loved one, and as the person's mental state deteriorates, so does their ability to recognise friend from foe.

It doesn't have to be a novel length story, but it should have a lot of psychological/character study to it.

If anybody is interested in using this plot bunny, please inform me. I would love to see what you do with the idea, and would like to read the story when it is published.

7/10/2015 #32

Story Idea:

There's this person who is practically a physical representation of everything that's wrong with humanity. He's been in juvie as a teenager, is a complete sexist, treated his children badly, and was just overall unlikeable and unbearable for everyone who's ever known or met him. Eventually, all the people he should've considered his friends and family cuts off ties and desert him. He doesn't care. At least, not at first. But a series of events forces him to realize how much he has made them suffer, and he must find a way to reconcile with them.

This story can go any way. Drama, horror, sci-fi, or even suspense. I feel like it could be drama (the man is affecting with a life-threatening illness) or even a horror (the man dies, and in the afterlife, he's denied access into Heaven and is terrorized by the spirits of all the ones he's ever been cruel to).

9/5/2015 #33
Lady Liesmith
"MC is a remorseless reprobate that breaks into the wrong house. The house is haunted not by your normal ghosts, but every pervert that died unsatisfied in life. Now the MC is their new play toy and like scary movie and that poor clown they plan on making him regret breaking into this house."

Can I take this?

12/7/2015 #34


No permission is ever needed for taking ideas. You could tell the person you're using it but check the date and the person first because the chances of them actually caring is near 0. If it's a regular member you can just talk to them about it in whatever the current chat thread is. Even if it's not you'll probably find someone who is interested enough to chat about it.

After all, the person who leaves a penny at the gas station doesn't really own it annymore.

12/8/2015 #35

Story Idea: The boy/girl with no past talks to the girl/boy with no future. You can make this anything you want.

12/29/2015 . Edited 12/29/2015 #36
Paradoxical Thinking

This isn't to much an idea for someone to take on so much as for people to come on board with. It's called the Walker Project and its a combination between Si-Fi and Fantasy although anything can be thrown in. The link to the forum is down below and I am happy to answer any questions. The basic idea is a nice open idea which anyone can work with in any way they choose to.

Supreme Overlord Admiral Bangle: One, hijacking another forum's thread to advertise your own forum which is largely unrelated to the thread is a bit petty. Not that I care, I'm just highlighting that you probably shouldn't go into the PR business.

Two, you forgot to link.

Three, combining sci-fi and fantasy, or any genre overlap, is hardly original, which seems to be the pretence you're going for.

Four, I'm editing this post to point out a lack of endorsement for this behaviour (I'm indifferent, others may be aggrieved by something this obnoxious, just a word of advice) but any other mods who happen to stumble across it can wipe it from existence if they so desire.

Have a day.

2/15/2016 . Edited by TheOneAndOnlyBangBang, 2/15/2016 #37
Here's an idea if anyone's interested: A famous celebrity loved by millions commits a crime and gets thrown in jail. He/she gets bailed, but must complete a task to prove to the people that he/she has learned his/her lesson to earn back their love. That task is taking a young actor (or a child or whatever) under his/her wing. As for genre, this could be a Slice of Life, Drama, or Family. It could also be Humour depending on the relationship. So many possibilities.
3/15/2017 #38
Story Blue

A wasp whose home is destroyed by a teenage exterminator takes vengeance by putting him into a coma. Little does she know that the human she teamed up with to bring all of this to fruition is planning to use her powers to control the world (how cliche, I know). Now, feeling remorse for the teen she harmed, she wakes him up, and the two fight the threat together.

This was a video game idea I had, but I doubt yours is going to be too similar to mine, so have it, and see what you can make out of it.

I'm also open to collective brainstorming if there's a place like that around here that's active. If there is, please let me know. I've wanted to get my version of this story down on paper.

1/3/2019 . Edited 1/3/2019 #39
Scott Pilgrim

I'm honored to be GMing a DND stream on Saturday woo!!

1/10/2019 #40
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