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Rogue Energizer Bunny

Introduce yourself here! Include whatever you want, and don't be shy.


Where you found this forum

What your life goal is

Writing style?

Mod: Annything

4.5 years later update: You will most likely not get responses/get responses days later/people might be rude to you (??? idek I don't read this shit). Post in current chat thread (Heaven but no promises it's called Heaven annymore because I probably won't look at this again for years) and join the discussion there. Just saying hello probably won't get responses if you're new. If you want to troll be an entertaining one but if your end goal is a permabann you're gonna have a hard time getting that and it's not worth your time. If you're one of those spambots who use Google Translate please include your native language so we can translate it back to fully understand what you are trying to sell us.

12/18/2012 . Edited by Annything, 7/30/2017 #1
Rogue Energizer Bunny

Hello everybody! I go by Livia, Liv, REB, Jailbait, and I also answer to assorted derogatory slurs. You can call me whatever you want. I'm a mod here (we'll see how soon I can screw that up) and I also lurk at the Review Game forum. I've been on Fictionpress for almost a year now. I write horror, erotica, light romance, and science fiction.

I want to be a novelist, but we all know how likely that is.

Feel free to PM or whatever.

12/18/2012 #2
Complex Variable

Hey-oh, everyone. I'm the forum king, or... whatever. My profile pretty much says everything I need it to say, so why not just go check that? :D?


12/18/2012 #3


(I can't believe you made my twin sister a mod but not me. How unfair. XD)

I write Sci-Fi and humor and stuff. My life goal is to publish crap.

12/19/2012 . Edited 12/19/2012 #4

Hi, I'm Luckuycool9, You can me call Seven or Lucky. I really don't care.

I love reading anything that has a decent plot with good details and not close to the new "it" or the old "it" popular with teenage girls.

12/19/2012 #5
Heya! I'm the EyeOfLight, but feel to call me Jess or whatever. i enjoy writing action/adventure things, but have never had much confidence putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

and i'm rubbish at romance.

So anyways, HI!

Here's hoping this is still open - its one of the only good ones left alive.

1/8/2013 #6
Complex Variable

Welcome! :D

1/9/2013 #7
Flabbergasted Flock

Hi "

You would call me as Kite or Vulgopus, I suppose, just not "STK" or something, because then I would stare at the screen and go "O.o" before I realise that you're talking about/to me.

I read anything.

Found this forum from CV's profile, and I found that from a review of a story I was reading, and that was found under someone else's favorites, so it's completely by chance that I stumbled upon this group.

1/13/2013 #8
Complex Variable

Which story, by the way? :3 *Is curious*

Oh, and hi! :D

1/13/2013 #9
Flabbergasted Flock

Ehhm. I forgot. It was really, really long, and I was impressed by the effort you put in, so I just decided to look at your profile. "

1/13/2013 . Edited 1/13/2013 #10

Hello people, I am Rainbow35 aka Rain aka 35 aka Nom. :D

And I found here from CV's profile and am staying because nice people are here. :)

3/16/2013 #11

Nom, Nom, Nommity-NOM! Welcome to the sanitary sanitarium!

3/16/2013 #12
Nom, Nom, Nommity-NOM! Welcome to the sanitary sanitarium!

YAY! :D *hugs dramatically*

3/16/2013 #13
Flabbergasted Flock


3/18/2013 #14


/spins with love/

3/20/2013 #15


My name is Sandra, but I got the nickname Wings from the Review Game, so you can call me that.

I mostly write romance these days, but my one true love is a good fantasy story. I have a few floating around in my head, but they never come out on paper the way I'd like...

I might drop by here every once in a while. And apparently I'm a mod, so, um, yay?

3/24/2013 #16

YAY WINGS. Or, as I sometimes like to call you, Lysandra Honey Poo Pie Dollface Hun Sweetie Jiggly Puff Junior! :D


3/25/2013 . Edited by inwardtransience, 3/25/2013 #17

I'm John. You're also free to call me Odo. I frequently patrol the forum Promenade (chat thread), I love order, and my personality shapeshifts according to my "mood"--all making my self-chosen nickname an apt one, should you choose to use it.

(If anyone ever calls me by the nickname I was known by on the Review Game, I will either [censor] you or change it to "John" (even if another mod posts it), so don't bother. That nickname is absolutely off-limits on this forum. Capicé? Thanks.)

4/9/2013 #18

I found this on Luckycool9's profile. I write abstracted little insights on life and won't publish something unless it's perfect. Perfect little darlings. That explains why I only have one story published. Anyway I like an abstract style of writing. My life goal: A scientist that has a secret life publishing under a pseudonym.

5/1/2013 #19

Hi, you can call me Wash (though its not my real name) and I found this forum on Rainbow 35's profile. My life's goal is to become a teacher and to publish stories in my spare time yay. I write for science fiction and sci-fi and only recently joined fictionpress!

5/3/2013 #20

Welcome, Wash! I'm the "grumpy" mod. I was wondering how long it would take you to make it to this forum. Make sure you read the rules thread and stuff.

(There's also the unspoken rule that you never, ever call me by the nickname I had in the RG.)

Keep your nose clean, and you'll be fine.


5/3/2013 #21

Hey, Wash. I am the "mental" mod. You might hear me talking about my recent hospital stay and I feel all bad 'cause I missed the chance to meet people. I feel out of the loop, yo.

Anyway, if you have any questions you can talk to us and ask but mostly everything is explained in the rules thread. WELCOME AND DO FUN SHTUFF WITH US.

5/7/2013 #22

hi my name is Kitty, some call me Cat.

i don't like tot talk about my personal life, cuz I tend to be a bit self pitiful..

li want to go to cosmetology school or have a show on MTV.

some people call me "emo" or "scene" which is OKAY but I don't really like labels... They make me feel like a poser.

m favorite person is Dahvue Vanity xD

6/15/2013 #23

Welcome, senorita. We will now commence the soul sucking.

6/15/2013 #24

*sweat drop* I feel at home _

6/15/2013 #25

*shyly waves* I stumbled upon this forum while seeking for active role players, I hope I'm not intruding. I go by Valentine or Val, either works.

I try out almost any type of role play, although I'm not an expert in any subject, I like genralizations instead of specifics. I've got lots of OCs that would love friends _ and several with mental diseases (however I'm not sure how accurately I play them).

I've been in FP for awhile and I hope to find a place where there's activity and friendliness :3

7/4/2013 #26

Welcome Val! I am the "crazy" mod. So crazy in fact that I'm not even a mod! :D

We have lots of fun being weird here but here are a few disclaimers.

1. This is a non-profit fan based parody

2. I do not own this footage, it is all property of the Himalayas

3. Feel the burn or the burn will feel you

4. Admiral Bangle doesn't make sense

Now keep your nose clean and you'll be fine, we don't want no "disappearances" now do we?

7/5/2013 #27
._. that's fine with me xD I would not like to disappear at all o.o And thanks for the welcome XD
7/5/2013 #28

God, BangBang, you're so fucking hilarious. Make ze depressive mood go away. D:

Herro Val. I used to know someone in a chatroom named Val. I'd be more peppy and cheerful but I'm in a depressive mood and my happiness feels kinda forced right now. xD

Anyway, we love having new people because we're such a small forum. You can invite friends too, we're an open forum for everyone to RP and chat. Go introduce your character and, once approved, join the RP fun! You should chat to us in the Pretty Much Whatever thread. Don't be shy, make a huge entrance!

7/5/2013 #29
Alright, I'll head to that thread then _ Thanks for the welcome :3
7/5/2013 #30
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