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Are you gonna finish "I am a Murderer"? I like it :)
5/23/2017 #331
Katie Grey

Thank you! :) And yes, I will most likely finish it... just trying to figure out the plot and stuff like that... Don't worry :)

5/23/2017 #332
Wendy Thompson135th

Does anyone know how to terminate an account?

8/18/2017 #333
Wendy Thompson135th


If someone would be so kind as to report this spam, I may get my account suspended, which may help with my problem.

8/21/2017 . Edited 8/21/2017 #334

I don't normally post here but just so you know, Wendy, reports on forums won't get your account in trouble. It will only send messages to moderators of the forum with a box to describe what was offending about the post. You cannot delete your FictionPress account nor will you find an administrator who can/will do that for you. If you want me to I'll bann you for a day if it will make you feel better. It won't do annything but I will bann you for a day if it will enhance your user experience.

9/5/2017 #335
Oh oh oh! Ban me! Ban me! I wanna be banned!!
9/5/2017 #336
God Speaking

Name: God Speaking (or GS), but I guess you can call me anything.

Age: 1,000,000 years old

Location: Alternate Plane of Existence

Thoughts on writing: I read more than I write. Ever since I was around seven you'd see me tucked away in a corner somewhere engrossed in a good book.

9/8/2017 #337
Hey I'm graphic, I'm old enough for whatever, I like horror, philosophy, and anxiety
9/9/2017 #338
Is that a good introduction?
9/9/2017 #339
God Speaking

Uh, why do you like anxiety?

9/9/2017 #340
Because I'm so familiar with it. It's a big influence on my writing
9/9/2017 #341

Name: Every Good Day

i don't know what else to say

9/17/2017 #342


Goal: to try and write like one good story

I don't know what else if you review one of my stories i'll review one of yours

9/28/2017 #343
Thal The Red

Hi! My name is Thal. I just joined FictionPress not long ago but I've been writing since highschool. I write fantasy and *ahem* same-sex erotica.

I wish to be recognized among my peers as a great writer.

2/8/2018 #344

hello Iam new

2/12/2018 #345
Lucent Shadow

Hi, am I allowed to screw up intros? I feel like I am in the process of screwing this up already, but I don't know. I was hoping - if anybody knows about's forums - that I could find the fictionpress equivalent and I don't know if this is the place or not. I'm assuming this is? Did I make anything awkward yet? Is me asking if it's awkward making it awkward? Or are people just laughing at the awkwardness? No?... Just awkward? Okay.

2/21/2018 #346

hey what up

2/21/2018 #347

I like how everyone sort of just dies in the introductions thread despite having a lively introduction. Come my lurker buddies. Let us make a new land upon this sea of the dead.

6/14/2018 #348

Seas of dead... I was just writing about that!

And now... back to lurking!

6/15/2018 #349
Lucent Shadow

H O W D A R E Y O U L U R K . . .

6/15/2018 #350
The Central Metric

So, I'm new here. I tend to lurk around dead things, and I was attracted by the cold pile over here.

Don't know what I expect to achieve, but I'll probably not stick around too long.

7/19/2018 #351

newer here. Just want to check what it's about

2/22/2019 #352

It's about Jesus

6/28 #353
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