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Complex Variable

Before you can use a character in the Role-Playing (RP) threads of this Forum, you must first introduce them to the Forum community. Explain who your characters are (name, age, species/race, gender, appearance, personality, etc), what story they come from, any special powers they might have, and what their weaknesses are. You can only start using a character in an RP thread once—and if—a moderator gives approval to your character. Said approval will be posted in this thread.

Make sure you've read the Forum Rules (especially the General RP Rules) before posting your characters.

Specific Scenario Introductions:

RP High: Teaching positions are needed. Teachers are allowed to call class whenever they want and dismiss it whenever they want. Be kind to other teachers who are already teaching and wait for them to finish. Introduce your character the regular way stated above and, when approved, may then ask for their character to be in a teaching position. The format for this will be:

Teaching Request

[Subject you wish to teach. Character that you will teach with. Will you be able to be regular enough to be a teacher? State your class rules about magic usage, technology, and other general behaviors. Will you assign homework? Will you keep grades? Briefly explain how each work.]

Teaching positions can be taken away from users who abuse it. The teachers will be added to a list in the first post of the thread. You must be approved before you can teach.

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Complex Variable

Definitely approved. ;)

12/20/2012 #2

Yay, love this thread. :D

I'm going to start off with my favorite: Alfie. (Who is a girl contrary to her name xD)


Character in: Wasteland: New Era (Also in the original Wasteland I wrote when I was twelve. Her name was Jane then though. Oh, and she was a robot. ._.)

Name: Alfie Terf. (Her name is an anagram for Afterlife)

Age: 15

Species: Human, but she is a wandering lost soul like all of my characters in Wasteland. c:

Gender: Girl.

Appearance: She never shows her face, especially around Finn. She's extremely skinny and small. She hides this with either a thick cloak or a baggy hoodie which she pairs with loose fitting jeans.

Personality: Dark, depressing, and deep. She acts angry all of the times. Sometimes certain characters are able to draw her out, but she acts pissed most of the time. She's very angry at Finn for a reason unknown. (I don't really want to spoil my story, but who gives a crap?) In a past life that he doesn't remember he tried to kill himself over the pain of losing the majority of his friends. Alfie is mad at him for doing that.

Special powers: Even though she constantly calls herself a God, she is not and has no special abilities or powers.

Weaknesses: Finn.

Likes: Finn, her friends, her family, her school, her classes, her teachers, childhood and video games.

Dislikes: Crying, suicide, people who treat her like she is lesser, and painful memories.

12/20/2012 #3

Name: Ryan Thorn

Age: 16

Family: Jak Thorn(Father) and Alexia Thorn(Sister)

species/race: "Gifted" Human

gender: Male

Appearance: He has brown hair, eyes are blue a lanky build, wears a sports jacket, blue buttoned shirt and jeans.

Personality: He has kind, caring and slightly insane due to his power accident. He is also brave when he has to be. Due to his accident, his personality changes based on his emotions. When he is extremely happy, he becomes more like a popular player. When he is angry, he is a walking timevbomb. When he is sad, he is incredibly shy, etc.

what story they come from: Will be in remake of Singed and his own series.

Background: He was hit by a car, saving a girl he liked. He was not killed by this but instead gained his unique abilities. His mother was killed and he feels guilty since his "gift" gave him a warning and he could do nothing about it. His father is also a werewolf but the gene is not activate in him.

Werewolf: If and when the gene is activated, Ryan could be a brown wolf with blueish gray eyes who stood at about six to seven feet long. He can communicate in wolf-form through his psychic abilities. . which may or not be limited.

any special powers they might have: He is a defective psychic, he only gets visions of conversations. When he is angry, his psychic power allows him to explode objects, throw furniture with no control and destroy anything within a 10 mile radius. When the blow that is equal to the original power of the first one, the defectiveness is reversed in which he gains his full vision, the ability to throw objects and explode them.

Weaknesses: Silver, guns and electricity.

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Complex Variable

Alfie and Emma are definitely approved, although, I would get rid of that "fetish" A/N, John—it sounds kind of weird. XD

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Complex Variable

(All the following characters are from my fictional world, Aurhìm; in particular, from The Dahrian Chronicles)

Name: Karobangi "Karo" Molduuri

Age: 19 or so

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Human (mostly—he's half-vampire; it's complicated...)

Appearance: Karo is tall, and lean, with dark brown eyes, a long-ish face, and an ever-so-slight brownish/olive-oil-tint to his skin. His black, highly unkempt hair splurts up, almost spiky, on top—near the bangs, most of all—and pours down in back, and on his sides—almost covering his ears, and just barely reaching down to the base of his neck. He usually wears light blue tunic underneath his enchanted (damage resistant) leather breastplate, and dark blue, jean-like pants, as well as a long, hooded, dark-green cloak. He also wears a strange—but very beautiful—crystal-like-gemstone on a necklace—it's a family heirloom

Personality: Brash, prideful, caustic, short-tempered, bombastic, and sarcastic—sometimes just plain flippant—Karo has a habit of rubbing people the wrong way, partly because he gets a kick out of it. Despite his rough personality, he's actually—at heart—quite kind, very brave, and in possession of a truly noble sense of justice. He's quite intelligent, but, he's the kind of guy who likes to pretend that he's not as smart as he really is.

Abilities: Karo likes to fight. He's a whirling devil when it comes to wielding a blade—swift, brilliant, and deadly; he also likes halberds—because he thinks that they are awesome. The only thing as sharp as his sword's edge is his wit, and his tongue. He is very good at being sneaky—as long as he can keep his mouth shut, that is. Also, as a result of the (mostly) in his race/species description, Karo has the unusual ability to gain a temporary power-boost upon the consumption of the blood of a living being—even if it is just a lick of a drop from the edge of his sword. The more powerful the being, the more powerful the effect upon Karo: he can gain sometimes their magic (though he doesn't really know what to do with it), he can move several—up to many—times faster than normal, he can temporarily get super-stregnth, endurance, etc. He doesn't like using this ability—he HATES the taste of blood—but he will use it if necessary.

Weaknesses: Karo's pride, for one thing; combined with his rashness, Karo's personality frequently can get him into trouble. He's also very irritable. Also, calling him by his full name, "Karobangi" will invariably irritate him—do so at your own risk. Karo doesn't like magic—it gives him a headache just to think about it; at the same time, he's a little jealous of people who use it. He hates his mother's side of his family; bringing them (or his mother's murder) up will get Karo angry and distracted. Finally, Karo has a strong phobia/hatred of arthropods of almost every kind.

Name: Dia (you can call here "The Contessa", or "Contessa", too, since she is a Contessa)

Age: Appears to be in her late 20s/early 30s. She's technically undead, and is at least 100 years old, or more.

Gender: Female. Very, very female.

Appearance: She is a little taller than average; her most remarkable physical feature is her stunning, captivating beauty. Her face is a piece of art: with features more noble and virtuous than any of the great sculptors could have ever hoped to make. Her strong, lean, voluptuous body would have made a goddess turn green with envy. Her radiantly white skin glows with her internal vitality. Her bold, fire-red hair, usually tied up in bun, shone like a torch atop her head. She had enough hair on her head to supplement the bun with some that would fall across the sides of her head to about ear-length, as well as a wonderfully tailored set of bangs. Dia is always wearing an ornate dress of some kind. The lower halves of her dresses are usually composed of the repeated placement of a design about the size of a leg. The designs are usually based upon the feathers of birds or the wings of butterflies. She moves about with speed and grace, almost like dancing about. Her feet are adorned with ornate, but structurally simplistic slipper-shoes. She is fond of jewelry; she has two pearl earrings that she constantly wears, in addition to a lapis lazuli scrunchie that she wears to keep her hair bun in its shape.

Background: Well, for starters, she's dead (resurrected from a skeleton, in fact). Dia is merely a puppet for an insane, evil, infinite, and omnipotent being (the true villain of my Dahrian Chronicles series), so, she can't be expected to act normally.

Personality: Psychotic, and totally insane—he demeanor alternates seamlessly between joyous, murderous rampages and disarmingly polite and high-cultured partygoing. Being a possessed puppet of an infinite evil, Dia enjoys causing meaninglessness and suffering wherever she goes. Her preferred form of locomotion is dancing, with graceful strides coming in at a close second. She likes to refer to people as "darling(s)." She enjoys murder, violence, forced cannibalism, and anything having to do with fire. She sometimes likes to convert herself into fire and teleport/dance away.

Abilities: She is a master with fire (i.e. thermodynamic) magicks; she likes to burn people alive, or make them explode/combust for no reason other than the fact that she can. Also, being already dead, she can't die, persay—if you "destroy" her, she'll just reassemble eventually, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Note—I'm bringing Dia here to explore her personality as a villainess, not to fight. I might bring in a few random people just so that she can kill them for kicks, but, I'm keeping her on a "leash" so to speak.

In case anything does go wrong: use enchanted chains to chain her to a boulder, and then drop the boulder into the sea. That will keep her occupied for a few centuries.

Name: Leif Csharáll (pronounced [Layf SHAR-rall])

Race/Species: "Elf" (Note: in Aurhìm an "Elf" is any hybrid between humans and beings known as the Fée—the Spirits of Good Fortune; they have pointy ears, and, they live for a long time—centuries or more, depending upon how much Fée they have in them. However, all elves—save for pure 50/50 Fée/Human hybrids—will eventually suffer from a terrible, incurable wasting disease—kind of like Alzheimers, but worse. Since most "elves" have only a miniscule amount of Fée in them, they usually begin to exhibit the symptoms between the ages of 90 and 120. As a result, Elvish culture has adopted the practice of ritual suicide at the first sign of symptoms of the disease. They don't like talking about it—even among their own "kind".)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Background: He's the youngest son of the famous/infamous family of elves known as the Csharálls; the Csharálls are kind of like the Rothchilds of Aurhìm—they're one of the wealthiest non-noble/non-governmental families in the whole world. For almost a quarter millennium, the Csharálls have wielded an incredible influence over the politics and economics of their home nation, the nation of Drexel. Leif, however, doesn't like all of the pomp and circumstance (and back-room-dealing, and corruption, etc.) of his family, so, he likes to pretend/act like an ordinary person. He doesn't like talking about his family.

Appearance: A thin, lanky—but good looking kid; light-skinned, brown eyed, and with short, incredibly curly blond hair. He always wears a brown beret on his head—the purpose of which is to keep his hair "under control." He likes to wear simple clothing: trousers, shoes, undershirt, a brown jacket, and a green, wool scarf.

Personality: Leif is a quiet type; however, he can be quite brave, when the need arises. (I need to develop his personality more—one of the reasons I'm coming here).

Abilities: Leif doesn't get involved in fights; he doesn't know how to fight. He can run like the dickens, though!

Name: Rosalinde Cordellan (pronounced [Rose-UH-lind Core-DELL-un])

Race/Species: Human

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Background: She is a super-genius. As a teenager, Rosalinde has made more advances in magical research and magitech that few people could have accomplished in several lifetimes. She enjoys research, experimentation, and magic/science more than anything else. Also, since her childhood, she has raised—and subsequently, become utterly inseparable from—a giant, super-intelligent spider named "Bubbles".

Appearance: above average height; she has platinum-blond hair tied up in a ponytail in back with a large red bow-tie, her eyes are green. She wears rectangular glasses, loose-fitting, somewhat billowing white blouse, a durable-looking, brown pocket-covered trousers, and a neat, dainty-looking pair of black shoes.

Personality: Spontaneous, brilliant, and frequently absent-minded—she gets caught up in her research all the time. She is sweet, and hyperactive. Also—especially when it comes to her research—she does not understand the concept of shame/modesty/privacy/manners. She is polite, though—and that's a plus. She uses a complicated, highly technical jargon when talking about virtually anything; just remember—even if it SOUNDS like she's saying gibberish, she actually IS saying something legitimate and meaningful.

Abilities: Rosalinde doesn't really fight—she just experiments. However, her experiments have a tendency to go awry; most commonly—in her research into inter-universal transportation and teleportation—Rosalinde (and Bubbles) end up blasting themselves (and then, getting stuck for a while) into another, alternate universe. Rosalinde frequently requests kind strangers to help her and Bubbles get out of whatever magic/science mess that they've gotten themselves into.

Weaknesses: Rosalinde will quickly fall into hysterics (weeping, panicking, screaming, hair-pulling, etc.) if she is separated from Bubbles, or, if she thinks that Bubbles might be in danger.

Name: Bubbles

Race/Species: she's an FMA (Freakishly Mutated Arthropod)—specifically, a tarantula.

Age: 16 years

Gender: Female

Background: Bubbles would have been an ordinary tarantula, if not for having been freakishly mutated by magic; she has an intelligence equal to that of a highly intelligent human being. Bubbles and Rosalinde are closer than sisters; they are utterly inseperable. Bubbles is NOT Rosalinde's pet—she is Rosalinde's invaluable lab assistant, and her dearest, and closest friend and confidant. Bubbles communicates through a series of squeals, chirps, clicks, and squeaks that only Rosalinde can understand. Bubbles herself has a perfect grasp of human language. To the human ear, most of Bubbles' noises sound like the word "meef", and thus, will be written as such.

Appearance: Bubbles is a three-and-a-half-foot-long, mildly hairy, purple/brown tarantula. She wears a large red ribbon around her abdomen—an exact match for the one that Rosalinde wears on her hair. Her fangs are large, and quite impressive.

Personality: Bubbles' favorite things include: Rosalinde, experimenting with Rosalinde, brainstorming new magical/scientific theories with Rosalinde, jumping on Rosalinde's back, reading books with Rosalinde, fondling Rosalinde's hair with her pedipalps, protecting Rosalinde from mean/annoying people—especially guys that just want to take advantage of Rosalinde—eating fish, birds, lizards, and small mammals, AND, sneaking into annoying peoples' houses at night and cocooning all but their head in a wrap of her silk.

Abilities: Bubbles will not attack unless provoked. Provoking includes—but is not limited to—trying to kick her, squish her, being separated from Rosalinde, or, trying to do anything mean or annoying to Rosalinde. If Rosalinde tells Bubbles not to attack, then Bubbles will not attack. Bubbles has a whole arsenal of deadly and dangerous venoms that she can inject into mean and/or annoying people: paralytic venom (renders the victim unable to move for a period of several minutes, to several hours), psychosis venom (causes victims to undergo horrific, terrifying hallucinations—inevitably making even the bravest of immortals into cower in the corner of the room in the fetal position), excruciating-pain venom (which does exactly what it says), as well as a standard neurotoxin/enzyme mixed used to kill her prey and liquify its innards, rendering them suitable for ingestion. She can also launch some of her urticulating hairs at you, causing horrible itching and irritation that can last for days—even weeks.

Weaknesses: Bubbles will freak out if separated from Rosalinde, or, if she thinks that Rosalinde is in danger. However, Bubbles will obey, without question, whatever Rosalinde says (except in scientific matters, where the two girls sometimes come at odds with one another). Also—except when it comes to her meals, or to Rosalinde's safety—Bubbles is a devout pacifist. Also—in case of an emergency—a good kick to the abdomen will usually immobilize Bubbles. Usually.

All Characters and Content are Owned by Me and Me Alone; Use of Any of This Without My Permission is Illegal. (Copyrighted 2008, 2010, 2012; MCS)

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Time for more of Wasteland's characters. :D

Name: Finn Levi

Age: 14

Species: Human, but he is a lost soul of the Wasteland.

Appearance: Crazy and wild black hair with green eyes. He wears baggy jeans and a T-shirt every day since it's most comfy for him. He stands awkwardly and is generally an awkward person. He gives off an air of awkwardness, but he loosens up once he gets friendlier. He laughs awkwardly often.

Personality: Finn is shy and a little awkward, but he shows his true self to you when he opens up. He gets frustrated easily, especially by things that he isn't being told. Alfie knows this and loves to torture him that way. Finn doesn't know anything about himself having no memory of the past. He likes looking in your eyes when he talks to you. Not seeing your eyes or face frustrates him.

Abilities: None. He is pretty good at video games though, so I think this gives him an advantage over Alfie who sucks.

Weaknesses: Easily frustrated.

Likes: Flowers, friends, video games, and playing outside with his friends. He loves to play hide and seek and the adventure games that his friends made up when they were kids. c:

Dislikes: Rain and snow since you can't go outside. He hates not seeing your eyes. He doesn't like cats. He doesn't like violence.

12/20/2012 #7
Complex Variable

Name: Zachary "Zach" Taylor

Story: Shanghaied!

Age: (Has the consciousness of a 16 year old human, from San Francisco, CA) I will bring him into any given RP session in one of four sizes: 2.5 feet long, 6 feet, 15 feet, or 31 feet. (Most often, 6 feet)

Appearance: a reddish-purple dragon.

Abilities: fire-breathing, generic magical abilities (energy discharges, freezing/melting water, manipulating fire, levitating things, etc.)—but, he's not really in control of his magic, so he doesn't use it that often. It does come to the surface when he gets emotional. Sharp claws/talons, can hit things with his tail—the usual dragon stuff.

Weaknesses: Jaynem, his psychotic rider. Zach doesn't like fighting, and will almost never START a fight for without reason. He'll try to talk down the situation before fighting. He is also a die-hard fan of the San Francisco Giants; he doesn't like the LA Dodgers. Also, physics tends to give him a headache. He loves biology, though. He also has an inordinate knowledge of the dimensions, cargo, and other specifications of certain famous sailing ships, due to his father's obsession with building model boats. He is also terrified of the idea of "making out" with a dragoness—seeing as his mind is still completely human.

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Dark Force Comics 2

Name: Nick Star

Age: 40

Family: Two Children, Bruce and Mary Star( The male son is blind while the daughter is deaf.)

species/race: "Cursed" Human

gender: Male

Appearance: He has black hair, eyes are black, a decent build since he is a detective, wears a black jacket, a red shirt and black dress pants/

Personality: He is kind to the people he worked it except his partners since he prefers to work solo. Is serious when he is interrogating his suspects and works in 1930's homicide cases.

what story they come from: Just a free lance character my friend Luckycool9 let me use.

Background: He was a young man at the age of 20 when he joined the detective agency. He is the oldest detective at this firm and has been through twenty-five partners. He has survived through a lot.

any special powers they might have: He is a body which can adapt to be any armor he touches even though he does not about it until just recently. It makes him hard to kill and he cans survive many bullets.

Weaknesses: Even though he is "curse he still ages and gets pain, he can not keep the armor body forever, it wears off after a few hours, also his ready to fight attitude is also a weakness.

12/23/2012 #9
Complex Variable


12/23/2012 #10

Arthur and Elizabeth are approved.

12/24/2012 #11

Name: Alexia Thorn

Age: 16

Family: Jak Thorn(Father) and Ryan Thorn(twin brother)

species/race: " Gifted" Human

gender: Female

Appearance: She has long brown hair, eyes are green, a decent shape, wears a yellow bracelet, tends to wear black and green dresses. Is always wearing sneakers

Personality: She is kind, caring but if you anger her, she is a deadly weapon. She is incredibly brave in the face of danger.

what story they come from: Will be in remake of Singed.

Background: She was struck by an electrical cord during a school fire. It give her electrical powers. She has mastered them over the years. Her father is a werewolf but her gene is also inactive.

any special powers they might have: She has a wide variety of electrical powers she can use.

Weaknesses: Silver, guns, water and she can lose energy if over worked.

12/26/2012 #12
Complex Variable


12/26/2012 #13

Name: Zane Jakson/Living Lightening

Age: 22

Family: Olivia Jakson

species/race: " Gifted" Human

gender: Male

Appearance: He has black hair, gray eyes and a muscular build, he wears a black fedora, a leather jacket and sneakers and pants.

Personality: He is cold and maniacal. He hates any variation of other "gifted" humans. He is kind as an alias when he is a ordinary citizen but harbors a dark exterior.

what story they come from: Will be in Ryan's series

Background: He was struck by lightening. This gave him his lightening based -electric power. He has mastered them.

any special powers they might have: Lightening based, electric powers

Weaknesses: Guns, psychic blasts, fire and his ego.

12/26/2012 . Edited 4/27/2013 #14

Approved. c:

12/26/2012 #15

Name: Leo Howard/ Dream Caster/ Night Caster

Age: 30

Family: Chase Hunter(Younger brother)

species/race: Terrain

gender: Male

Appearance: He has brown hair which is spiked, eyes which can either be blue or black. He is tall, has a decent build. He wears a gray jacket, gray sneakers, jeans and a white and black t-shirt.

Personality: He has a split personality. He can be kind and caring when he is Dream Caster or dark and sinister when he is Night Caster

what story they come from: Will be in Ryan's series

Background: He was born with his inability. He was absent in Chase's life because he left to control his powers on Earth. He has some guilt to what Chase has become. His two halves are activated by the amount of light energy and dark energy is in the room. He is easily turned dark by villain's dark energy.

any special powers they might have: His powers are dream based. When he is good, he can travel through dreams and make nightmares good, he can put sleep for a short amount of time. When he is evil,he creates nightmares and causes chaos, when he is dark he can also make people have living nightmares and put people into permanent comas.(Edited: January 13,2013)

Weaknesses: Guns, his brother and his own guilt.

12/26/2012 . Edited 1/13/2013 #16


12/26/2012 #17

Time for my characters...Soemone gimme a drum roll!

Name: Cyska Liah

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: She has a happy, bouncing walking style and a near-permenant smile. She is roughly five foot ten and weighs 9 stone. For clothing, she wears a sleveless black shirt and a pair of camouflage-coloured tracksuit bottoms and black trainers. her weapon is slung on her back. she has a plain face, with a small nose and mouth but bright yellow eyes and long brunette hair.

Personality: she has been a mute for over six years, having refused to speak since her father was killed by her brother. otherwise, she tends to smile a lot, supporting others if possible. She is always there with a kind gesture.

Bio: (yeah, it's a bit long.)

Her mother and father practiced different martial arts, and met each other at a competition. after the competition, they slowly became friends, then lovers. finally, they became parents of two children, One named Cyska and the other named Mujin. they were a happy and close-knit family, with the parents passing their different skills onto their children : The mother taught Cyska to wield a spear, while her Father taught her brother how to use a longsword.

When she was thirteen, her family was having a sparring match and her brother stabbed her father. it was an accident, but her father knew he would die. To save the honour of his son, he commited Seppuku, with Mujin as his second. as his second, Mujin cleaved his own father's head off. twisted by grief, he then tuned the sword on himself, stabbing himself in the chest. His mother and Cyska managed to stop him before he killed himself. that night he ran away from home.

Cyska stayed with her mother, to keep her sane, but her mother began to wither, neglecting food in favour of mourning. To save her mother, Cyska decided to bring Mujin back - to atone.

Skills: She is proficient with the use of her spear and is very athletic.

Hinderances: She has a low constitution, so cannot take many hits. As previously stated, she is a mute. she can also appear delusional when trying to cheer people up in hopeless circumstances.

Likes: Her family, sweet food, training and having fun with the occasional lazy day.

Dislikes: Spicy/sour food, too much noise, people who ignore her or pick on her due to her silence.


Name: Mujin Liah

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: a Dark-haired young man dressed all in black - a Black short-sleeved shirt, a pair of black tracksuit bottoms and black trainers. He carries a long sword - a Nodachi - in a black sheathe on his back. His right eye is brown, and he always keeps his left eye closed shut. he also has a large scar in the middle of his chest, gfrom when he tried to kill himself.

Personality: He is a calm, collected individual who hates to show emotions. He is able to translate for Cyska, though. Otherwise, he tris to be kind to those he meets. Kind, but standoffish. he is VERY protective of Cyska.

Bio: After he ran away from home, He hich-hiked as far away as possible. afetr a while, he began to trade his skill with a sword for food, training in exchange for food. In time, he began to ask for money. He even set up his own little dojo. then Cyska Found him.

Skills: Extremely skilled in the sword style "Kage-Ryu", the use of a longsword.

Hinderances: the wound in his chest means he cannot fight for long.

Likes: Cyska, Big meals, Swords

Dislikes: Hammers, blunt weapons, Spicy food. Anyone who picks on Cyska.


Hope these are accepted!

1/9/2013 #18
Complex Variable

These seem fine. Approved! Are they from your current story?

1/9/2013 . Edited 1/9/2013 #19

Yup! Mujin has yet to be introduced properly, though... and it's a different backstory, adapted for my story...

it's all a bit of a mess, to be honest.

There is more detail to their stories - PM me if you want to hear it.

1/10/2013 #20

Name: Aquaslasher Gale

Age: 20 (In human years)


gender: Male

Appearance: He can be a a small blue dragon or a large blue dragon.

Personality: He can be witty or serious. He always listens to his master.

what story they come from: Will be in Ryan's series

Background: He came from an alternate universe with his original master.

any special powers they might have:He can shoot water from his body.

Weaknesses: Electricity.

1/12/2013 #21

Approved. c:

1/12/2013 #22
Flabbergasted Flock

Name: Cadence Layskie (coming from one of my currently untitled projects, known only as "that story")

Age: 16

Species: Dracon (species that came from millennia of interbreeding between humans-sometimes witches/wizards-and dragons. They look somewhat foreign to both species, but gets the best of both sides. Their name came from some cranky old wizard centuries back, who came up with the brilliant idea of "Dracon", with "Draco" being dragons, and "con" meaning deception, since this new breed were mix of both but truly none. It just sort of stuck, and so Dracon it was.)


Human(oid): Taller than most people her age, with the facial features that are distinctly Asian. A little tanned from staying too long under the sun and swimming every afternoon except on Sundays. Blue-grey irises, but with slit pupils. To avoid drawing attentions, glamour are used. Shoulder-length black hair is tied back with dark purple hairband. Long fingers that is excellent with piano keys, with microscales surrounding the fingernails. (Some Dracons have scale patches throughout their body, so glamour is commonly used. That, and body paint.)

Dragon: Silvery-grey dragon, with a slight bronze tint to the edges of her scales. Two white horns slanted backwards. Is smaller than most dragons (and Dracons) due to her half-eastern heritage. Cadence is more serpentine, and there is an absence of wings. This type of dragon are more skilled in magic than their winged counterparts, since magic for them takes up a greater portion of life. There's two "whiskers" (are those called whiskers? o.O they're fleshier, so I'm not entirely sure about the name) that can be controlled to a certain extent and electrified at the tips. She's around 9 meters, though there's a chance that there'll be a huge spurt again and end up to be 11 meters.

Abilities: General magical abilities (like moving stuff, floating, a little elemental manipulation, and the really simple stuff like getting a cup of water to come over because it's just a chore to get up and take it here) as well as turning into a dragon. More options come with the dragon-form, like claws and talons and the fire-breath and electrifying with the whisker-thing.

Personality: Happy-go-lucky type, with the unfortunate habit of procrastinating anything "unimportant". Cadence is sociable and a tad on the "chatty" side, a fact which can sometimes irritate people. When bored, she would find someplace to sit down (preferably beside something cool to the touch), take a stack of books, bowl of chips, a glass of ice lemon tea, summon a large bean-bag and start reading. She is reckless and a risk taker.

Weapon of Choice: A bow, with a front made of a tough metal that is bladed at both sides. The metal both protects the fragile wooden bow and also serves as a weapon. Her arrows are made with the rare phoenix feathers, whose properties include bursting into flame, returning to owner and increased accuracy.

Weakness: Overheating. Fire dragons need to cool off, not burn up even more. Stick them in a volcano, and a few hours later, their bodies go haywire. That, and Cadence's recklessness.

1/12/2013 . Edited 1/13/2013 #23

Welcome! Approved. c:

1/12/2013 #24
Complex Variable
are those called whiskers? o.O they're fleshier, so I'm not entirely sure about the name

Whiskers, barbs. Whatever. ;)

General magical abilities

I'd like to see a little elaboration on this.

returning to owner and stability.

"Stability" :O what's that?

Also, I would recommend including the length of her dragon-form. Also, also, since Cadence seems to be the fighting type, you need to list her weaknesses.

Also, also, also, some eastern dragons were so large, that they spanned the entire sky.

Other than that, approved.

1/12/2013 #25
Flabbergasted Flock

"Stability" -I don't know what I meant by that too o_o Changed it xD

The really large ones died out way back because of some reason and the smaller ones came to rule in their place :D (dinosaurs, anyone?)

1/12/2013 #26

Name: Jak Thorn

Age: 36

Family: Ryan Thorn(son) and Alexia Thorn(daughter)

species/race: Humanoid werewolf

gender: Male

Appearance: He has dark brown hair, eyes that are yellow but he wears gray contact lenses to cover up his eyes, he has a muscular build, he tends to wear a blue t-shirt, ripped jeans and black sneakers.

Personality: He has a serious personality. He is the type of guy who will threaten to kill you and ask questions later. He also has a sweet side and he is extremely over protective of his kids.

what story they come from:Ryan's Story, he will be cameo in Singed.

Background: He is the son of the alpha werewolf of Terra. He was banished from Terra along with Chase Hunter. He was banished since he killed a guard or two and attempted to sleep with the king's granddaughter. He has become the alpha werewolf of earth after he killed the old one

Werewolf: Jak is also a brown wolf with silver stripes along his back. He has yellow eyes when he is in wolf form. He can become eight to ten feet long. Jak can communicate mentally when he is a wolf to other animals and humans through his mind.

any special powers they might have: He is the alpha werewolf of Earth so he can call other werewolves. He is also extremely strong when he is in wolf form along with extremely fast speed.

Weaknesses: Silver is his ultimate weakness. He can also be killed by guns and fire.

1/18/2013 #27

Approved. He does sound incredibly strong though, so you might want to maybe tone it down in RP settings so he isn't god-modding. But, you already know that so I'll go ahead and approve you. c:

1/18/2013 #28
Flabbergasted Flock

Some other characters from "Earth, Sea and Sky" 8D

Name: Arin

Age: Technically, some millennia... (really long story) but since four thousand years were spent in a comatose state frozen in an iceberg, he's physically and mentally still a 18 year-old.

Gender: Male

Species: Human (a "demigod" in a sense, but it's very complicated)

Appearance: Arin is of average height, with dark blond, nearing light-brown, hair. He could pass for a model, and there's a fanclub started after him (a fact he is ignorant of). His eyes is similar to the colour of the sky (a little cliché, given his full history), a light blue. There's minuscule flecks of grey, violet, orange and dark blue in his eyes that swirl around and are quite visible once you get too close.

Personality: A joker and a tad sarcastic person who is very bold and daring, and would be the one to lead an outnumbered army against enemies or be the one that leads lures enemies into a trap. He puts his life in the hands of his friends and has a soft spot for Scarlette (everyone else knows they're in love but both of them won't admit it). He can be easily embarrassed (something he blantly denies.

Ability: Aerokinesis. Anything from rearranging the molecules just slightly to change "carbon dioxide" to "oxygen" to whipping up storms and hurricanes.

Weakness: Should he be separated from Thunder, he would be significantly weaker. From hurricanes to small breezes kind of weaker.

Name: Thunder

Age: Also technically a couple millennium old.

Gender: Male

Species: Golden-eagle.

Appearance: Dark golden brown feathers cover his body, with a vicious grey beak that turns into a creamy white further up nearer to the head. There are some patches of white on his wing. Scaly yellow feet ends in sharp black talons that can easily puncture skin. Thunder's wingspan is around 2 meters and he weighs around 4kg.

Background/Personality: Thunder is highly intelligent and is capable of understanding human speech, and he communicates with Arin mostly via telepathy, although Arin also understands what his beak-snaps, screeches, whistles and wonks. He is Arin's friend, "guardian", partner, not his pet. Thunder is very protective of Arin and share his humor. He will take down anyone who threatens both of them and since golden-eagles are fully capable of taking down adult caribous (and wolves too, apparently) alone, Thunder, with his added abilities, would be a formidable enemy.

Abilities: Thunder is able to control the weather, and he is capable of breaking the sound barrier, though that takes a lot of effort and so is only used in an emergency. Along with that, he can lift anything that weighs not over a ton and that he can get a good grip on.

Weakness: Should they be separated, both will weaken in power, and will likely break down if remained separated for very long durations. Adding weights to his wings will render him flightless, since he can only lift items by his feet.

1/20/2013 #29
Complex Variable

Arin sounds a little overpowered—and a little like a certain Airbender *cough cough* Aang *cough cough*—but, I see no reason not to approve him and Thunder. Approved.

Question/Rant, though: changing CO2 to O2 requires separating Oxygen and Carbon from one another. Is Arin's power just to manipulate gaseous molecules (Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc.), or is it more general than that. I.e., can he manipulate ANY molecule/atoms that are in the gaseous phase, or only those that are in gaseous phase at STP (standard temperature and pressure at sea level)? IMO, this just sounds like your normal telekinetic powers, albeit applied only to the molecules in the air. :/

1/20/2013 . Edited 1/20/2013 #30
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