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Lady Liesmith

Name: Anne Crosse

Gender: Cisgender female

Age: 16

Appearance: Anne has (dyed) blue hair, bright green eyes, pasty pale skin, and a rather chubby and overweight figure. She normally wears a range of different t-shirts and dark-washed jeans that fit her (she has a hard time finding stuff that fits her because she's a size 20, or, 1x). She doesn't really have a style per say, since, she doesn't really care about her clothing or how she presents herself.

Personality: Anne, in general, likes to present herself as a kind and caring person, however, that is not really the case. She is generally very selfish, anxious, and easy to anger. Cruel to people she dislikes or deems lesser than her. The only real people that see her as the person she makes herself out to be are the ones that she cares about the most- she knows not to do things that could anger them, because, she fears losing the people she cares about more than anything, to the point of becoming paranoid. She constantly obsesses and worries over how she comes across to Ross, an internet friend who she has fallen head-over-heels for. In general, she is sad much of the time (clinical depression) but doesn't really have a good way to channel it. Sometimes she writes dark poetry, or stories, usually very morbid in nature, but for the most part she doesn't have an outlet that most would deem positive in any way.

Species: Human

Powers/Abilities: None, unless you count her advanced writing skills as one

IQ: 121

Backstory: Anne was born into an average family, and, for the most part, had an average life. Not too good, not too bad, so to speak, until she turned nine. Her parents began to fight, sometimes verbally, sometimes physically, and Anne was too afraid to try and intervene. She knew a divorce was coming, but she didn't want it, she had always hoped since the fights began that her parents would make up and the family would stay together. But, her hopes were crushed to dust when she turned eleven, when the divorce papers were signed and she moved with her mother, who had gained full custody of her, away from her father, and into a house in the outskirts of Merrill, Wisconsin. Since then, she hasn't been very happy.

Story: The Consequences of Love (on my profile).

Strengths: Probably her writing

Weaknesses: Physical activity, Ross (her internet friend), her selfishness.


-She has a dog named Kaden that she loves to pieces.

9/13/2015 #241

Totally named after me. ;D

I approve of the character Ann Crosse. Who next?

11/10/2015 #242

Lorilline Hazel Mills and Mikita "Kita" Anna Nylund are approved.

Whoever posted a character that has not been approved of then repost it. I know there are a few but I just want to make sure they still care.

11/10/2015 #243

Full Name: Lucas 'Luke' Alexander Star

Age: 46

Family: Nick Star ( Twin.), John Star ( Nephew), Amanda Star (Niece), Micheal Star ( Nephew), Julia Star ( Sister in-law)

Villain Name: Cerin

Species/ race: Magician/ Meta-human

Appearance: He has blond hair with black streaks in it, black eyes and is clean-shaven. He wears a red hoodie and he is also a small magic wand on the side of his belt. He also has two pistols on his side and a staff on his back. He is somewhat well-built, 6'4 inches tall. He wears dark red jeans. In his villain form, he wears a business suit and a red fedora, blue contacts to change his eye color.

Personality: He is very cold and calculating. He is quite recalcitraint and is a flirt. He is very greedy. His " False persona" is that he is kind and considerate and is well- respected.

What story they come from: A future one.

Powers: He is a master of dark magic. He is also a master of wind magic. He basically has the same amount of super human strength as his brother and has the same advance senses ( except better than his brother.) Energy manipulation. Teleportation and has flight. He has extreme durability.

History: He grew up in a wealthy family,and he did care for the wealth. He was selfish and greedy, When his parents died, Lucas gained all of the money and fortune/ the empire. His brother inherited the house. At age 20, he began training under his mentor. He recently has been planning something dark before he was dragged from his world.

Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): . He is weak to every element except wind.He has to be concentrated to teleport and fly. Loud noises weaken his senses. He gets drained physically by energy manipulation.

Extra: He hates the color black and his brother. He loves/ hates and respects his mentor Robert Knight. He loves women.

11/10/2015 #244

are furries allowed here?

11/10/2015 #245

For Lucas 'Luke' Alexander Star I don't particularly like the idea of a master of two different things so I'm going to consult with The CV.

Also, furries probably are allowed but lemme ask CV first before you submit some.

11/10/2015 #246
Complex Variable

Luke Star is approved. *Stamps approval on him*

As for "furries": as long as you promise to take an RP to private messaging if/when it gets X-rated, then we don't care WHAT your character is like. I'd give my stamp of approval to a character who was nothing more than a large, translucent cube of gelatin that could do nothing but scream.

The moral of the story: we're open minded, and rated T for teens. :3

11/10/2015 . Edited 11/10/2015 #247
okay. thanks! :3
11/11/2015 #248

name: Kira

Age: 12

species: Pixie

height: 4'6"

Weight: 100 lbs.

Appearance: blonde cat girl. short yellow blonde hair. carmine eyes. minimal curves and flat chest. fluffy tail. scrawny. wears a black dress pink and black leggings with simple black boots and finishes it off with an eccentric looking witch hat.

weaknesses/ debilities:

  • childish
  • bratty
  • contemptuous to the point of it being hurtful and cruel
  • Annoying
  • stubborn
  • oversensitive
  • sensitive about her flatter chest
  • naive
  • a tad insecure
  • bad liar

abilities/ powers:

  • extensive knowledge in magic
  • telekinesis
  • precognition
  • hypnosis
  • Astral Projection
  • astral premonition
  • commands magical girl cutie pie rainbows and butteflies kind of magic.
  • practices the Dark Arts
  • Adept at potions

Friends/allies: Maddi, Tepanga, Hatch, Roger, Lindsay, Mordant, Vee An, Roxi Shae, Luxury (at times), Anisha, Hazard, Ashleigh, Torie, Mirai, Leisl Mun, Tina Brody, Perry Caius, Patsy, Arachne, Leto, Porsche (transvetite), Mai the Succubus, Patsy, Solana, Fawnah, Princess Yunanori (at times), Rara Avis,

Enemies: Wily the Terrorist, Thesa, Mezra,

11/11/2015 . Edited 11/29/2015 #249

Full Name: Demetrius Dagan Brice

Nickname: Twiggy, Dagan, Dimi

Age: 16

Grade: 11th grade

Species : Half- Elf/ Half-human. ( Son of Thanatos.)

Appearance: He has black hair that is messy, he has fair skin and has purple eyes. He is six feet tall and has human ears. He wears the first outfit he encountered in our world which consists of a gray leather jacket, a green t-shirt and black jeans. He also wears sneakers and has a scar on his left cheek. He has a book that tells him about important humans and objects. He also wears a broken watch.

Personality: He is very naive and tends not to know what human things and people are. He is also curious and likes to discover new things. Demetrius can also be highly sarcastic if someone mocks him or his kind or family. He is also a very friendly and open person. However, if you get on his bad side, he can be quite unstable and determined to get even with you. He also does enjoy the occasional prank. With his other half finally merged, he is finally stable and has a tendency to get into trouble

Powers/ Abilities: He has arcane magic. Demetrius has some degree of mastery in nature and ice magic, being able to control those two elements quite well. He is very bad at his arcane magic ( which allows him to make objects.) He has learned how to control fire magic and shadow magic a bit. He has never used fel magic. ( As no demon has offered their blood to him.) He can see the death of people when he looks them in the eyes ( however it appears as a random mush of numbers in one instant. So a death date of 01 10 14 will look like 001114. And the date is constantly changing.)

Weakness(Be fair here, it will be observed. Try to give one weakness for every power. If it's something as simple as a werewolf having better smell...that doesn't count as a power): He needs to concentrate to use his magic. His magic is like a drug and if he doesn't use, he suffers from withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fevers and sleep deperviation. He can be killed by iron weapons and guns. Using fel magic turns him twisted and drains his life energy. The more he uses his magic, the more of his mortal soul he loses, turning to insanity. His nature and ice magic can be weakened by fire, shadow by light, fire by water, Arcane by lack of concentration and his fel magic is weak to any holy magic. His god ability makes him very vunerable to all of his other weaknesses.

History: He was born to a 'human' and an elf. He was raised by the elves and his 'mortal' father who he believed was an elf and taught him English. He stumbled across an open portal, after Matt had exploded leaving some traces of his arcane magic for elves to enter this world. As the portal was made by a 'human' ( unlike the elven ones that Demetrius couldn't use, he arrived at Miraculum in the Gardens and then left and arrived at RP High.

Family: Father ( Deceased ( Which isn't a lie because he died) Thanatos , Mother( Unknown elf.)

Extra: He is in denial that he is half- human. Also, for a longer information about the book. It will inform Demetrius about ( real life) famous people and their stories, along with the different types of species he will encounter here. It can't tell anyone's past that he meets at all. He is not a demigod because his father had blocked off his god half when he had sex with his mother. He has learned more about this world, but came here to learn more.

11/13/2015 #250

cty vệ sinh chuyên cung cấp dịch vụ giat ghe sofa tan noi, giat nem tai nha, giặt rèm tận nơi, giat tham trang tri giặt thảm văn phòng tại nhà giá rẻ, chất lượng và uy tín hàng đầu.

1/23/2019 #251

Gaming world

3/18 #252
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