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Welcome to RP High

From this point onward, you are a student at RP high. Yay!

This is a school and nothing but! We will NOT be going anywhere other than school grounds here. But, on the school grounds, there will be a girl's dorm and a boy's dorm. Which is, like, interesting. More information about this rule below.

  • Your character will be free to wear whatever s/he wants as long as it functions as clothing. Don't want some BARE MOONS up in here.
  • School colors are blue and tan. Wear them proudly!
  • School mascot will be a Blue Jay! CAW CAW, BITCHES.
  • If you have a character that isn't between the ages 14 and 18 then you are allowed to come up with excuses why your character is suddenly in a high school. But, ultimately, this scenario is most likely going to help those who have a high school setting for their universe.
  • Students are expected to attend class, but are not required to.
  • Characters are allowed to use their powers in PE, lunch, and free time. Some classes may allow the use of some powers, and the teachers and their restrictions will be stated below.
  • Grade levels are not a thing. Older characters will be in the same class as younger ones so there isn't a point in any of that mumbo jumbo.
  • This is a boarding school. This is a new attachment, but will not disrupt the RP how it is at this point. There is a Boy's Dorm and a Girl's Dorm. They are next to each other but they are separate buildings. Cool, right? This means there is more school grounds and there is more open ground. But, who's to say you can't sneak dorms in the middle of the night?
  • The dorms are three stories. The bottom floor is food/dining. It is essentially another cafeteria. The second and third floor are dorms. On the second floor there is going to be a dorm adviser. You gotta be sneaky now.
  • Those who wish their character(s) to be an adviser should ask in character intro. No questions, really. Just say you want to and we'll probably say yes. Men advisers can be in girl's dorm and women advisers can be in boy's dorm if we need to. I'd prefer the character's gender to match but it doesn't matter.

Your character will be, by default, a student of this scenario unless you ask to be otherwise. Those who are interested in becoming a staff member of the school can ask in the Character Introduction thread. You must state the subject you wish to teach, the character you wish to teach with, and what methods you use to teach with. (More information will be located in the first post of Character Introductions.)


  1. No cybering. You may do that in PMs, not here.
  2. Posts may be written in any POV, tense, or style you want. Here, we do not use the common RP methods, but rather a writer's method where you are literally testing out your writing styles. If using first person, you must start your RP session with (FIRST PERSON - CHARACTER NAME). You should supply dialogue and narrative in your posts. Ex: ["Hello, stranger," John said. He looked warily at the new arrival, letting his hand drift down to his plasma rifle, just in case it would be needed. "What brings you here?" he asked.] Use dialogue to communicate with other users' characters; use narrative to describe your characters' reactions and actions.
  3. Put non-RP comments in parentheses.
  4. No I-have-a-million-powers/overpowered characters allowed. Your characters can be all powerful, but, they cannot use their power to do everything and anything that they want to.
  5. No fighting allowed in this thread. This is just for characters to socialize.
  6. It's considered rude to force other users' characters to do things, instead, lead the other users along by hinting at what you want through third-person commentary. Ex: "Jane looked at John with quivering eyes, wondering if he felt about her the same way that she felt about him." Or "Jack stuck his foot out in Jill's path, ready to trip her.")
  7. If you have to leave, say so in parentheses. Allow the conversation to flow as natural as possible without much interaction from you. This is mainly just characters you've made speaking to one another and other characters.
  8. RP is constricted to the RP high school. You may go to the cafeteria, auditorium, courtyard, classes, boarding dorms, outdoor area between the school, boy's dorm, and girl's dorm. Anywhere else on school grounds is allowed. You may NOT RP in any other place or any character's house.
  9. Anyone can decide whenever they want if it will be the next school day yet. They can't end the day if characters are still playing. An appropriate time to end the day is when the posts have slowed down somewhat and if there really isn't anything else to do. The days can be as short or long as people want. If there aren't teachers around, the students can hang out in the school by themselves. Teachers should post in parentheses when their class will be starting. For example, In five minutes or 5:30 eastern time would be acceptable.
  10. Don't break character!

TEACHERS: [Positions needed]

Admiral Bangle as character Mr. Smith/Death

Subject: Religious Studies

Guidelines: Powers in class are not allowed without the okay from him. Talking is prohibited, but he may not catch you. He's very good at noticing these things. Sometimes "homework" will be given. Some "assignments" will be graded. He will explain things more thoroughly in normal RP.

Kehl-Valentine as character Katczinsky Reinhardt, "Kat"

Subject: German Language and Horticulture

Guidelines: Magical powers are not used. Students are required to finish and hand in projects/homework for grades. Mutual respect, minimal tests/quizzes. iPods etc. can be used upon request, or while doing work. Teacher always available to contact for extra help. She will explain things more thoroughly in normal RP.

Roommates: (In current RP these are the characters sharing rooms)


Anastasia from Annything with Piper from Admiral Bangle

Alexia with Joanna both from Luckycool9


Oliver from Admiral Bangle with Paul from Vincent-ValenKehl

Aeon from Vincent-ValenKehl with Ryan Thorn from Luckycool9

Kyle Knight with James Hunter both from Luckycool9

Matthew with Nathanil Knight both from Luckycool9

Steve Falcon with Colton Blake both from Luckycool9

Seven Falcon with Anthony Carter both from Luckycool9

Ryder from Luckycool9 [roommate open]

Dorm Advisers: [Positions needed]

Boy's Dorm: Luckycool9 as character Jak Thorn

6/28/2013 . Edited 7/29/2013 #1

Alexia entered with her twin brother, Ryan from outside the school courtyard into the school courtyard.

" I brought enough clothes for school," Alexia said.

" I wonder what kids I will meet here," Ryan said, slightly excited.

6/28/2013 . Edited 6/28/2013 #2

"Wassup, mah homies?" Anastasia walks up behind Alexia and Ryan with her violin case in tow. "You guys better dust off your protractors now. School is starting soon!" She gives a gasp of mock horror.

6/28/2013 #3

I wait for a short space to open up in front of me so I can leap off the bus. It's far enough I get a little unbalancey, but I manage to stay on my feet. I look upon my new school. And I'm immediately disappointed.

"Don't look too sad," says Mikki from behind me.

"How do you know how I look? You're behind me."

"It won't be like Saint Brigid's here. But look on the bright side."

I just notice then we're being blocky right in front of the bus door, so that's what all that swearing was about, so I move off into the courtyard. "Good point. I don't have to wear a skirt."

"Yes, that was exactly what I meant. That was torturous."

"And it was plaid, too. Oh my god, could you get any more contrived? Just because we're a Catholic school we had to wear plaid skirts. That's just Catholicy I guess."

I glance back to see Mikki's slight smile, about as expressive as she got. It's good that I'm amusifying, at least. Maybe it was the Catholicy that did it. "I guess."

6/28/2013 . Edited 6/29/2013 #4

"GOD, you two are boring," Anastasia says walking away from Alexis and Ryan. "All I wanted to do was give you friendly advice about protractors and this is how they repay me? THE COLD SHOULDER?"

Anastasia stops talking. She realizes that she's making a big show of yelling this out and people were staring. She's unfazed though, not embarrassed in the least.

6/29/2013 #5

"At least you're not the only crazy one around," mutters Mikki.

"What?" I totally heard what she said, and she knows I did. I'm just being pretendy. Mostly because I know what she's going to say next.

"I said you're cute."

Called it.

6/29/2013 #6

It's the first day of school and Anastasia doesn't have any friends! She can not function in this lonely school like this! Screw the fact that it's been less than five minutes since she came here. She stalks off to a large group of chattering guys and girls. She squeezes her way in between two people. "What's up?"

There is a long silence.

Five seconds pass and still no one is talking.

Anastasia backs away slowly looking at them as if they were the weird ones. Ohhhh-kay? What a bunch of freaks. She hikes her violin case's strap higher on her shoulder and slumps away toward an empty spot under a tree. Fuck those guys.

6/29/2013 #7

It takes me a second to notice Mikki has stopped right in the middle of the path. She's getting blocky again. A few people, with annoyedish expressions on their faces, walk around the two of us. "What is it this time?"

Mikki is staring off in a direction. "It's that girl."

"The crazy girl?"

"So you were paying attention."

"Of course. I see all."

"How could I forget?"

We share a smile. Then I say, "Why do you keep staring? Is she cuter than me?"

Mikki rolls her eyes. "No. Just..." She breaks off, clearly consideringly. "I don't know. I feel something."

I frown. "Feel something? Like magicky something? She has magickiness?"

"I have no idea."

I follow her eyes to a girl out by a tree a dozen or two meters away. "That girl? She is cuter than me."

"She is not."

I come to a decision in a split second. "Come on." I grab her hand and drag a resisty Mikki toward the girl. It takes a little effort to get us there, what with Mikki pulling half-heartedingly against me. Soon we're there. "My girlfriend thinks you're cute," I say immediately.


6/29/2013 . Edited 6/29/2013 #8

Anastasia has a wide smile on her face. First of all, FRIENDS. ACQUAINTANCES. CREEPERS IN THE WINDOW, SO BE IT! Second of all, someone thinks she's cute! Score! Third of all, LESBIANS!

They look like a cute couple to Anastasia. They both have short hair--a total requisite for lesbians, obviously--and, oh my god, look at that short chick's eyes! It's like they're staring into her soul with their... Bigness.

Anastasia gives a little smile that some might interpret as a smirk. "Oh, really? This is not the first time I've heard this. How many times have I already heard this today?" She's totally joking. This is the first time anyone has said that, but she pretends to count her fingers with a wondering look on her face to play along.

6/29/2013 #9

This girl is a little arrogant. But that's okay. As far as I'm concerned, I think she's cute enough to decide to be arrogant. It's like a rule where cute people can be as bitchy as they want as long as their cuteness outweighs the bitchiness. And she has musiciany hands, something I can recognize from watching Skylar. I don't know what it is about musicians that gives them pretty hands. They're all like aritculatedy and graceful and stuffs. What am I thinking?

"I'm sure it's been many times," I say with false seriousness. "How jealous I am of your eye-catchingness."


6/29/2013 . Edited 6/29/2013 #10

The shorter girl looks really uncomfortable. Anastasia almost wants to stop joking around because of how nervous she is. Almost. Joking around is too much fun and now she has friends! Or something close to them! At least someone who you could sit with at lunch on the first day because you're scared and you don't know anyone well enough to sit with them so you sit with these guys. They are THESE GUYS.

"I should probably apologize for my utterly distracting and highly flamboyant body. I should probably even get a paper bag to wear just for a precaution. Wouldn't want to distract anyone so they walk into a pole or something." Anastasia rakes her fingers through her kinky hair and winks in a trying-to-be-a-bad-boy way but really is the I'm-just-joking-around-here way.

But, seriously, she should stop joking around. That short chick looks spooked.

6/29/2013 #11

Mikki looks really uncomfortable. I'm sure in a couple more comments she'll be blushing and covering her face with her hands. Probably in that order. She can get sillily like that sometimes, when anyone but me is being coy and sexy-like. Well, she blushes when I'm being sexy-like too, but that's for a completely different reason.

I think this girl is pretty funny. I actually have to hold in my laughiness so it doesn't ruin the joke. "Hmm," I say, rubbing my chin in thought. "I don't think a bag on your face would really solve the problem. Maybe you need like a bag-suit, a big baggy thing that covers everything." I don't have to look to know that Mikki is rolling her eyes. "Stop that, you."

6/29/2013 #12

Anastasia giggles with the joke, hoping to bring its closure. She is becoming increasingly aware of the nearing aneurism that will inevitably strike the short girl. And maybe she should find out her name so she doesn't accidentally call her 'the short girl' out loud. Anastasia grins. "Anyway, hey, my name's Anastasia. I am a poor little girl stricken with the absence of a bag-suit." She readjusts her violin case's strap subconsciously even though it is perfectly secure on her shoulder.

6/29/2013 #13

Yes, I made a girl giggle. Mission success. I've been sorely lacking in girl giggliness since I stopped going to Saint Brigid's. I miss Allie. "My name's Becca. I am a poor girl stricken with the absence of a musical instrument. And the quiet one is Mikki, a poor girl stricken with her girlfriend flirting with someone else."

Mikki gives me a look. Not a glare, exactly, but it's pretty glarey for her. I wonder if she's annoyed because of the flirting or because she's not used to me being quite so openny about our relationship. "You are not." Okay, number two.

"What are you talking about? Of course I am."

6/29/2013 #14

"It seems as if we all have huge problems in our life at the moment," Anastasia says trying to sound gravely serious, but with a terrible poker face. She stops trying to be serious and breaks the charade almost instantly. A random thought crosses Anastasia's mind. Have they been here longer than her? Maybe they know insider information that they are not divulging to her because of how relaxed she's acting? OH MY GOD THEY NEED TO TELL HER NOW.

"How long have you two been going here? I mean, I know it's a new school year and everything but were you here last year?" They better fucking cough up the insider details. Wait, that probably sounded awfully like a subject change as if all of this flirting bothered her. Which it didn't, because their relationship didn't even seem like THAT type.

... She didn't really know what she meant by that.

6/29/2013 #15

Mikki has a strangeish look on her face again. I wonder for a moment why, but it probably doesn't matter. There are people she gets weird over all the time, and there is never really any rhyme or reason, so I tend to just ignore it. Of course, I guess thinking about it like this isn't really ignoring it. Is thinking about how I'm ignoring something ignoring it? I don't know, I'm confusing myself, I should stop.

"No," I say, "we used to go to Saint Brigid's. Our parents took us out with the craziness that's been going on there, you understand." Or maybe this Anastasia person doesn't watch the news, so she wouldn't understand. Oh well. "Anyway, class is going to start soon, I think, so we're going to go find a quiet place to make out until it does."


"Oh come on, she doesn't care. See you later, Annie!" With my normal energetic wave, I turn to start dragging Mikki somewhere else.

6/29/2013 . Edited 6/29/2013 #16

No, Anastasia did not understand. But, it's not like it mattered anyway. They were already turning to walk away. And, wait, did she just call her 'Annie'? That nickname was kinda a stretch. But cute girls who give you cute nicknames is totally cute, right?

"Uh, okay! See ya later!" She said, waving.

She didn't realize until after they were gone that she forgot to ask if they could have lunch together. Oh well.

6/29/2013 . Edited 6/29/2013 #17

"Why did you do that?"

There has to be a place around here that would work. This school isn't that big. "Do what?"

"Walk away from her like that. You were making friends and everything."

"I would rather make friends with your lips."

I hear a small noise coming from behind me that always accompanies a roll of the eyes. "You and my lips are already well acquainted. They've been good friends for, what, nine months?"

"Um, eight, I think," I mutter, frowning. I can't remember exactly. That party was in October? November? And it was a few weeks after that? Who knows. "What do you care, anyway?"

"I want you to have friends. At least track her down during lunch or something."

"Alright, fine." This looks secluded enough. I turn back to Mikki, giving her my best lechery smile. I'm not sure it's very good, but by her raised eyebrow I can tell I'm communicating something. I don't have to move or say a thing for her to step forward to kiss me. She knows me so well.

(Okay, now I'm going to bed.)

6/29/2013 #18

After getting abandoned by her new... Acquaintances? Friends? Not the point, the point is that now she's lonely and has a good while left before class which she could use to socialize. Which, in teenage world, is fifteen minutes. That's too much time to wait around for with no one to talk to!

She looked around and found only groups of different people, all friends with each other already, and they do not seem like they would take well to a stranger. Sure, she's outgoing, but it just won't WORK on these clique-y bastards. Why couldn't she find some alone person like her?

6/29/2013 #19

Oliver looked up at the door to the high school with an almost determined look. Today he was going to, as his father put it, "make friends and be a normal kid, now get a move on, I'm busy."

He sighed as he reached out for the door handle. It was going to be a rather bad day and he could see that already. Nobody ever likes the new kid, especially when they're an exchange student. He'd have to keep his "powers" in check, or risk being driven out of town like last time.

6/30/2013 #20

Anastasia decided to abandon the failed attempts at socialization, and headed back inside to slump off to her locker. God, why did everyone have so much trouble talking to the new girl? I mean, sure, a lot of people are new at the beginning of the year, but what was so taboo about trying to talk to them? Did they not like her hair? I mean, sure, it can be really frizzy and extremely puffy, but at least she washes it everyday with yummy smelling shampoo. I mean, come on. Two people? She only has two friends/acquaintances/last-ditch-effort-lunch-mate s?

She wasn't looking where she was going what with her contemplation of her sad social life and walked right into a wall of flesh. "Oof." She fell on her knees where they burned with new scrapes and her violin case knocking against the floor. Seeing this, she stands up in a rage to tell this jackass off for hurting her precious instrument.

7/1/2013 #21

Anthony Carter walked into the courtyard. He wasn't a fan of this 'high school' learning, but he needed it to work as his ' normal' personality. He was 25, this 'school' sounded like torture. His ' light half' wasn't here though, he finished school.

7/1/2013 #22

Okay, this is starting to get on my nerves. I reluctantly break away, I was getting turned on enough that I didn't really want it to stop, and frown down at Mikki. "You're not paying attention. You always do this."

At the very least, Mikki looks guiltilicious. I mean, I'm sure she wouldn't look that expressivey to someone who doesn't know her as well as I do, but I can tell. "I'm sorry."

"What are you thinking about anyway?"

"It's this school..." Mikki breaks off, her eyes trailing over the students around them. "Don't you think it's weird?"

"What do you mean?"

"Right, you're a normal person, you wouldn't notice anything." Mikki gives one of her annoying dismissivey shrugs.

I give her a good frown. One of my better frowns. "You're being ipfacentric again." That term was the insider term, the English version, of course. Ipfa was a contraction of ìpíxlússùúfà, which was a complicated religious term for Mikki's magicky people. Who said that language class wouldn't be handy? It was the accepted term for the general attitude common among magicky peoples. Mikki slips into it sometimes. And it's annoying.

"I don't mean to be." Mikki looks even guiltiliciouser. "This school just feels different. The people here..." She breaks off again, shaking her head to herself. "There's magick here. But magick I understand even less than usual. It's different somehow." Now she looks back to me. "You weren't really paying attention either. What were you thinking about?"


Mikki's such a good person. She doesn't even seem to be bothered that I was thinking about a different girl while making out with her. I mean sure, I don't think of Allie sexual-like (most of the time), but still. "You can text her, right? She just a keyboard away."

"It's not the same. We should be sharing a room again." My mind flicks back to the past. Allie and I met at Saint Brigid's in freshman year. We instantly became best friends, it's really funny how that kind of thing works sometimes. She's just...I don't know how to say it. She was just such a great person. We were roommates sophomore and junior year. But then I had to fucking leave. I miss her, so much it hurts.

"I know." Mikki doesn't say any more, she just pulls me into a hug. I melt into her, trying to find a center of warmth and comfort that can melt through my melancholiness. Melancholy is a good word, isn't it? "You know, we should probably get to class," she says after a little while.

"Two more minutes," I say, pulling myself tighter into her.

7/2/2013 #23

Anastasia opens her mouth, her vocal chords ready to sound as intimidating as possible in vengeance for her precious instrument, but stops right when her eyes lock onto the guy. She takes a step back, fear seizing her and adrenaline causing a sickeningly fast heart beat. What is up with this guy? He's so freaky. His eyes an unnatural green, a jagged scar on his head, a weird demonic looking necklace around his neck. And he's so fucking pale. Talk about a white boy.

"Uh... Uh, s-sorry." She yanked up her violin case and hauled ass with her thick hair covering her face. Now she's running in the opposite direction of her class. She ducks into a generic hallway of classes, leaning against the wall as soon as she's out of sight. She's so shaky she has to sink to the floor to calm down. No one is here yet--not even the teachers--so her heavy breaths echo around her chillingly.

Why did he have such an... evil aura? Lucifer's spawn, no doubt.

Hopefully she won't run into him again. She didn't think she could take any more eye contact than what she just got.

7/2/2013 . Edited 7/2/2013 #24

Oliver stared after the violin girl. he hadn't even had a chance to ask her name, talk about an awkward introduction. He wondered what that had all been about, seemingly oblivious to the possibility that she might have seen through his disguise. Had he forgotten his contacts? That would certainly be bad, old red eyes going round scaring the girls. If he was going to start afresh here, he'd need a friend, and she might have been a candidate if not for what had just happened. He resolved to find her and apologise....for whatever he had done.

With a hurried pace he took off after her, and tucked his father's necklace into his shirt.

7/2/2013 #25

Anthony stared at the children around him. There seemed to be an interesting dynamic here. There was the defective psychic, the girl with electricity, the strange girl with the violin, the demon child and that strange lesbian couple.

7/2/2013 #26


Oliver continued to run down the hall, hoping that An(n)astasia might try to through a poster at him so he could get her attention.

7/2/2013 . Edited 7/2/2013 #27

Ryan was standing in the hallway when he noticed the boy barreling through, seeming to chase something. He was curious, since he had not seen the boy before. He stepped into the boy's path.

7/2/2013 #28

Oliver ran into a wall made out of something fleshy. It smelled funny, like a human. As he collapsed to the ground he felt an anger well up inside him, but summoned as much strength as he could to hold it in. Apparently, nothing was going right today. First, violin girl runs off and twat-face-mcdoodle-dick just happens to walk out in front of him. He couldn't wait to see what would happen next, bastard was probably planning to dunk him in the toilet or something (or just hold a friendly conversation, either or) and if he did Oliver wasn't sure if he could hold his "rage" in for much longer.

7/2/2013 #29

Ryan noticed that the boy seemed to be, what was the term his father told him? Bottling up anger, he called it.

" Sorry, I was jut wondering who you were," Ryan said.

7/2/2013 . Edited 7/2/2013 #30
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