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All eyes turned to Nathaniel.

7/22/2013 #331
Kat looked up at him with his same friendly smile. "Sit wherever you'd like to, there's an empty seat right there in the second row." He could tell the boy was fearful, but he wasn't certain of what. Must not be a people person...
7/22/2013 #332

"Okay," Nathaniel said, taking the seat to the right of Steven Falcon and to the left of Kyle Knight.

7/22/2013 #333
Kat softly sighed to himself and looked over his class, what was he thinking? He only hoped that he could teach these kids a few things. He was not a teacher at all so these kids may have something to look forward to. "Alright....well it looks like we're all here, um....I suppose I should tell you my name. I'm Kat. Just Kat, no mister Kat, Sir Kat, just Kat. Just so we can all get on to a one on one basis."
7/22/2013 #334

" Hi, I'm Steven Falcon. I know what you are going through," Steven said.

" You been to more then one school and has brother your parents cared more about?" Nathaniel asked.

" Yes, actually," Steven said. Nathaniel smiled. Maybe today won't be so bad.

7/22/2013 #335

Razorclaw looked at Anthony Carter and growled.

" Shh, Razorclaw, he hasn't noticed you," James said.

( For the sake of your sanity, Alexia has a panther named Mr.Muffins who is hiding in the shadows( his gift), James has a snake-dog and Ryan has a small pet dragon.)

7/22/2013 #336
Kat's enhanced hearing picked up the growlin sounds and he followed the sound swiftly to the source of it, revealing....a strange looking dog sort of thing. "What....exactly is that? Are you students even allowed to have pets in here?" Not knowing the school rules yet, Kat flipped through paperwork trying to find the answer to his own question.
7/22/2013 #337

" Well, its a snake-dog," James said. At the worst moment, Mr. Muffins lost his shadow power and stood behind Kat.

" Mr. I like Muffins, I think you should go to the right," Alexia said.

7/22/2013 #338

Aquaslasher peeped out of Ryan's pocket. " Boy, can this be bad," he said. He burrowed deep into the pocket.

7/22/2013 #339

The panther slid right and huddled behind Nathaniel's desk.

"This can't be good," Alexia muttered.

7/22/2013 #340
".....A snake dog? I don't think there's such a thing as that....What? Mister I like muffins? What are you talking about?" Becoming very confused about what his students were talking about and glances behind him to see what the girl had been looking at. It was already getting interesting and an hour hadnt even passed.
7/22/2013 #341

Nathaniel sneezed, making the panther accidently cut into his back, deep enough that it should have hurt or wounded him fatally.

(This is Nate's unique power.)

7/22/2013 . Edited 7/22/2013 #342

Nathaniel was bleeding out of his back, as the panther gave a very loud whimper.

(Off to bed, Night Val!)

7/22/2013 . Edited 7/22/2013 #343
(Night Lucky :3 my wifi had crashed:/ so I would've responded faster)
7/22/2013 #344

Mr. Smith did some stuff that was relevant to the RP.

7/23/2013 #345

" Alexia, your cat just wounded another person," Ryan said.

7/23/2013 #346

" I thought we didn't count the first one," Alexia said.

" No, you don't count the first one," Ryan said.

7/23/2013 #347

Anastasia decided to skip class even though she figured out what her next class was going to be. She didn't want to be in the courtyard. Not at all. She slowly walked around and decided to plop down at the cafeteria tables. She put her violin on top of the table instead of under. She rest her head on her violin case. She got the good kind of case. She got a leather one. Sure, it's pretty worn down and there's a part in the strap that's getting close to the fatal little rip that would never stop until it split the entire strap. She wouldn't know what to do when that happened. This strap and case have been with her for a long time now. She's grown attached.

7/23/2013 . Edited 7/23/2013 #348
Kat's eyes widened at the sight of the boy bleeding, walking swiftly over and immediately applying pressure. What had done-A cat? He glared at it for it to move out of the way, nudging it hard with his foot. "Get! I don't know what kind of craziness this is, but a wound like this is very serious! Stay calm, everything will be alright"
7/23/2013 #349

Mr. Muffins scurried over to Alexia. Nathaniel, felt it. His body was doing the only thing it could do. It was quickly healing itself.

7/23/2013 #350

" I'm okay," Nathaniel said, as his body had already regenerated the lost skin. Sadly, the same could not be said for a fourth of his shirt.

7/23/2013 #351
Advanced healing...? What was this child? Another genetic creation of a super solider serum? His ability reminded him of Grace and minorly of himself, although he couldn't heal that well, he was much like a normal human when it came to that. Leaning back on the teachers desk, he sighed, rubbing his face with his I bloodied hand. "So how many of you here are....gifted?"
7/23/2013 #352

Everyone looked at each other, Steven finally stood up.

" I don't," he said.

7/23/2013 #353
(I don't? I don't what?)
7/23/2013 #354

Steven wasn't quite sure if Kat knew what he meant.

" I don't have any powers, my family does," Steven said.

7/23/2013 #355
"Thank you, at least you have the courage to say something." Kat smiled at him and motioned for him to sit back down in his seat, then started to pace slowly at the front of the room. " that I know what I'm dealing with, I should lay down some rules then."
7/23/2013 #356

Ryan had a good feeling about this, for once. He sighed as he leaned on the chair and felt another vision coming on.

"Hey, Nathaniel, what else can you do?" Steven asked.

" Just that, only that, Nathaniel said.

7/23/2013 #357

Steven sat down.

7/23/2013 #358
"Alright, well first thing's first, I don't want anyone using their powers actively in my class. Or in horticulture alright? I don't think that's too hard to ask of you guys. Secondly, any animals will need to be kept under control at all times. Does that seem fair to all of you?"
7/23/2013 #359

Someone flickered into view, a tiny pop heard as he suddenly displaced the air around him. He dropped down to his knees, supported only by one arm. Sweat glistened brightly on his forearm. His teeth were bared, his breathing heavy and his old-fashioned button-shirt torn, his left suspender snapped. He was bleeding from several wounds--some looking rather severe--but others looked like they were beginning to heal themselves--slowly at first and then hastening as they came closer to being mended. The air around him was blurry, distorted almost, and there was a faint glow permeating the space near him.

7/23/2013 #360
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