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Paul was about to get undressed, since Oliver had left the room, when he heard someone yelling super loudly: BOYS DORM BOYS DORM. Annoyance quickly followed him as the voice continued and then it clicked in that this was a girl's voice. Eh? Why was there a girl in the boy's dorm? He would have figured it wouldn't have been allowed, but that wasn't really his problem and he exactly wasn't going to do anything about it. He'd leave that for someone else to do. Shouldering back on his hoodie, he poked his head out into the hall and saw the overly loud girl and another following after her, and awkwardly walked out of the door, a shy smile on his face.
7/29/2013 #541
Aeon was in the middle of putting away his clothes in the small dresser across from his bed when he heard the commotion outside the room. Sounded like a bunch of girls suddenly arrived, he wasn't sure exactly. He blushed a little at the thought of them being in the dorm, but he doubted they would like him. What girl would like a girlish boy that liked to wear red lipstick and nail polish? But he peeked out to see anyways.
7/29/2013 #542

Ryan heard something. Were there girls in the boys dorm? How strange.

7/30/2013 . Edited 7/30/2013 #543

Anastasia noticed more timid boys coming out at her loud exclamation. "Oh my god, HI!" She danced over and kinda hopped into a group with everyone in it, not really sure where we would go with this. She hoped that they could do some sort of really outrageous party type things. She didn't see any authority around, so it seemed like a perfect idea.

7/30/2013 . Edited 7/30/2013 #544

Alexia arrived at the boy's dorm. She had party supplies and her father was nowhere in sight

Nathaniel finally finished his last bit of tinkering. The Genetic Information Learning Basic Emotions Rarely Thought of by robots was done. He just had to test it.

The little robot blinked to life. " Are you my father?" the little robot asked. Nathaniel wondered if he had made it too human.

" Yes."

" What is my name?" It asked. Nathaniel paused for a second. He couldn't call it by its robot name, he didn't want to frighten the thing.

" Gilbert," he finally answered.

7/30/2013 #545
Paul nearly grimaced when the loud girl bounced on over. Why did they have to decide to visit at one in the morning? GAHH, he wanted to sleep but he didn't open his mouth to protest though. The smile grew a little and he fidgeted with his hands before shoving them into his pockets. "Um...hi." Awkward smile but he meant to be friendly.
7/30/2013 #546

Piper skipped after Anastasia and pushed in front of her. She held her hand out to Paul with a wide smile. "The name's Piper!" she announced. "We just came over to see if any of the boys wanted to pratake in some partay!"

7/30/2013 #547
Oh. Oh oh oh. A party. He blushed a little while looking down at Piper's hand. He wasn't very good with planning parties and he was a wall flower when it came to participating in them too. Paul smiled and took her hand softly in his. "Hi Piper...I'm Paul. N-nice to meet you."
7/30/2013 #548

Piper shook his hand excitedly. "Hey, so you wanna grab Ollie and head back to our dorm?" Piper asked. She suddenly realised that that sounded like an invitation for icky activities.

"I mean, for the party. Y'know, with dancing..."

7/30/2013 #549
"Ah, y-yeah! Sure, uh yeah, let me go get him." Geez he was so awkward. Stuttering and stumbling over words over a girl he had just shaken hands with. They didn't even know each other and he was crushing already? Frig. This would be a long school year. Paul couldn't stop smiling and felt a little giddy. Now where was Oliver?
7/30/2013 #550

Piper smiled and watched Paul wander off. Oliver was watching, trying to make light of the situation. Slumber party? Socialising? Oh well, at least he knew these people-ish. Paul seemed cool enough. Still though,

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

7/30/2013 #551

Anastasia was still dancing around doing pirouettes and then jumped over to Piper with a way too happy expression. "Okay, so what's the plan for the party? Anyone got any sort of drugs or alcohol or thongs?" She looked at Piper expectantly. These what were always at her parties back home.

7/30/2013 #552

"I, err, no. I sincerely hope you're joking," Piper replied, taken slightly off guard. NO DRUGGY NO. "I brought a load of sweets and chocolates with me though, that good enough for you?"

Please say yes, please say yes, don't go searching for someone's inhaler or something....

7/30/2013 #553

Anastasia straightened up. "Whaaaat? We don't got no drugs? How are we supposed to have a party then? No one brought drugs with them? Man, this is so whack."

7/30/2013 #554

"Um, are you okay?" Piper asked. DRUGGY ALERT! "Look, we can just make do with what we have, 'kay!"


7/30/2013 #555
got any sort of drugs or alcohol or thongs?


The embodiment of the nerd stereotype walked over in an out of canon sort of way. He stroked his neck beard and said in a dishevelled voice, "I brought some thongs guys," and began to froth at the mouth.

Mr. Smith just happened to walk past him and he just happened to die. I wonder why?


7/30/2013 . Edited 7/30/2013 #556

Anastasia grins. "Sure, I'm okay. I'm just used to parties with all of those things. It's kinda weird being in a party without them..." She trails off as if she's disappointed. She perks up to add, "Okay, I'm cool with this. A party is a party, right? Even if it is a party that is designed for six year olds!"

7/30/2013 #557

Piper shook her head. "You don't need to get high for a fucking party girl, c'mon. Let's grab some boys and get going!" she said excitedly. She was allowing herself to be caught up in the moment. Maybe she'd found a place here. She was certainly enjoying herself for the first time in ages.

7/30/2013 #558

Maybe Piper is right. Anastasia shouldn't always be hanging around a bunch of druggies and doing the occasional weed, E, crack, acid, and all dat shit. Mostly she just watches though. She's known as a clean and proper white bitch. But, getting away from that kind of life was a reason why she came here. She shouldn't be trying to slump back into her "normal." "Okay! A party is a party no matter where it is and what is there!" She jumps a little getting more and more excited. "We could gather up all the boys, get some music playing, and dance the night away! Do you have any other ideas?" She bounces more and more in her sneakers.

7/30/2013 #559

"I dunno. Oh my God, have you ever played truth or dare!?"

(I haz a headache so if my quality of writing plummets that is why)

7/30/2013 #560

"Well, duh I've played Truth or Dare," Anastasia says, rolling her eyes. "It's something everyone does at one point!" She turns around to face everyone else. "HEY, EVERYONE GET IN A CIRCLE, WE ARE GOING TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" She says this unnecessarily loud and plops right on the ground to sit criss cross apple sauce. Because she likes fruit.

Once she gets everyone into a circle she starts trying to explain the rules. "Okay, so, Truth or Dare is really easy in rules, but some things you have to do will make this game seem really, really hard. You will get asked by someone Truth or Dare. Anyone can ask anybody, and the person who answers the question will get to ask Truth or Dare next. If you choose truth, then the person asking will be asking a question that the person must answer honestly. If you choose dare then you will be dared to do something and you HAVE to do it... Any questions?" She smiles mischievously.

7/30/2013 #561

Matthew had snuck out of the room. He sighed, as he walked across the dorm's roof. Jak walked up onto the roof.

" Are you okay,boy?" Jak asked. Matthew jumped, frightened by the sudden appearance of the dorm's advisor.

" F-f-f-fine," Matthew quickly lied.

" Okay," Jak said,as he left. Matthew followed strangely, it felt right.

7/30/2013 #562
Paul had hung back quietly watching Piper and the really loud girl with curiousity. Where did his room mate go? And did he really want to get the poor guy invloved in this weird scenario and crazy girl. Meh....if he wanted to join, he could come over and see for himself. He wasn't going to forcefully drag the guy here, not that he really wanted to be here either but he stayed out of curiousity. Paul sat down when the loud girl asked people to with a grin. Truth or dare eh? Made him nervous but seeing others reactions were always interesting. "Who's...going to go first?"
7/30/2013 #563

Matthew walked by, there seemed to be a party of sorts going on.

" W-w-what are you d-d-doing?" Matthew asked, one of the guys.( Paul)

7/30/2013 #564
Aeon glanced back at his room mate, Ryan, who didn't seem too interested in the girls out in the hall. It wasn't anything spectacular about it either but maybe this was a little chance to get to know some people, despite his quiet nature. So he silently slipped from his door into the circle, sitting beside the louder girl while pursing his red lips.
7/30/2013 #565
Paul looked up, as he waited for an answer from the loud girl to a nervous sounding boy that had just walked up. "Uh....I don't...really know for sure?"
7/30/2013 #566

"O-o-okay," Matthew replied.

7/30/2013 #567

Anastasia starts giggling really evilly and in the back of her throat so she sounds really weird and uncrosses her criss cross apple sauce to kick her feet in the air while rolling onto her back.

She composes herself quickly because that is a weird thing to do. "Heehee, anyway, let's play! I'll be the one asking first so you guys can see what I'm talking 'bout." She dramatically makes herself appear as if she's trying to get into a more comfortable position. "Okay...." She looks around the room. Many of the people here she didn't know much about. She vaguely knew some of the people hanging around Alexia, yet she didn't even know Alexia that well either. She knows her name, so that's something. She knew Oliver and Piper though. That's really pathetic so have only two friends but it is only the first day! Well, if we want to be technical, it's the second day because of the striking of midnight. Who gave a shit about the technicalities though?

"Oliver! I choose you!" She throws an imaginary pokeball but it looks kind of weird what with it not being real and stuff. "Okay, so...."

*cue dramatic pause*

"How many times have you barged into a room that is exclusively for girls? Or, like, how many times you've walked in on her naked or something. Along those lines, basically. But, I want a true number so cough it the fuck up."

7/31/2013 . Edited 7/31/2013 #568

Oliver stared at Anastasia. "You bitch!" shouted Piper, suddenly turning pathetically hostile. "How dare you insinuate that Ollie would ever do such a thi-"


Piper looked at Oliver. "Explain!"

"Once when I arrived and followed Anastasia into the wrong bathroom. I didn't know, honest! And then when I went into the girl's dorm thinking it was ours. I swear, they were both accidents."

Oliver turned to Anastasia. "And that last part. Never."

Piper chuckled to herself about their first meeting. That hadn't been his fault though, it was his room after all. If anything it was his dad's fault for not.... "collecting" her.

Thank God for that, Piper thought to herself.

7/31/2013 . Edited 7/31/2013 #569

Oliver looked at her triumphantly. "My turn," he told her. "How many times have you done the same? Because...err...I bet you have!"

Suddenly, he realised how weak of a retaliation that was.

Piper pushed him out of the way. "Someone else have a go while he thinks of something interesting to say!"

She didn't want him embarrassing himself further.

7/31/2013 #570
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