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Anastasia giggles as how flustered the two of them gotten. She thought it was kind of cute, actually. Except Piper called her a bitch, but that's just her pet name. It's such a funny coincidence that she gave it to her as well!

Except her bitch had a white tacked in front of it.

Anastasia raised an eyebrow at Oliver's first attempt at the question. That was kinda impossible to answer what with all of the times that happened. Except no one cared unlike Oliver's situation. Her friends were kinda.... Very different than what people are here.

Everyone kinda looks around, not really going to answer. It kinda felt that Anastasia and Oliver and Piper were the only people here which is more exciting than a whole group for some reason. She bounces at that bubbly giddy feeling. This is so much fun. For the first time since she came here for a new start and for a proper education, she's having fun. She likes this. Almost as much as her friends back home... It was hard to choose who. They were so different that comparing was pretty fucking hilarious.

"Well, I can't go again, guys. One of you gotta take it until those other people stop being pussies."

7/31/2013 . Edited 7/31/2013 #571

Piper crossed her arms and pouted. "Well, fine. Hmm, lets see." She giggled at the thought of putting Anastasia in a very weird situation. "Your lover has been magically transformed into an animal, and the only way to restore your lover is to mate with them." She said, laughing to herself. "Here's the question: Which animal would cause you the least psychological damage?"


7/31/2013 #572

Anastasia starts laughing REALLY hard. Like, snorting, rolling on the floor, making a laughter that could probably be heard from the school building.

Well, yeah, it's an exaggeration but it's really loud, okay?

Once her laughter fades out to little giggles she gets back to the game. "Okay, I would never have A lover. I have many that are at my disposal and I have no emotional attachment to any. So, I probably wouldn't care if they turned into some useless animal thing. But it's a fun question anyway." She hmmmmmmms, trying to think. "Well, dogs, no matter how cute they are, are very disgusting to be fucked by. Have you ever seen a dog dick? They get boners all the time. Woof woof. Dolphins are interesting. I don't know how they mate or anything so it could be horrific. But... what about BIRDS?" She claps her hands and wiggles more in excitement. "My answer shall be birds."

7/31/2013 #573

Piper laughs and Oliver shakes his head. "Whatever you say," Piper says. "Well I suppose its your turn now..."


7/31/2013 #574
Paul sat silently, listening to the blab on and on, smiling at their answers. And he noticed that Aeon was here and gave him a smile, grinning now with a mischievous thought. Who's turn was it again? Oliver's? He couldn't remember, he was too busy pretending to be invisible so that no one picked him. And it seemed to be working for him at the moment. Dont let me have to do some awkward dare
7/31/2013 #575

"Hello? Are you even listening to me?" Piper asked, glaring at Anastasia. She pouted again and looked at Paul. "You!" she shouted, pointing her finger at him. "Truth, or dare?"

7/31/2013 #576
His eyes widened at the point, as if it was a lethal weapon or something. Okay, truth or dare? Truth was usually safer but so far everyone had done truth. "Dare?" He hoped that he wouldn't regret this decision, though he wouldn't keep his hopes up. It'd probably be something super weird or embarassing.
7/31/2013 #577

Piper smiled a false smile, as she realised she hadn't actually thought of a truth or dare in advance. She'd expected to just come up with something spontaneously, but look how that turned out. "I dare you to..." she looked around the room for some sort of prompt. "Aha! I dare you to kiss him!" Piper says triumphantly, pointing in Aeon's direction.


7/31/2013 #578

His entire body FROZE. The dare....the dare was the most embarrassing one he could think of. HOW WAS HE GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS ONE?! He had to kiss his best friend, hekdkdkdkfkd, he buried his face in his hands. Though, loop hole! She didn't say he had to kiss Aeon on the lips....sooooo....he could just do a peck on the cheek. "A-alright. Sorry, Aeon." As quick as he could, he crawled over to Aeon and gave the little peck then scrambled back to his see. His heart was pounding. "DONE."

Aeon couldn't believe this dare either, and he didn't know what to say or react to that. Instead, he just shyly looked down and waited for it to be over with.

7/31/2013 #579

Piper started to laugh uncontrollably. She was on the floor in a fit of giggles while Oliver watched and tried to hold back his own laughter. He wished he could be as outgoing as her, he really did. But still, it was Paul's turn now, and he bet he would get Piper back.

7/31/2013 #580
Paul gulped, his face an embarassing shade of red as he looked over at Piper. She thought this was terribly funny and it'll probably hit him to be funny later on, but right now, he was as embarrassed as anything. "Okay....Truth or dare, Piper?" If she picked dare, he would need to think of something super embarrassing back.
7/31/2013 #581

Piper sat up and placed her hands on her hips, giving a confident look. "Just to add a little more excitement, I choose dare!" She arched her back and looked down at Paul smugly. This was going to be fun!

7/31/2013 #582
Paul sat and thought of a dare. It had to be something totally embarassing...he would get her back from doing that to him and it could possibly turn into a daring war. Could be fun, he just hoped she wouldn't do specifics on him, that could be bad. "I dare you to wear your bra on your head for the rest of the game....if you're wearing one." It was night so she might not wear one right now. "And if not, the your underwear."
7/31/2013 #583

"What? You-" Piper glared at him. "Fine!" she shouted. She ran over to the bathroom and came out with her bra sat on top of her head. "I swear to God, if any of you look down my nightie I'll kill you all!"

7/31/2013 #584
It was Paul's turn to giggle uncontrolably, his revenge worked just right on her. He smiled triumphantly and teasingly at her, looking up at her bra on her head. It fit just nicely on her head, and it made him blush involuntarily. "It works as a great hat xD Who's turn is it now?"
7/31/2013 #585

Oliver shifted uncomfortably. "Me, I guess." He didn't really know what to say. He wasn't very good at this game. He thought for a moment. He remembered something he'd heard in passing. Someone had been playing would you rather. That could be adapted here. Then again, that was only for a truth. He couldn't think of a dare, so he just had to hope nobody would choose it.

"So, Paul's friend, sorry I don't know your name, truth or dare?"

7/31/2013 #586
Aeon gave him a friendly smile, a small wave in hello. "Aeon. Um, I think I'm going to try truth." His quiet voice left it something to be strained to be heard. He wasn't comfortable yet to try out a dare and he was a little nervous about acting out one. Who knew what the next dare could be?
7/31/2013 #587

"Okay then. Would you rather, ahem, do your girlfriend in your mother's body. Or do your mother in your girlfriend's body?"


7/31/2013 #588
(I gotta go for a little BangBang, I'll be back later)
7/31/2013 #589

(Burr burr)

7/31/2013 #590

Alexia finally arrived at the truth and dare session. She had brought some snacks with her.

7/31/2013 #591
Aeon sat there, not really sure how to answer that. It was a weird question and either answer wouldn't be good, he didn't even have a girlfriend to apply to this question. So his answered with a small shrug with a blush on his face.
8/1/2013 #592

"Oh, are you kidding me!?" Piper shouted, folding her arms and pouting. "Everyone else plays the game, and you give us a damn shrug? Come on, what are you? Chicken?"

8/1/2013 #593

"THE RULES ARE CLEAR. YOU ARE FORCED TO DO IT AND IF YOU DON'T THEN WE HAVE A GIANT DILDO AND WE AREN'T AFRAID TO USE IT," Anastasia says somewhat coming back from her weird silence sleeping thing.

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Oliver turned to look at Anastasia with a blank expression. "We do?"


8/1/2013 #595
Paul winces at her loudness, trying to stop rolling his eyes at her. Okay so maybe she was getting a little annoying, but she didn't have to react like that either. He smiled at Aeon encouragingly, knowing what an awkward question this was. "You can say pass you know. Haha!" At least he thought you could do that. He didn't know if it was in the rules or not. "Calm down..."
8/1/2013 #596

Aeon's eyes widened at the loud girl. He doubted that she had a giant dildo with her, who carries a gun around anyways?? His shoulders were again about to go into a shrug before his stopped the gesture. "Neither?"

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Piper grumbles to herself. "Y'know what, fuck it." She stands and walks over to Aeon. Standing over him, she folds her arms and fixes him with a glare. "If you don't stop beating around the bush here, I will eat your babies."

8/1/2013 #598

Paul gave a snort at her response. Geez. What she on, her period? Whatever it was, she was high strung about something. Plus...Aeon didn't have babies? This was becoming a messed up truth or dare game. "Calm down, bra head. Just give him a second to answer the question..."

Aeon looked up at her, his quiet self wanted to shift away but he felt as though he was stuck in place. She was actually kind of scary...."I...I guess girlfriend in mothers body...."

8/1/2013 #599

"Since he doesn't have babies are you referring to his balls which may create many many children?" Anastasia kept a blank face but wanted to laugh really really bad.

8/1/2013 #600
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