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"Bra head! I- Goddammit- you- fine, you win." She turns to look down at Aeon. "Not a bad choice. At least you're technically not doing incest." She sits back down next to Anastasia with a smile. "Your turn Aeon!" she says, winking at him.

8/1/2013 . Edited 8/1/2013 #601

"OH MY GOD YOU JUST ADMITTED TO FUCKING YOUR MOM. THAT IS SO SCANDALOUS." Anastasia then proceeded to rofl and every time she looked at Piper she rolf'd again because her bra was on her head and it was funny. She tries to compose herself but, you know, Anastasia is never a composed girl.

8/1/2013 #602

Aeon blushed deeply at Piper's wink and even more at Anastasia's reaction, he was both embarassed and flustered about the whole thing. He tapped his finger on his lower lip. "I don't have any ideas. Maybe some one else should go?" He wasn't sure who he was aiming the question at, so he sat back at waited.

8/1/2013 . Edited by TheOneAndOnlyBangBang, 8/1/2013 #603

"I think Anastasia should take this one," Piper says, sliding back and allowing her to take the limelight.


8/1/2013 #604

(Is Anastasia asking or being asked?)

8/1/2013 #605

(Anastasia should ask, seeing as Val has gone. I'll edit some posts or something so the RP doesn't look like it just punched the concept of continuity in the face)

8/1/2013 #606

Anastasia points out her finger unnecessarily close to Oliver and Piper's faces. "Everyone else has gone really quiet and embarrassed so it is you two." She moves her finger back and forth. "Eeny meany minny moe, catch a tiger by a toe, and if he hollars let him go, Eenny meany miny.... MOE!"

It lands on Oliver because the narrator thinks she already asked Piper. Plus she's already wearing a bra on her head so it can't really get better.

"OLIVER!" Anastasia screams because it's fun to scream in a place where there are no rules. "TRUTH OR DARE?"

8/1/2013 . Edited 8/1/2013 #607

TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT. "I choose dare, just because it's unfair on Piper if I don't."


8/1/2013 #608

" So, I wonder where my brother has gone," Nathaniel said.

" Brother?" Gilbert asked, in confusion.

" Oh, I forgot. You don't know about other family yet. Your brother is a person you are close too," Nathaniel said.

" Brother, must be found," Gilbert said.

" Yes, my parents told me to watch him," Nathaniel said.

Matthew looked confused. The others seemed to be doing a strange game.

" Are you going to join?" Alexia asked.

" M-m-me?" Matthew asked. Alexia looked at how nervous the boy was. He looked strange.

" Yes, you," Alexia said.

" Not really," Matthew replied.

8/2/2013 . Edited 8/2/2013 #609

Brandon walked into the courtyard. This was his new school. As long as he could be ignored, he would be fine.

8/4/2013 #610

Brandon couldn't find the dorm rooms, just great. Well,actually it was. No people meant no one could expose his weakness.

8/8/2013 #611

Jason stared at the school building. It was black and white, or at least to him it was. There was the gray concrete and the dorms, the beautiful dorms. He walked towards them.

8/10/2013 #612

Alexia stared at the strange boy. They had been sitting there for what seemed like days, but was actually ten minutes.

" What is your name?" Alexia finally asked the boy.

" Me?" Matthew asked, confused.

" Yes, you. There are only the others over there," Alexia said.

" M-M-Matthew," he finally said.

" Alexia," she said back. Matthew was taken aback. He had made a friend.

8/12/2013 #613

Nathan walked into the school yard. It was dark, nearly 1AM. Why did he get invited to this strange school? Why?

Maybe, it is for the best," Nathan thought. He did have something controlling him, maybe he would learn something from them.

8/12/2013 #614

Ryan stared at his sister. Was she making a friend? It certainly looked that way.

8/12/2013 #615

" So, how old are you?" Alexia asked.

" F-f-f-fourteen," Matthew answered, quite shy.

" Wow, you are two years younger than me," Alexia said.

8/14/2013 #616

Zane walked into the courtyard. He hadn't exactly finished his high school degree, even though he was roughly twenty or so years old. He stared at the paper and noticed that there was an abundance of students and a creepy duo of dorm rooms. Guess one of them was the boy's dorm.

8/16/2013 #617

Zane stared at the three kids in front of them. They seemed to be deciding to figure out which one was the boy's dorm. He wasn't quite sure himself, but now was the 'perfect' time to make friends.

8/22/2013 #618

Trevor walked into the courtyard. He looked at the dorms, they seemed strange to him. He guessed he should figure out which one was the boy's.

8/23/2013 #619

Joanna stared at the dorm room doors. There was no sign of her roommate. She left the dorm rooms and saw five guys. Was she going to get mugged? All of them seemed lost in their own thoughts though. She carefully maneuvered through the courtyard and collided with one of the guys.

" I'm am so sorry, I'm Joanna, who are you?" Joanna asked./

" Brandon, now if you don't mind, could you move?" the kid in the black cloak said. This kid was a jerk and Joanna slinked past him. He grabbed her arm.

" Actually, could you tell me which one is the boy's dorm, Please?" He asked, the last word seeming forced and like it could kill him.

" The one I am going towards," Joanna said.

8/23/2013 #620

Anthony sighed, as his great roommate, the jerk known as Seven was fiddling with his hands. He noticed that this Joanna chick was quite happy, and some guy was following her. He hoped he was a jerk, like Seven. He believed he loved this girl, was that even possible? He was a killer, a dark man, could he love? He closed the door and went to go and meet her.

8/23/2013 #621

Alexia stared at Matthew. This was getting awkward for her. He was such a sweet kid, but she did need a friend.

" Do you have any family?" Alexia asked.

" J-j-just my b-b-brother, who r-r-really d-d-doesn't like me and my dog," Matthew replied,as the dog called Lucky went onto Matthew's lap.

" Cool, I have a pet panther," Alexia said.

" I-i-isn't that d-d-dangerous?" Matthew asked.

" He is harmless," Alexia said, with a smile.

8/23/2013 #622

Iava walked quietly into the lunch room and sat in the corner of the large room with her lunch.

10/12/2013 #623

Alexia and Matthew walked into the cafeteria. The school looked so creepy at night.

" W-w-who is that in the c-c-corner?" Matthew asked.

" I don't know, I guess we should ask her," Alexia said.

10/12/2013 #624

(Yay finally here!) Iava sat down to read her small spell book at lunch.

10/12/2013 #625

Alexia and Matthew approached stared at the girl from a distance.

Cole Blake looked at the girl in the corner. He approached her.

" What is your name?" Cole asked Iava.

10/12/2013 #626

Ryan felt the coldness of this season. The air in the courtyard was brisk. Where have all the teachers gone? It seems so strange, he thought.

12/1/2013 #627

Oliver watched the snow flakes outside drifting onto the cold, icy ground. He couldn't remember any recent events, it had all been such a blur as of late. He caught a glimpse of Ryan outside. He looked cold.

By the 1st of December, most kids are already working up the hype for Christmas, he thought to himself. Until recently, I didn't even know what Christmas was. I still could care leass about it . . .

He turned away from the window and climbed into bed.

"Bah humbug," he murmured to himself.

That's my son, Mister Smith laughed to himself in the underworld.

12/1/2013 #628

Ryan continued to walk, mostly aimlessly. Maybe he could borrow some snow from his werewolf half. He noticed a sister was talking to the Matthew kid. Ryan sighed, as he collided with Anthony Carter. Today isn't my day, Ryan thought. He could have sworn that there was blood on Anthony's hand.

Jason looked around. This wasn't so cold. He had endured worst, maybe he should go and find a friend. He accidently hit Oliver.

12/1/2013 #629

(Oliver is in his bed, but I'll roll with it. I'm going to assume you're in his room or something.)

'Hey, watch it!' he cried, jolting upright. His amulet was resting on the bedside table and the jewel in the centre was glowing furiously. He grabbed it before his sleep-invader could see it and hid it beneath the folds of his duvet. 'Do you want something?' Oliver asked angrily.

12/1/2013 #630
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