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" Nope, I don't have a room. Hoping to find one," Jason replied. He wished he could see past the black and white plainess of the room. Sometimes he wished he could see the world in color.

12/1/2013 #631

'Right . . .' Oliver sighed. 'Have you tried asking for one?' he asked, eyeing Jason up curiously.

12/1/2013 #632

" Yeah, except there is no one here who does dorming," Jason replied. He continued to stare out the window. " What happened to classes, anyway?"

12/1/2013 #633

'It's Christmas; they don't bother. Most people have gone home, a few of us have stayed. I don't really have a home, so I was forced to stay.' Oliver stretched, and threw his father's amulet into the draw of the bedside table as quickly as possible.

'So then, do you have a name?'

12/1/2013 #634

" Jason Gray," he replied. There was something he liked about this kid.

12/1/2013 #635

'That's an interesting name,' Oliver said. It really isn't, he thought in his head.

'So, have you been here long?'

12/1/2013 #636

" A couple of months." Jason remembered that the last time he had touched a person he had gained the color gray. He extended his hand, hoping he could shake Oliver's hand.

12/1/2013 #637

Oliver recoiled initially as the hand was outstretched towards him. He looked at the fleshy finger tips and then at the eyes of the boy thrusting them in his face, and then back at the fingers again. He shyly extended his own hand and took Jason's in his, and shook it nervously. Human physical contact was weird.

12/1/2013 #638

Jason smiled. He blinked and noticed a mirror. He could see that his eyes were ice blue. " Thank you. What is your name, by the way?"

12/1/2013 #639

'Oliver. Oliver Smith. Mr. Smith, the teacher here, he's my father.' Oliver looked around the room for something to talk about, when it struck him. 'Have you noticed anything strange happening around the school? Like, strange people with strange abilities?'

Oliver was worried that demons might have found him again. Or worse, angels . . .

12/1/2013 . Edited 12/1/2013 #640

" No, I haven 't. I do have an odd question. What color is what you are wearing?"

12/1/2013 . Edited 12/1/2013 #641

'I, uhm. Grey. They're pyjamas, what else would they be? Why?' Oliver looked strangely at the invader of his room. There was something odd about him. His fears grew more agitated.

12/1/2013 #642

Jason sighed. Here came the part he hated telling people. " I can only see the world in black, white and grey. And now, thanks to you, Blue."

12/1/2013 #643

'Thanks to me?' Oliver darted back away from Jason. 'What did you do to me? Tell me!'

12/1/2013 #644

" You shook my hand. It shouldn't have done anything, I think. Unless you count the person who lost the color gray when I touched them, but it is estimated to be a one in ten million chance."

12/1/2013 #645

'Well, I still see the colour of my jeans,' he said, gesturing at the jeans at the bottom of the bed. 'So, that's good.'

12/1/2013 #646

Jason laughed. " That was actually pretty funny," he said.

12/1/2013 #647

Jason felt quite awkward now. He really had invited himself into the room and all.

Ryan sighed, as he had barely missed a skirmish with Anthony. That could have been bad.

12/3/2013 #648

Oliver sat up in his bed and looked around. 'Hey, d'ya mind?' he asked, 'if you could just stand outside for a moment I could get dressed and out of these stupid school-issue pyjamas!' he said, thumbing a stitched-on image of an elephant on the pyjamas he was wearing. 'Maybe we could go outside in the snow?'

Yes, the snow. The freezing, horrible, icy, penetrating, chilling, biting snow. Congratulations, Oliver, you're a fucking genius.

12/3/2013 #649

" Sure," Jason replied. He left the room.

12/3/2013 #650

Ryan looked around the school. No other student was there.

5/1/2014 #651
Beecham Thomas

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Fiona Villellaa

[enter some unoriginal spam] And that children is why I'm a whoreface! :D Being a student is so much fun!

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the fuck ?

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Lady Liesmith


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