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Dear awesome person,

Welcome to the Madhouse!

Since we're all a bit crazy here, this little introduction is meant to give a basic explanation of how this forum works.

SAY HELLO FIRST: If you're a new member, you should mosey on down to the "Welcome" thread, and introduce yourself to the community.

After that, there are lots of things to do:

• CHAT: "Heaven" is the current chat thread. Go there to talk about stuff. And don't censor yourself because censoring yourself is f**king stupid, bro.


Since almost everyone here is secretly aiming to become the next international superstar author, we're definitely aware of how helpful it is to have people to talk to about writing—both for help, and for fun.

The "Writing Nerd Herd" thread is where you go to get help with your own writing, as well as to give help to other authors in need. Writing troubles can come in all forms, from everything to worrying over grammar and punctuation to figuring out how to fix your plot or story-world.

We also have this neat thread, "A Penny For Your Thoughts", where people put down ideas they come up with and make them available for anyone to come and take to use for themselves. Think of it as a collection of ready-made story ideas just ripe for the picking.

• ROLE-PLAYING: This forum fully supports most forms of role-playing. We have several role playing threads. You can tell because they have "RP" in their names.

However, we have a little procedure to keep everything smooth.

If you what to start using a character for role-playing, you need to go to the "Meet the Characters" thread where you can introduce your characters and get them approved for use by one of the forum's moderators.

After you've gotten your characters approved, you can use them in any of the RP threads. There could be some rules particular to certain RP threads that might determine what kinds of characters you can or cannot use for that thread, so, make sure you read and understand the rules of a particular thread before jumping in.


Seeing as we are generally bent on world domination (in a nice way, of course), we always appreciate any ideas for how to improve the forum for everybody. This can be from changing dysfunctional rules to creating new ways to RP or have fun, etc. Go to the thread titled "The Spark of an Idea" to discuss these sorts of things. Also, this is where we vote to decide whether or not to make changes to the forum, and what the titles of the new threads are going to be.

Now that you've read all this—like with getting new software—you should go read the somewhat scary fine-print documentation of the forum's rules. These can be found in "The Rules" thread.

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