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UPDATE: Added a new Faction and corresponding NPC. Also added NPC in relation to University College. List of important people/factions has been re-organised and renamed: Detailed list of important people/factions/places.

Welcome to Capitol City, located in a world much like our own on the continent of West Elforla. However, there is one rather large difference: here, the world of fiction and reality has blended together. Hanging above the city, and the entire world, is a vast fleet of alien ships. Also, Fictions have been miraculously appearing in the streets after an event known as the Awakening.

(In order to deal with the issue of writers meeting their own works, the Fictions of this world are ones never thought up by Mundanes of this world. However, for non-NPC characters, you are expected to use characters from your stories.)

The city is ruled over by the dictatorial overlord, General Morgan. He stands watch over the city as an agent of the new, highly militaristic, world government. The city has been designed to cater for the needs of both fictions and mundanes alike, and is the setting for our "out of this world" RP.


  1. This "cybering" thing is strictly prohibited. If you must, keep it confined to your PMs.
  2. Posts can be written in any tense and point of view, so long as it does not actively disrupt the roleplaying scenario. For people posting in first person, it is respectfully requested that you write the character's name in bold above the post for clarity.
  3. Any off-topic messages/conversations should be written in parentheses.
  4. Characters must be introduced in the "Meet The Characters" thread, or we will do mean, mean, things to you. Overpowered characters will be filtered out in this way.
  5. No God-modding. I don't care if you can blow up the sun. Brag about it or something. We need to keep this a level playing field.
  6. Fighting is permitted within this thread.
  7. You may certainly not force actions on a character that you do not own. You may, however, subtely nod at what you want them to do. E.g. Jack stuck his foot out in Jill's path, ready to trip her. Rather than: Jack stuck his foot out in Jill's path. She tripped over.
  8. Because there is no clear day/night cycle, you may choose to change the time of day whenever you wish, so long as it does not disrupt the established canon of the other rpers. For example, if x just made it day-time, then y cannot suddenly turn it to night-time.
  9. Remember that this is a shared experience. Doing things to ruin the immersion for others, such as breaking the fourth wall, are frowned upon in this thread.
  10. Your character enters this world with amnesia. They will have no knowledge of their past, but will remember aspects such as who they are, and how to use any powers they might have.
  11. It is assumed your character has already become acquainted with this world. If you would prefer for them to be completely new to the world, please make it clear in your first post or say so in parentheses.
  12. In this rp, are characters referred to as NPCs. NPCs are charactres defined as a part of the rp world, rather than your chosen characters from your own works of fiction. Anyone can play an NPC, so long as they submit a normal character intro in Meet The Characters, and label it as an NPC, as well as including a backstory for them to be added to the List of important people. NPCs also need to have an important or semi-important role to play, such as being second-in-command of a certain organisation etc. If there is any confusion over whether an NPC qualifies, I will make the final call (Unless I'm trying to claim/create one. In which case another mod should do so to the best of their judgement). All player made NPCs will be added to the Detailed list of important people/factions/places. To claim one of the existing NPCs who have no rper, submit a request in Meet The Characters.


  1. City streets, shops, etc.
  2. Spacegate: another city stretching out towards the sea like a peninsula. It is the primary port for space-goers.
  3. Any alien vessel you might own (as in, belonging to your chosen fiction).
  4. Underground (literally) black market, trading in illegal fictional goods. Ran by Ruthless Ruth.
  5. Sub-Terra: An underground network of tunnels built into the city's sewer system. It is home to criminals, the homeless, and the Black Market.
  6. Actual sea related docks.
  7. Any sea vessel your character might own
  8. Selai: A walled off section of the city ran by fictions, for fictions. Selai is a haven of prejudice against Mundanes.
  9. Anthrola: Another walled off area, where the only good fiction, is an enslaved fiction. It is home to Capitol City's branch of the Witchhunters organisation.
  10. Old Nork: a smaller city built outside Capitol City, surrounded by empty grassland. It is home to a fantasy style tavern (medievalish), some residential areas, and a few shops. It is also home to the Ivory Bank, which is also home to The Blobbeth.
  11. Any in-city building or apartment your character chooses as their home
  12. Hope: An accepting area of town run by Old Miss Abernathy, who set the place up to ease relations between fictions and mundane. It is home to both kinds, who get on pretty well.
  13. University College: A University practising in both technology and magic.

Detailed list of important people/factions/places

General Francis Morgan: Elected leader of The New World Government; he used to be a general in the military of the Republic of Elforla, prior to the Awakening. His office is technically that of "President", but, he prefers to be called "General". He, and the rest of the government spend most of their time in the Presidential Palace in Capitol City. As per the current, tentative peace agreement between Mundanes and Fictions, the Presidential Palace is located on the Spacegate. Morgan is generally rigid, and to too favorably disposed toward Fictions. He does not tolerate unrest. Suspected of being even more radical of a mundane irredentist than he appears.

TNWG: The New World Government was established after the chaos that followed the Awakening. After the collapse of the Republic of Elforla, anarchy reigned in the wake of of the population boom on account of the fictions. The TNWG was formed from military experts and officers, leading to a slightly dictatorial nature. They rule with an iron fist, but are not all bad. Despite General Morgan's disposition, some people in the TNWG secretly fund the Hope quarter run by Old Miss Abernathy, and actively encourage relations between fictions and mundanes. The TNWG is responsible for building Capitol City and temporarily worked with the fictions to build the Spacegate. However, the TNWG is exclusively Mundane.

Tim Dustin: Tim Dustin is the chief of the Military Police, and advisor to General Morgan himself. He tolerates Fictions, but dislikes them. If a Fiction ends up in jail, expect them to have a longer sentence than a Mundane.

Anthrola: Anthrola is a walled off section of Capitol City that accepts only Mundanes. They have been known to enslave Fictions, which is often overlooked by General Morgan despite his duties, and are extremely anti-Fiction; viewing them as lesser beings. Anthrola was formed, not long after Capitol City was built, by a family of extreme anti-Fictions. They are currently headed by the Anthrola Council (who decide what happens in Anthrola). Lizbeth, leader of the Capitol City Witchhunters, is also a member of this council.

Selai: After the formation of Anthrola, a number of Fictions of all kinds bricked up a section of the city. Selai, as it came to be known, became a safe haven for outspoken anti-Mundanes. However, the area receives little interest from General Morgan, and has fallen into disrepair. Poverty is rampant, and the people of Selai rely on the Black Market to get by. In an effort to parody Anthrola, Selai set up its own unofficial council, but it is mostly a bunch of bickering fools. The Chairman of this council is Lucius, a Brogg (a race of bipedal, four armed, purple skinned, three eyed aliens) from the alien fleets above.

Balakath: Balakath is the son of Selai's original founder. As a Brogg, he is well suited to being in control, paving the way for him to be chosen as chairman of the Selai Council. Balakath, despite his abilities as a leader, has to contend with a Council of un-unified Fictions from all walks of life. As such, he finds his job difficult, but worries what life would be like without him Balakath doesn't entirely support the anti-Mundane movement, but fears that without him, the population of Selai will spiral out of control and spark an all out war against the Mundanes.

Hope: Hope was founded around the same time as Selai, by Old Miss Abernathy. Inspired by the actions of Dria in Old Nork, she founded Hope as a place in Capitol City where both Mundanes and Fictions could be treated equally. Unlike Old Nork, order is much more easily maintained due to its small size. The self-proclaimed Peacemakers make their base here, and Francis James occasionally advises Old Miss Abernathy on matters relating to Hope.

Old Miss Abernathy: A Mundane woman who built a small community of both Mundanes and Fictions inside Capitol City. This area came to be known as Hope, and is known for its pleasant treatment of both Mundanes and Fictions. Abernathy has ties to secret backers in the TNWG, as well as ties to the Peacemakers, who she allows to make their base in Hope on the condition that they be at her call if she requires their aid.

Spacegate: The Spacegate is a large artificial peninsula connecting to Capitol City, serving as both a city and a spaceport. It was built using Fictional alien technology, and is the primary port for space-goers to come and go. The Spacegate was given to Akalak to run by General Morgan, and he presides over the place in a huge technological palace at the centre, overlooking the spaceport and the rest of the city. Though tehcnically the size of a city, Spacegate is counted as a part of Capitol City, and the Capitol City Witchhunters branch has an equal presence here.

Akalak: This extremely snotty, and self-righteous gentlemen is an alien of the Brogg race (aliens with four arms, three eyes, purple skin, and two legs. Vaguely humanoid). He is under the employ of General Morgan to run the Spacegate, and is known to be highly corrupt. Nothing happens in the Spacegate without his say-so, so be weary of him. Akalak secretly funds both Anthrola and Selai, just to watch the chaos ensue.

Old Nork: Old Nork was built not long after Capitol City and Spacegate, when the continuous appearances of Fictions lead to overpopulation. Old Nork was given to Dria, a Charity Elf, by General Morgan, who currently shows little interest in the place. Despite Dria's tolerance of both Fictions and Mundanes, it is difficult to stop them coming to blows. The Capitol City Witchhunters managed to send an agent of theirs to establish and Old Nork branch, but the Peacemakers have yet to establish any connections here. As such, it is mostly policed by Dria's private police force. It is home to the mysterious Ivory Bank, which is also home to the equally mysterious Blobbeth.

Dria: Dria is the female governess of Old Nork. She is relatively kind to the people who live there, Fictions and Mundanes alike. This could be contributed to the fact that she is from a race of fictional elves known as Charity Elves. You can guess why. Dria rarely leaves Old Nork. She has a private police force known for its firm but fair policy. She is a backer of Hope.

The Blobbeth: A gigantic (several stories high) mound/blob of sentient reddish jelly. No discernible features, other than the immense variety ofthingsfloating around inside it (turnips, real-estate advertisement signs, the Necronomicon, the Wicked Witch of the West, a tiny, magically-animated replica of the Battle of Trafalgar, and so on and so forth).

It lives inside the Ivory Vault Bank at Old Nork. It communicates by deep, basso profundo voice (ex: the voice that starts this piece of russian liturgical music). Live sacrifices in its honor are burnt on altars of pure obsidian scattered across the lobbies of banks, insurance firms, stock exchanges, and other financial institutions all the world over, for use by those financial businessmen who are interested in that sort of thing.

Occasionally, the Blobbeth summons mortals to its sacred vault. No one knows what it says, seeing as those that survive the encounter (the inside of the Ivory Vault bank is heavily stained with blood and brain bits from exploded heads) never speak of it—indeed, it is as if they cannot even remember the encounter.

To this day, the Blobbeth's motives remain shrouded in enigma.

Sub-Terra: Sub-Terra is the expansive underground town built inside Capitol City's sewage system. Sub-Terra is mostly inhabited by criminals and the homeless, or anyone who can't afford to live on the surface. Makeshift homes built from scraps dot the tunnels, and disease runs rampant. The safest place in Sub-Terra is the Black Market, run by Ruthless Ruth, though even this isn't the best place to be with more than a few enemies.

Black Market: The Black Market is a small underground (literally) operation managed by Ruthless Ruth. It deals in the trade of illegal Fictional goods, from quantum toothbrushes to magical artefacts that make you sneeze, it has everything as long as you have the money. Those who can't pay in money usually pay in more goods... or blood.

Ruthless Ruth: Ruth grew up in Anthrola as a Fiction slave. Despite being human, she is a Fictional human. Ruth escaped Anthrola when she was young and ended up living in Sub-Terra. As she grew older, she began forming connections with well known and respected criminal organisations, and set up the Black Market. She runs the trade of illegal Fictional goods, and ensures that Mundanes pay extra for her goods. Citizens of Anthrola are unwelcome, and will feel her brand of tough justice if they even set foot in her Market.

The Witchhunters: a group of Mundanes dedicated to opposing the advance of Fictions. They serve as hired mercenaries for police forces (à la the Pinkertons), using Fictions' weapons and magics against them to "keep the peace", however, there are plenty of Witchhunters who would just rather go on a shooting spree, killing any and all Fictions they met. Violence sometimes occurs, not just against fictions, but also against Mundanes that support them. The Witchhunters of Capitol City make their base in Anthrola. The Capitol City branch is headed by Lizbeth Jones. The Old Nork branch is run by Henrietta Holmes.

Lizbeth Jones: Lizbeth grew up in Anthrola, and was subjected to their racist treatment of Fictions all her life. As such, she was almost forced to see things their way. When she witnessed an attack on a group of Mundanes near Selai, she vowed never to let a Fiction hurt a Mundane again. She joined the Witchhunters and quickly rose through the ranks until taking charge of this branch. She was a childhood friend of Francis James before their conflicting opinions emerged.

Henrietta Holmes: Growing up in Anthrola, Henrietta formed a strong respect for Lizbeth. After Lizbeth took charge of the Capitol City Witchhunters, she appointed Henrietta as Old Nork's leader. Despite Witchhunter presence being slightly lower in Old Nork, Henrietta's name is one to be feared. She is ruthless, sly, and cunning. Do not cross her.

Peacemakers: The Peacemakers are an in-city organisation formed to bring order in a less violent way than the Witchhunters. Made up of both Mundanes and Fictions, they do their best to ease relations between Fictions and Mundanes, and are also associate with the Hope quarter, making their base there. They usually look for a peaceful alternative before progressing to more violent solutions. The Peacemakers also actively patrol Hope, and keep it in order. Run and lead by Francis James

Francis James: A Mundane who became good friends with Fiction who saved his life from anti-mundane protestors, Francis started out supporting the anti-Fiction campaign, growing up in Anthrola. After seeing not all Fictions were bad, he settled in Hope and set up the Peacemakers. He was childhood friends with Lizbeth before they became conflicted of opinions.

Alyssa: Alyssa grew up in Anthrola. She is half-mundane and half-Fiction. The man she thought was her father abused her as a child. As well as this, Alyssa was heavily discriminated against from the regular Mundanes in Anthrola. She escaped and is now living in Hope as a Peacemaker, held in high regards, and has a particular attachment to Christian Howard/Chase Hunter, a Fiction who recently arrived.

The Free Citizens' Hunting Club: The Free Citizens' Hunting Club is a hunting club in Old Nork. It was set up and is currently governed by Victoria Watson. The club is mostly Mundane, and isn't entirely accepting of Fictional members. They spend their time hunting any Fictional creatures with low enough intelligence to count as animals, and sell them on to the public. They also have ties with the Black Market, but don't like to admit it.

Victoria Watson: A Mundane who grew up in Old Nork, Victoria was born not long after the Awakening. Since being a young girl, she had always been interested in some of the fantastical Fictional creatures that occasionally appeared in and around her home city. When she was old enough she set about hunting them, and started the Free Citizens' Hunting Club. As per her mother's upbringing, Victoria has slight disdain for Fictions of all kinds, and doesn't always step in when members of her club "accidentally" end up hunting sentient creatures.

University College: Like its rather strange name, University College is a rather strange place. This, the pre-eminent institution of higher learning in the region, is heavily stratified along lines of "magic" versus "technology". To say that the various departments are in competition with one another is an understatement. Their sports team goes by the name "the Somebodies" (though, "fans" often prefer to call them "the Nobodies"). The highlight of University College's public relations comes with the yearly FTL contest, where students/faculty are tasked with choosing either magic or technology, and, from there, developing the most efficient way of solving a particular problem. The contest's name originally stems from an incident several years back when the Magic and Applied Theoretical Physics department got into a nasty competition over developing a faster-than-light engine. A notable member of the University College is Professor Verinheart.

Professor Verinheart: As a Fiction, it took a long time for the Professor to have his studies taken seriously. However, after several years of working for the overall community and helping out at University College, he managed to secure a place there. After an even longer time, Verinheart got his own classes, and eventually earned a place higher up in the College. Verinheart now runs and plans the yearly FTL contest, a spot he quite enjoys. He has also been known to advise General Morgan on both Magical and Scientific matters.

Dead Men's Orchestra: an extremely popular music group in Capitol City, renowned for their ability to play in virtually any style of music one could possibly imagine. Being superstars, however, they are frequently hounded by the paparazzi, and are very pricey. Also, their leader/director is a hip, young, very attractive zombie named Fabio.

Fabio: Fabio is the renowned leader of the Dead Men's Orchestra. He is the undead counterpart of our Earth's Gok Wan, plus musical talent and an elvis-style wig. Fabio is a fantastic singer, and is well known for his incredible public skills. He has also been known to dabble in art. Every single form of it.


Generally speaking, the citizens of the New World make their living in much the same ways that we do, and a little bit more: doctors, lawyers, construction workers, sorcerers, teachers, starship pilots, bankers, seers, plasma miners, monster hunters, entrepreneurs, farmers, plumbers, actors, enchanters, software developers, politicians, stock brokers, and on and on. Crime is also a common source of income, and many Fictions turn to the Black Market to trade their fictional goods for money.

List of NPCs, who plays them, and their details

General Morgan - Oversees Capitol City - Requires an active rper

Old Miss Abernathy - Runs Hope - Requires an active rper

Lizbeth Jones - Leader of the Witchhunters - Requires an active rper

Francis James - Leader of the Peacemakers - Requires an active rper

Tim Dustin - Chief of Police - Requires an active rper

Akalak - Corrupt governer of the Spacegate - Requires an active rper

Fabio - Lead singer and frontman of the Dead Men's Orchetra - Requires an active rper

Dria - Governess of Old Nork - Requires active rper

Henrietta Holmes - Leader of Old Nork's Witchhunter branch - Requires an active rper

Ruthless Ruth - In charge of Sub-Terra's Black Market - Requires an active rper

Balakath - Chairman of the Selai Council - Requires an active rper

Alyssa - A prominent half-Mundane, half-Fiction, Peacemaker - Luckycool9

Victoria Watson - Founder of Free Citizens' Hunting Club - Requires an active rper

Professor Verinheart - Manages University College's FTL contest and advisor to General Morgan on Magical and Scientific matters - Requires an active rper

Mod: Admiral Bangle

8/30/2013 . Edited 4/12/2014 #1

Lucy had found her way into the "town" of Hope not long after her appearance. Some people had been here for years before her, and some Fictions were still popping up everywhere. She'd been here for a year now, enough time to establish herself in Hope. She didn't quite know where she had been before, but she knew she was what people called a Fiction. They came from another world, hundreds of other worlds, and arrived in Elforla.

Lucy had experienced first-hand the brutality of the Mundanes in regards to the Fictions, when she had found herself in Old Nork. She had woken up there, no knowledge of her past, surrounded by other humans. Only they weren't humans as she knew.

Nowadays they are called Mundanes by the other Fictions. Lucy was one of few Fictions able to easily pass off as a Mundane. Being humans had its advantages. she felt bad for a lot of the others. Creatures called elves, impossible super-soldiers, aliens that she didn't recognise.

She had found her way to Capitol City after leaving Old Nork, and had taken on a few jobs here and there. Mostly smuggling, illegal Fictional goods; ranging from alien weaponry, to magical rings, and works of pure science fiction. She was good at identifying them too, there was always a certain feeling she got around Fictional objects. She couldn't explain it.

But now, she was on the way down to Sub-Terra, the underground city of the poor, down-trodden, and scheming. Ruth would likely pay a good price for what she had found. A supposedly priceless jewel that told the wearer their future. Or at least, that was what she'd been told by her informant.

On she went, down into Sub-Terra, wondering if anyone new would appear.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #2

Leo Howard awoke on the ground. He had chalked it up, today was day 2,555. Seven years he has been in this strange place. He landed in Old Nork, in a small apartment. He gathered he was called a Fiction in this world. At night, he hoped from dream to dream, sometimes seeing the other fears and strange dreams. He remembered that he had come for a person, even though he couldn't remember whom. He really didn't want to go outside, but he did, anyway.

8/30/2013 #3

Ryan opened his eyes. He jolted and noticed his surroundings. Where was he? How did he get there? He remembered being at a school, but now he was here., wherever here was. He stared at the man in front of him.

" Where am I?" Ryan asked the man.

" Outside of Capitol City, fellow Fiction," the man muttered.

" Who are you?" Ryan asked.

" Leo Howard, this is Old Nork, we should go inside." Ryan nodded and followed the familiar man inside.

" What is your name?" Leo asked.

" Ryan Thorn, I think," he said.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #4

Marcus strode through Old Nork, past the Ivory Bank. What an odd place. A dark place. He growled at two Mundanes passing by; he didn't much like their kind. Judgemental fools, all of them.

His armour was heavy, but it was the only apparel he owned. When he was transported here, it must have been in the midst of battle. Either that, or he'd been partial to his armour before all this. He certainly was now.

He spotted a man leaving one of the old apartment buildings. He sensed he wasn't Mundane, which was good enough for him. Marcus approached him. trying not to look too menacing, and extended a hand.

"Greetings," he murmured. "I don't believe we've met."

8/30/2013 #5
Capitol City, fellow Fiction," the man muttered.

" Who are you?" Ryan asked.

" Leo Howard, this is Old Nork,

Capitol City is near Old Nork, but Old Nork is a seperate, smaller, city.

8/30/2013 #6

Marcus waited for a response, noticing another boy behind him. Interesting.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #7

Leo looked at the strange man. A friend couldn't have hurt, especially with the boy behind him.

" Leo Howard," he said, also extending his hand.

8/30/2013 #8

(Damn it, I fudged up there. Hang on, I'll edit my post.)

8/30/2013 #9

Marcus shook his hand firmly. "Abdalla, Marcus Abdalla," he said. "Though that's about as much as I remember. I assume you too, have been cursed to forget everything from before?"

Marcus shook his head. "Well, pleasant greeting to you, human. I'll be at that "tavern" if you need me."

Marcus smiled as well as his facial structure would allow, and walked away, looking about with all four eyes of his for a Mundane ambush, or worse, Withchhunters.

8/30/2013 #10

Leo sighed. Maybe he would go to the tavern. It would be good to talk to someone else. But he first have to figure out what to do with the kid.

8/30/2013 #11

Alexia looked around the streets of Old Nork. She had found it strange, she was looking for her twin brother, Ryan. She did remember that, along with her name and how to control her electric powers. That was all. She stopped, as she noticed a boy in the alleyway. She walked towards him.

" W-w-where am I?" The boy asked.

" Your guess is as good as mine, I'm Alexia," she said.

" M-M-Matthew King," the boy said. Alexia listened and saw that no one was nearby.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #12

Lucy paced up and down outside the Black Market. She had a buyer, but he wasn't showing up. Where the hell is he? she thought to herself.

A few minutes later, a man in a dark robe appeared. She handed it over, not a word, and found herself with a few heavier pockets. "Simple enough," she said, before returning to the surface. Hope was an awe-inspiring place, all the cultures of Fictions and Mundanes were present there. It was a sight to see.

Marcus sat down at the tavern, and grabbed some Fictional mead. It was odd, that such a low-level race could make something that tasted this good.

8/30/2013 #13

Twiggy was on his fifteenth shot at the tavern. He only need nine more, this wasn't the place to get drunk. He sighed, as he realized he had been here for a few weeks, in this strange town. He was considered a Fiction, whatever that was. He really didn't care, his shield was laying on the bar. He let his eyes wonder, and noticed someone enter the tavern.

8/30/2013 #14

Marcus spotted the drunk-man watching him. No, not a man. Something similar. He snarled at him; can't a drulok get a little peace? He noticed he was still being watched. "Haven't you seen a drulok before!?" he snorted. Then he felt a little weary. He didn't even know what a drulok was, just that he was one.

"Sorry. You need something?"

8/30/2013 #15

Chris Howard awoke on the ground. Where the hell was he? He knew that he was a hybrid, but where was this place? A girl seemed to be coming towards him.

" Are you okay, Fiction?" Alyssa asked.

" Where am I?" Chris asked.

" Hope," Alyssa answered.

" Nothing, are you perhaps a Fiction?" Twiggy asked. He must have appeared drunk which he was not, not yet anyway.

8/30/2013 #16

Lucy noticed someone in the process of "appearing". She had seen it happen before, hell, she'd been through it herself. A woman approached him, she recognised her. One of the Peacemakers. She stood there, watching. She wanted to see how he would react to his new circumstances. She noticed hardly any passer-bys were reacting; it had become a part of everyday life to them.

"Isn't it obvious?" Marcus growled, flashing a look at him with his four eyes. "I'm a big scaly lizard man, at least you can get away with looking normal." He shook his head. "Bah, don't mind my mood, I've just had a run of bad times since waking up here. What about you? How do the Munadanes treat you?"

8/30/2013 #17

" So, where is Hope?" Chris asked.

" Capitol City," Alyssa said. Chris looked around. This was really bad, terrible, actually. He was in a strange city, with his dark half still here. He couldn't remember much past his name. Chris looked at the girl. " Is there anywhere I can stay?" He asked.

" Fine, " Twiggy replied. Actually, he had knocked two Mundanes into comas earlier, but otherwise fine. He looked out of the window. His dark half was here.

Exactly, how I wanted to spend my Friday," Twiggy sarcastically thought.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #18

Lucy continued to watch. He was taking this well, better than she did anyway. For whatever reason, her first reaction was to hospitalise three men and beat up a Peacemaker. Not the best introduction.

"You're lucky, then." Marcus took a swig of the mead. It was good, but it paled in comparison to Clover's Beer. Whatever that was. "Listen, if you want to keep it that way, I recommend you keep your head down. Witchhunters have been getting a little carried away recently. Praise Allah that Dria's here, or we'd all have been driven out by now."

(Do all of your characters have dark halves?)

8/30/2013 #19

" This way," Alyssa said, but stopped when she noticed Lucy. She turned in the opposite direction, not wanting to encounter her. She did beat her up,, when she first arrived.

Twiggy wished he would have given him that advice earlier. " I will," Twiggy said.

(No, just Twiggy, Leo, Nathan, Daniel and Chris.( I believe))

Anthony Carter stared at this counterpart, the one he wanted to kill. He had killed a few Mundanes, when he first arrived. Otherwise, he lied low.

Leo walked into the tavern, with the boy in tow.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #20

Lucy smiled in Alyssa's direction. "Hey, darling. Still holding that grudge," she jibed. She started to walk out of Hope, when she stopped by Chase. "You want my advice? Don't trust the Peacemakers. Thy might claim to have good intentions, but that name's just too nice. There isn't nice in this world, stranger."

She carried on walking.

"Well, now that we've had this enlightening discussion, I'd be a much happier lizard if you left me alone. My kind isn't given to socialising." He downed the rest of the mead. "More!" he called. He turned to Twiggy again, "in fact, I'd get out of town while you can. Don't want to end up stuck in a place like this." For some reason he felt sad at saying those words, he felt like he was missing something. But he couldn't remember what.

He shook his head. "Is that boy even allowed in here?" he asked nobody in particular, pointing at Ryan.

8/30/2013 #21

Leo looked at the man downing the mead. On second thought, this was a bad idea. He turned, but then again he did need a friend. Seven years was a long time to avoid socialization.

" So, follow me," Alexia said.

" S-s-sure," Matthew replied, noticing the tavern, but ignoring it.

" Well, here we are," Alexia said, gesturing to the back door of what appeared to be a theater.

" O-o-okay," Matthew muttered.

Chris looked at Lucy leaving.

" Don't mind her, she isn't on the best terms with most people," Alyssa said, still a little shaken.

" Okay," Chris said, following Alyssa.

8/30/2013 #22

Marcus stood, and slammed his tankard on the bar. "Now, that's a drink!" he declared. "You, Leo right? Come sit down, get some of this wonderful stuff. They say its just water full of yeast, but it sure tastes better than they say!"

8/30/2013 #23

Lucy passed two Peacemakers at the gates of Hope. She needed to find more goods to trade, she wasn't exactly making a killing at the moment.

8/30/2013 #24

Leo approached the bar. Ryan was very quiet, for a kid in a strange new world. " I guess one drink couldn't kill me," Leo said.

Matthew noticed that their were two other people in the theater. One was a boy at about 16 and the other was a man, about twenty.

" This is Trevor Falcon, he is quiet and rarely speaks. He is the one who found me," Alexia said.

" The name is Daniel Alexander Knight,most people call me Lucky, I found Trevor," Daniel asked.

" W-w-who found y-y-ou?" Matthew asked.

" A man named Zane, he is out right now. Did Alexia explain the world to you?" Daniel asked.

8/30/2013 #25

Lucy found herself in an alley. Some Fictional fool had left his sonic toothbrush on their window-sill, and left the window open. "Need to take more care of your things," she whispered to herself, before snatching it form the window-sill.

"You're right, one won't. But stick with me and you'll be knee-deep in alcohol!" he laughed. There was something about alcohol that seemed to overwhelm him sometimes. Maybe it was because drulok aren't supposed to drink it that often.

"Barman! Get this one a drink!" he shouted.

8/30/2013 #26

Oliver was sitting in an alley. In his hands was a strange amulet. It was gold, and the jewel in the centre seemed to turn flash all of the colours of the rainbow. He felt like he should keep it, but he did not know why.

8/30/2013 #27

Twiggy rolled his eyes. " Hit me up with two more," he said.

" So, you are considered a Fiction in this world, an unimagined creative work," Daniel said.

" It is much more complicated than that," Zane said, interrupting Daniel.

( This is a less evil version of Zane, influenced by the world)

8/30/2013 #28


"Don't look so sad, there's mead to be had!" Marcus yelled at the top of his lungs. The barman looked a little agitated.

"Kid." A voice came. Oliver looked up. He could barely see in the darkness.

"Hello?" he called.

"I need that amulet." Lucy stepped into the light. "It's just business."

Oliver glared at her. He didn't understand why, but he was very defensive of this amulet. "The last scavenger bastard who wanted this is dead."

Cold words for a kid Lucy thought.

"Do you want to end up the same?" Oliver asked.

Lucy smiled. "I'd love to see you try, kid."

8/30/2013 #29

Ryan wondered out of the tavern. He looked around and saw a boy appearing.

" Where the hell am I?" The boy asked.

" Old Nork," Ryan replied. The boy seemed to be holding a medallion.

Twiggy noticed the boy leave, he was certainly strange.

Alyssa showed Chris an apartment. It looked nice to him, but he knew what happened at night.

8/30/2013 #30
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