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Chris didn't know what happened. Did he black out? Where had all of the time gone? He remembered a peacekeeper, a builiding, a city something. He noticed there was a body near him, bleeding.

Nathan awoke. He was in a sewer, how the bloody hell did he get here? Nightmare was still with him. He noticed that there was a boy, man, he had no clue with blood on his hands.

Anthony looked around. There was a new person forming. Just great, another soul to help, He thought.

12/3/2013 #91

(I thought Chris was "appearing . . . ")

'S'cuse me, sir,' Lucy said, announcing her presence. Marcus sidled up next to her.

'Careful, remember what we did when we first woke up here?'

'Lots of broken noses?' Lucy replied optimistically.

'More than noses,' Marcus frowned. 'Just keep an eye on him, no sudden movements.' He turned to the rest of the group. 'That goes for the rest of you, we've all been through this process of waking up in an unfamiliar place. We know what it's like. Don't give this guy a reason to get paranoid.'

12/3/2013 #92

( No, Chris has Chase Amneisa ( as in he was alter ego)

Chris saw a large group, that couldn't be good at all.

Nathan looked around. He felt dizzy and very thirsty.

Ryan looked behind them. The Witchhunters had found them.

" I see that our friends found us," Twiggy said.

" More like pains. There's a sewer entrance there," Brandon said.

" Well, what are we waiting for?" Leo asked.

" How about never?" Twiggy replied. Leo pointed back to the Witchhunters. " Good point." Ryan, Leo, Twiggy and Brandon almost slid into the sewers.

12/3/2013 . Edited 1/5/2014 #93

'Excuse me, you might want to come with me rather than going into that shithole!' Oliver called out after Ryan and his group. Oliver stepped out of the shadows and made his presence known to the others. 'I have a better idea,' he said. 'There is an apartment block further up the road. I have a safe place there. You get there and I'll meet you there.'

Oliver waved in the direction he wanted them to go, and then turned his attention to the Witchhunters fast approaching. He produced his father's amulet from inside his jacket and held it above his head. 'God forgive me,' he began, 'but fuck all of you!' he shouted. The amulet burned against his skin, and it sent a shockwave through the air that hit the Witchhunters hard and threw them off their feet.

'That's just one more bit of my soul sold to satan,' he muttered as he looked back at Ryan and his group to see if they would follow him.

'I said, s'cuse me!' Lucy shouted towards Nathan. Marcus looked at her questioningly, but she shrugged him off. 'There are nasty men up above and believe you and me, you don't want 'em to catch you down here. So you either get off your ass and come with or we leave you? Which would you prefer?'

12/3/2013 #94

" I'll take the prior," Nathan said. He wasn't too eager to join this crew. " What about Bloody man next to me?"

12/3/2013 #95

Ryan turned back and followed Oliver. He noticed that Twiggy and Leo were following him.

Brandon prefered being alone. He slid down into the sewers. Nobody told him what to do.

Alexia looked around. She found an apartment and slid in with Daniel and Zane.

12/3/2013 #96

Brandon felt his medallion. His power was still safe. The sewer system was beautiful. No one could find him here.

12/4/2013 . Edited 12/26/2013 #97

Aaron blinked his eyes twice to make sure he wasn't crazy or have a hallucination. He seemed to be in the sewers somewhere. Aaron looked and noticed that he had a robotic arm.

" How did that get there?" Aaron asked himself.

Brandon noticed someone just finished forming. " I hate these poor saps, they always find me," Brandon muttered.

1/5/2014 #98
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