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Nice to see that this place is still active! I miss speaking to everyone. I am definitely feeling a little better so may actually return so I can publish my stories. Just wanted to drop by and see how everyone is doing.

7/31/2019 #32,281

you have a funny definition of 'active' :p

8/1/2019 #32,282

Well, it still gets posts.

8/9/2019 #32,283
tfw we're dead but still havent been surpassed in post count
9/12/2019 #32,284

I'll unlock the thread for the anniversary tonight at midnight like every year. I'll update y'all on my life I guess lol.

12/17/2019 #32,285

damn fuck i almost forgot about that lol who needs to study for finals annways

12/17/2019 #32,286

So I don't really remember what's the last thing I told y'all. I think y'all know I've graduated and started a job at a doctor's office the last time I spoke with y'all. Well, before all of that, there's something I've been I guess nervous to tell y'all? And I didn't want to tell y'all because I know some of you here, even though I love you all, are very blunt and would probably tell me things I didn't want to hear. I think I'm at the point and old enough and experienced enough to be fully comfortable with 1.) my decision and 2.) whatever y'alls reactions may be.

So, without scaring y'all more, three years ago me and Damien made the decision to go to the courthouse and get married. I'm sorry for not telling y'all then but, at the time, it made a lot of sense. We would get paid more with the housing allowance for us to be married than if we weren't and at the time we knew we wanted to be married eventually. So we just expedited the process and only told our best friends. Eventually we told his parents and then my mom and they were happy for us. We are both very happy still.

This year in July, Damien got out of the military. We decided to move to be near his family in the Charleston, SC area. It has admittedly been rough on me especially with my mental health and stuff. I'm not great at a whole lot of change and it feels like my entire life changed. A new area, a new job, and it's been rough because the area is nice but my job is not. I've been looking for a new one for months with no luck yet. Hopefully that will change in the new year. My job now is at Lenscrafter's and GOD is it a nightmare at this location. I don't want to bitch a whole lot right at this moment but believe me it fucking sucks and I'm trying to get out ASAP.

Also there's been a lot of smaller things that in the past I would've rambled about every day and y'all would know every tiny thing about my life but it doesn't feel that important.

Annyway, I hope y'all don't hate me for not keeping up with y'all and for not telling y'all sooner. I still love all of y'all even though we all probably have our own friend groups now and have kinda strayed away from The Madhouse but this really was a defining period of my life I'll never forget.

12/17/2019 #32,287

Girl, you know I love that those days are BEHIND me. Fuck finals, fuck school, I'm so glad I'm out!!

12/17/2019 #32,288

Oba, join our new discord chat, you ho.

12/17/2019 #32,289

Here's the link for annyone else who would like to join:

h ttps://

12/17/2019 . Edited 12/17/2019 #32,290

So here's one small example of how this job sucks: so Monday when I was at work I checked my schedule and I worked tomorrow 10 to 6. Then at 10 I screenshot my phone app and didn't realize until today that they changed my schedule WITHOUT TELLING ME and that now I work 1 to 9. Like I wouldn't have minded but I screenshot my shit for the week and you do that at the wrong time and I will NOT notice and then I will waste my time by coming into work anywhere from SIX HOURS early.

Like, this coupled on top of everything else is just the shit icing on the garbage cake. The old manager would've never done that but this new one is just acting with no thought at every turn.

I could rant all day.

12/17/2019 #32,291

me: "yay! classes are over and i only have two finals! time to get sleep!"

//somehow manages to be sleep deprived anyways

12/18/2019 #32,292

it feels like I can never sleep through the early mornings annymore. Always waking up for some reason.

12/19/2019 #32,293
Scott Pilgrim

Cleaning out my emails in prep for my last year of schooling, I hate that I missed the Anniversary D: But, in times of tragedy, humanity can be united, and we can all feel for each other. Say strong, y'all, and keep on trucking through everything!! Y'all can do it cuz y'all are awesome.

1/14 #32,294

Our discord is coming along well. It's much easier to post my funny memes there than here although no one reacts to them RIP.

Right now at work the full time sales associate is leaving to be casual part time. I'm already working full time hours so I told my manager I would really like to be classified as full time. I got a non committal annswer so we'll see what happens. I just do too much work to not get anny benefits for it because besides the assistant manager no one has anny experience. So I'm not only doing my own job but I'm doing my manager's, my team lead's, and all of the other part time sales associates' because they keep making genuinely retarded mistakes. I've got annother interview Tuesday and this other job told me they'd contact me either next week or the week after so we'll see how that turns out.

It's just really not viable to work a semi-skilled job and fill it up with people with no experience and no skills. Like no concept of HIPAA just SAYING PATIENT NAMES TO OTHER PATIENTS!!! LIKE WHAT?!??!!? THAT IS GENUINELY INSANE.

I could rant all day.

1/15 #32,295

apple. i'M eaTing ... mapple

1/16 #32,296

"I should study now for my orgo exam tomorrow because I have orchestra tonight and then when I get back I can sleep"

//spends 4 hours on reddit, 1 hour finding an airbnb for spring break trip

"wow time went fast now i only have half an hour I guess I'll eat and then study after orchestra"

//gets home at like 10:30

"I'll study for like an hour and a half and then i can go to bed at a reasonable time still"

//somehow wastes time, like, idek what i've been doing to waste this much time

tldr now it's almost 1am and i have to get up in 8 hours and i still haven't studied woooooo fuck me

2/25 #32,297

I keep coming around here when everybody has gone quiet!

I hope everyone is doing okay and that you are all safe.

And... ANNY! Hopefully you are still around to talk for a little bit. :)

4/10 #32,298
Here's the link for annyone else who would like to join:

h ttps://

You're still doing the "annyone" thing. Neat. Also, I joined your Discord.

6/27 #32,299
Your sanity is an illusion. We control the horizontal. The vertical. Don't try to adjust your mindset.

I'm still proud of this bit. It's kinda sad that FP has all but died.

6/27 #32,300

To be fair, it's dead because there are multiple other sites now.

6/30 #32,301
Fox Trot 9

True, that.

6/30 #32,302


7/16 #32,303
Fox Trot 9


7/16 #32,304


Hey there, I'm just popping by to say that you have an apt username. And now I shall leave until I can make a joke about the roadhouse being more active than the MH again.

7/17 #32,305
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