Bunker 9
Among the possible hundreds of other doomsday stories and forums, yes, I decided to add to that number. But bear with me here, because this won't be your everyday apocalyptic writing forum-at least, it's not in my head. So yeah! Come brave the concoctions of my imagination-if you dare.
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Silena River

Well, it's November of the year 1537. Here goes nothin'!

12/25/2012 #1
Silena River

Chantz sat on a table in the communal mess hall; the last table in the row that Audaeu had claimed. He picked his guitar purposely, working out a particularly difficult solo that he hadn't yet mastered. These days, guitars were considred primitive instruments--synthesizers and sound boxes were all the rage now--but he had a particular liking for the things. His father had taught him the craft of the old-fashioned instrument when he was younger; but then, Chantz guessed his father was rather old-fashioned. And that was one of the reasons he loved him.

The teen sunk into a daydream, strumming a G chord without any real intent.

12/25/2012 #2
Abundance Seaborn

Nose in a book, sitting with Prudensia like usual, Victoria read the pages of her chemistry book. She was in the table closest to the Audaeu, she had been late and got the 'unlucky' spot. Not that she cared, she always sat there, whether on time or not. She loved hearing the music from the better members of Audaeu, as she thought them. A smile formed on her face as she heard someone strumming a guitar. She didn't look up, merely getting lost in the formulas and elements in her book.

12/25/2012 #3
Silena River

As a musician, Chantz was trained to read his audience and gauge who was listening and who was not in this group. The small smile and tilt of the head in his direction from an older girl was all he needed. The teen launched into his interpretation of an old song that was his dad's favorite, "Don't Stop Believin'," a song that was popular back when they still had compact discs--whatever that meant. "Just a small-town girl... Livin' in a lonely wo-orld... She took the midnight train go-in' aanyywheere."

As he played, Chantz studied the older girl who'd seemed to be listening; tight blonde bun, glasses, stiff posture. Another boring Prudensia chick, but with an unusual appreciation for music. A grin graced the musician's features as he begun the chorus, his voice becoming louder as some of the others in the mess hall quieted themselves to see what all the fuss was about.

1/3/2013 #4
Abundance Seaborn
Victoria's smile broadened as the boy playing the guitar started singing 'Don't Stop Believin'. She thought was a very good song, even though most of the other members of her group just grumbled with the loud music. Viki, as she wished people called her, looked at the boy, showing her appreciation of his music. The people around grumbled and left the table, soon she was alone at the table, looking at the musician every once in a while. Finally, she merely watched the boy play his guitar, not paying attention to anyone else.
1/3/2013 #5
Silena River

When he'd finished the song, Chantz shamelessly stared at the girl, trying to figure out her age. She was at least four years older than him and he shot a self-assured grin her way. "You must be new here," he said, voice mocking as he hit a loud C chord before muting it with his palm. This was Chantz's preferred method of judging character and he always reveled in playing the baddie. "The Prudes aren't ever caught dead anywhere near one of us."

1/3/2013 . Edited 1/3/2013 #6
Abundance Seaborn
Vicki smiled,"Nowhere near new." She leaned forward,"I guess I share some of the same ideals of my father and brother." Sitting back, Victoria said,"Of course I mostly like hearing music, most other things annoy me." Vicki looked at the younger boy and wondered why he would talk to her.
1/3/2013 #7
Silena River

"Oh?" Chantz cocked his head to the side in interest. "And who might they be?" He was now interested in the Prude who might not be as stiff as she looked. But even so, she was one of Prudensia, and that would never do. But he'd work to extract as much information from the older girl as possible, just in case it would aid his faction in any way.

1/4/2013 #8
Abundance Seaborn
Victoria waved a hand in dismissal,"They are merely two men who want peace." Vick smiled knowing not to give too much information about her family,"Are you here, without family?" Victoria knew many were, but he seemed too young to be alone.
1/4/2013 #9
Silena River

"That's none of your business," Chantz growled, striking a loud, off-sounding chord and turning away. He began retuning his guitar, making sure its strings were in perfect pitch. He could do this for hours before finally being satisfied--when he was bored. Or didn't want to talk to someone. So this would indeed be a perfect excuse.

1/6/2013 #10
Abundance Seaborn
Victoria frowned, she hadn't meant to my the boy mad. She sighed and did the one thing that was even weirder than sitting near the reckless faction before her. She got up and walked over to the table the boy was sitting at. She sat next to him, right where he had turned to tune his guitar. She knew exactly what to say to him, something would interest anyone,"If you want to find out about those outside, meet me in room 121a." She whispered. Vick got up, fixed her glasses and hair and walked away, not paying attention to the suprised and scolding looks from her faction. She merely looked at her father and brother and smiled, then she left the room.
1/6/2013 #11
Silena River

((Remember, all left outside the bunkers would be dead. Unless Viruales rescued them. Because, well, you know the deal with the nukes. It's kinda hard to live through radiation of that proportion and survive. Just a tad.))

Though Chantz was still strumming his guitar, his mind was blank, save for the words of the Prudensia girl. Those outside? he wondered. Does she mean my family? How could she know what's happening outside? There's been no word for months! I don't even know her name! How can I trust her? Can I trust her? When he finally looked up, the girl was gone. The musical teen was pounced upon by a pair of his mates, pushing the matter to the back of his mind; yet it still remained as he slung the guitar over his shoulder and onto his back. Whooping and grinning, he ran from the mess hall, racing his mates to the Audaeu-controlled rec room, where they promised a challenge via video games.

1/7/2013 #12
Silena River

((Shall we skip time?))

1/7/2013 #13
Abundance Seaborn

(Ahhh, you must remember, we are supposed to be writing about this together. I have a few ideas of my own, so let us see. Every story has a few secrets. ;) Now, we can time skip after I do one thing.)

Ranen gaped at his sister's actions. When she had joined Prudensia, he thought he had lost her. Then she started doing these things like sitting near the Audaeu and now talking to one of them. He was amazed, but he also wondered why she had done that. What did she whisper to the boy, he knew to be called Chantz from a few actions of peace toward the Audaeu, that would affect the conversation at all? He wanted to go follow her, but he knew he was supposed to go talk to a few of the Audaeu in the recreation room. Sighing, Ranen stood up, said bye to his father, and jogged from the room.

(Ok, now for that time skip.)

1/7/2013 #14
Silena River

((Yes, yes, I've realized that. It was sort of my idea in the first place. *wiggles eyebrows* The suggestion to skip time was merely that; a suggestion.

And I do find it entertaining how we've both got things that we want to just unfold--aka, the little secrets--without aforementioning them. Just sayin'.))

"Yes!" Chantz crowed, punching the air with his red remote controller in victory. "In your face! He grinned as he glanced from the three scores shown on the screen to the faces of his mates, Rona and Isor, who were rolling their eyes; Rona leaned over and threw a fist at Chantz's arm. Words like "Let's have another go" and "I'll get you next time" were fresh upon their lips, a playful competition in their tones. "Yeah, alright," the victorious teen agreed, starting a new game with just a few motions.

1/8/2013 #15
Abundance Seaborn
Ranen jogged into the room, atracting the eyes of a few people in the room. A few scoffed at him, annoyed because they knew why he was there. Others smiled, enjoying him, even though he was a Legatus. Ranen jogged over to few kids playing a video game. Jogging in place, Ranen said,"How is it going kids?"
1/8/2013 #16
Silena River

Chantz sighed audibly, showing his annoyance to be interrupted in the middle of a game, and sniped Rona's character from his vantage point atop a pixelated parking garage. "Got'cha!" he exclaimed, a grin flying to his face.

Rona good-naturedly pushed Chantz off his perch on the arm of the sofa, laughing as Isor's avatar ran up behind Chantz's and knifed him. "Looks like I have gotten you, mate!" Isor crowed, slapping fives with Rona in victory.

With a roll of his eyes and a shake of his head, Chantz turned to look at the Leggie in front of him. The older man was rather making a fool of himself, and the long-haired teen struck a palm to his forhead. "Hey, Rane," he muttered.

1/10/2013 . Edited 1/10/2013 #17
Abundance Seaborn

Ranen smiled and stopped jogging in place,"Sorry I made yah lose, but I had to talk to you 'bout the girl you were talking to earlier." Ranen bobbed his head side to side, listening to a few of the comments from those in the room. They where bashing him even entering the room,'Well, I will have something to talk about tonight,' Ranen though. Squatting, Ranen looked at Chantz, eye to eye,"Did you know that girl from Prudsendia is my sis? 'Cause I would like you to tel me what she said to you." With a smile, Ranen stood up and held tout a hand to help Chantz up.

1/10/2013 #18
Silena River

((Prudensia. Just remember: The Prudes.))

Chantz raised an eyebrow. "You're related to that Prude chick?" he asked, slightly skeptical that this dork could be related to someone as stiff as the girl he'd met earlier. He slid off the arm of the couch, ignoring the hand the Leggie offered him. He instead folded his arms and stared, unamused, at the Leggie, just a tad peeved that he had to look up to meet his eyes. "Oh, wouldn't you like to know," he taunted, voice low and dangerous.

Rona and Isor watched the exchange for a moment before shrugging and returning to their game. They knew that Chantz would try to intimidate the guy and act like a total jerk--if they'd seen it once, they'd seen it a thousand times--before relenting, if at all. But somehow they knew he wouldn't be kind to the dork from Legatus for a while.

1/13/2013 #19
Abundance Seaborn

(Sorry, I was on my phone and such.)

Ranen sighed and kept a smile,"Yeah, Vick is my younger sister. I merely wanted to know what she said. With these factions, I haven't been able to talk to her for months." Laughing at Chantz's taunting tone,"Now, Chantz, you don't need to taunt me, it isn't that important to know. Though it is quite a spectical, seeing someone from Prudensia talking to someone of their rival faction."

1/13/2013 #20
Silena River

((Yeah, no problem.))

Chantz shrugged and made a face. "Well, sucks for you, then. 'Cause you're not gonna know." He waggled his head sassily and turned on his heel, pushing past the Leggie and walking out of the room. "Peace out, suckas!" he called over his shoulder, flashing a peace sign.

"Might as well go," Rona advised the Legatus ambassador, eyes still glued to the screen of her video game. "You won't get anything out of him, now that he's made up his mind."

"I wish you better luck next time," Isor offered, sparing a glance in the direction of the ambassador. "But Rona is correct."

1/13/2013 #21
Abundance Seaborn

Ranen nodded and jogged out of the room. He wondered where Chantz was going. Shrugging, Ranen jogged down the hallways of Bunker 9.

Meanwhile, Vicki sat at a desk in the room she had told the boy to meet her. At the moment she was...taking care of something. Typing out something as if in convorsation, pressing enter she sat back and said to herself,"Well everything seems good still....." Vicki thought of her brother and father, she wondered what Ranen would think of what she had been doing, how she was helping people no one thought was alive...

1/13/2013 #22
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((Wait, what are the district-thingies??? Very confused.))

Sam kept her head down, thinking once more about Max. She still couldn't believe how he had left her like that--his own sister.

((And if it's the year 1537, why are they singing Journey and getting nuked?))

1/14/2013 #23
Abundance Seaborn
(They are in a bunker under ground, the bombing isn't going on any more, but it is radiation crazy out there, from what they know. And that song is amazing, so it can last that long!)
1/14/2013 #24
Silena River

((I imagine that in 1537, they're advanced, but not as advanced as everyone thinks we'll be. They've got super fancy stuff, but the year 1537 I got from a Nostradamus thing. So it had to be 1537. (I was watching a load of D-day stuff on History Channel December 20th.) Because that's when he predicted the world would end...If my memory serves me correctly, of course.

But yeah, Chantz is way old school, because his family was one of the few that remember the late 1000s and early 2000s and the stuff that was in them.

Besides, I just used the word "nukes" to describe it. You wouldn't have understood if I said the 114-118, or the Flerovium-Ununoctium bomb, which is at least 1,000x worse than a nuke. It releases the gas Ununoctium and spreads tiny, shimmering flakes of the element Flerovium. The gas locks into the systems--after you breathe it in, of course--of everyone without the blood type A or O negative. Those two have a sort of immunity to it. But if you're not killed by the gas, you're mutated by it. It makes for nasty mutated human/creature/things that may or may not still have control of their mental facilities--O negative is more resistant to this mutation and has a better chance of staying sane.

Then there's those tiny flakes of Flerovium that are floating through the air. The silver-hued flakes are quite light, and will float for weeks, if not months--or years. Some of the flakes combine with the gas, and over time are mutated into miniscule creatures that look like bright silver flecks. Small, but deadly. And These creatures have the ability to merge with each other to form a larger beast, sometimes mimicking the shapes of the carcasses of animals that had died in the initial explosion and had become their meals.

So that gives you beasts of metal--which gives them hides as tough as steel, ignoring a few weak points--and the most dangerous attributes of the creatures of their region and mutated humans that may or may not be insane. With deadly gases and pretty flecks of shimmering silver stuff floating around. Then add the radiation and tempremental I-can-explode-and-wipe-out-half-a-state thing from the nukes we have now. Multiply it by, I dunno, 1,002. And this is what you get.

Wow, I had way too much fun making that up.))

Chantz, on his way to the meeting place, passed a fierce-looking girl who he knew could only be from Audaeu. He took advantage of her obvious lack of attention paid to her surroundings and leaned against a nearby wall, arms crossed cooly over his chest. "Nice shirt," he complimented her, shaking his long hair out of his eyes.

((And that also puts a complication on the Vicki-helping-people-on-the-outside. Because they were either killed, mutated, or captured by Viruales. Which she can't know. All she can know is that they're somewhere safe and can't leave. Oh, and no bringing people in to the bunker. Yet. Unless they've got some frightening stories about the horrors of the outside world. But still, might wanna hold off.

Sorry, I've just got as many ideas for this as you do for the Mutant one, Rosie. Loads of crap is bouncing around in my poor little head and it's all bursting to get out.

And I'm glad you could join the insanity, Ria!

Oh, and there are three factions. I hope you read the Intro page, because it explains them and their attributes. But the people from Audaeu generally aren't open-minded to the people of the other two factions. The members of Prudensia are simply tolerating the ambassador faction Legatus, while hating the people from Audaeu (Let's call 'em Audaens). So yeah.))

1/14/2013 . Edited 1/14/2013 #25
Abundance Seaborn
(Woah, just....woah.....woah.......woah..... Ok, first, I have more ideas for the mutant one than we have stars in the sky. Second, I am not a fan of this evalution type thing, but I will roll with it and third, remember, the earth is huge, we have so many old bunkers that no one could possibly find them all, meaning those outside could be in a old bunker, so there.)
1/14/2013 #26
Silena River

((Well, it's mutation. Technically

But I understand how it could be seen as evolution. But think of it this way: God's creations were good. These two obscure elements were man-made and sparked a twisted evolution; bad. So I'm actually kinda labeling evolution as wrong and leading to bad things. If you look at it my way.

And yes, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe there's some random private bunker for this millionaire in the depths under Slovakia or something. In the less-populated areas. But I like that idea.

But with the technology, they could easily scan for something massive as a bunker. But that also means that bunker could be cloaked. Ooh, more confusion as I debate with myself!))

1/14/2013 #27
Abundance Seaborn
(Ah, well, it could also be really deep, I mean we won't evser be able to scan more than a mile into the earth.)
1/14/2013 #28
Silena River

((Well, with newer technology, that mile would be extended way farther.))

1/14/2013 #29
Abundance Seaborn
(But it will never be scientifically possible!)
1/14/2013 #30
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