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Among the possible hundreds of other doomsday stories and forums, yes, I decided to add to that number. But bear with me here, because this won't be your everyday apocalyptic writing forum-at least, it's not in my head. So yeah! Come brave the concoctions of my imagination-if you dare.
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Silena River

So, as this thread name suggests, this is the main thread for Audeauans to hang out or do whatever the crap they want to in their areas and such.

Okay, go.

4/10/2013 #1
Silena River

Chantz stormed into the Audeauans' common room and flopped down on one of the couches against the wall. His body language warned the other people in the room to give him the space that he desperately needed to think.

4/10/2013 #2
Silena River

((Well crap. I guess I still have to introduce Max, don't I? I'm gonna give it a half-assed attempt so you introduce your own charrie next time, Ria.))

What Chantz didn't notice was a tall boy clad in black stroll into the room. The boy had blonde hair and gray eyes were turned downward as if he were sad--like he'd seen the worst of human nature. The way he held himself spoke of kindness, and despite his downturned eyes he looked quite friendly. Those sad, friendly eyes caught sight of the choleric Chantz and he altered his destination to have a chat with the distressed teen instead.

((Okay, I don't really do half-assed when it comes to writing. But still; please learn to introduce your own darn charries, Ria.))

4/23/2013 #3
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"Hey," Max said. "What's up? Politics? Then don't say anything." Max had an incredible talent for knowing what people were going to say before they said it.

5/8/2013 #4
Silena River

"God, I wish," Chantz muttered bad-naturedly, turning his head a smidgeon. "Anything but what it really is."

5/14/2013 #5
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"So what is it?" Max asked, confused. He was used to Chantz being in politics.

5/21/2013 #6
Silena River

Chantz waved a hand in dismissal. "Complicated stuff. You don't even wanna know."

5/25/2013 #7
Phineas Angelo DeMayo
"Okay, then," Max said. He tensed as he asked his next question. "Can you at least tell me who?"
6/4/2013 #8
Silena River

"Who?" Chantz repeated, turning to sit properly on the sofa he had claimed before continuing. "Some nosy Prude and that girl Sam from our faction. The Prude is way infuriating, and supposedly Sam wasn't supposed to be here in the first place. What's up with that?"

6/4/2013 #9
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"Oh," Max said. Shut down emotions, he scolded himself. "Maybe someone was looking out for her or...or something."

8/19/2013 #10
Silena River

Chantz noticed Max's pause and peered at him. "You alright, man? You seem a bit...off."

8/19/2013 #11
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Max scoffed. "Off?" he asked, panicking behind his stoic face. "What do you mean?"

9/4/2013 #12
Silena River

"I dunno. Like you're hiding something, almost," Chantz continued, the possibility growing in his mind as he voiced it.

9/4/2013 #13
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Max put his hand on Chantz's shoulder. "Come on. I don't hide much of anything from you, but please don't ask about this." He changed the subject. "So that Christine, right?" He wolf-whistled.

((Those were Wolfstag references.))

9/5/2013 #14
Silena River

((You little arse.))

Chantz gave a little nod; he'd respect Max's wishes...on the surface. At the change of subject he shrugged. "Haven't really given her much attention; I wouldn't know."

((When it carries on to our writing you know it's gone too far.))

9/7/2013 #15
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((It's my OTP, I challenge you to NOT make Johnlock references when the situation arises))

"Yeah, whatever," Max said, rolling his eyes. If Sam found out he was here, she'd kill him.

9/9/2013 #16
Silena River

((Fair point. Judgement retracted.))

"Well, I think I'll be getting along to the weight room," Chantz changed the topic, finding a way to slip away. "Gotta stay strong in case any situations arise, if you know what I mean."

9/10/2013 #17
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"Yeah, well," Max said. "See you around. Planning meeting in about five."

((Planning for what to do if situations arise.))

9/11/2013 #18
Silena River

((Got it.))

Chantz slapped a hand to his forehead. "Oh yeah. That. I'll be there..."

9/11/2013 #19
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((Death of a Convo. Observed?))

9/12/2013 #20
Silena River


A skip to the meeting is in order, yes? Yes.))

Chantz was in a relatively bad mood; he hadn't gotten his workout time in. So he sat beside Rona and Isor quietly while they cracked jokes and horsed around. Literally. Rona had brought out her horse mask and they were taking turns wearing it.


9/12/2013 #21
Phineas Angelo DeMayo


Max stood in the shadows, wondering what would happen if Sam saw him. He knew she would probably kill him, but after that he had no idea.

Sam entered, fuming at something Keira had told her.

9/13/2013 #22
Silena River

((Ooh, fun!))

Chantz stood; it was his turn to lead the meeting this week. The teen made his way to the front of the room and stood on the Speaker's Chair, as it had become known. "Alright, settle down, you guys," he called over the noise.

9/13/2013 #23
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Sam tensed; Chatnz could put her on the spot so she wanted to be ready.

9/16/2013 #24
Silena River

"Let's open this with a bang, shall we?" Chantz said to himself, continuing with "So today I learned that there are supposed to be other people out there. In bunkers not sanctioned by Viruales." The teen took a step back to let that sink in.

The crowd was silent for a second, then all erupted into speech at once. "What do you mean?" Rona called. "How could that be possible?" Isor questioned.

9/16/2013 #25
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"Easy," Sam said, standing up. The best way to hide is to make yourself one of them. She remembered when Max had told her this. "When the world was destroyed, people had loved ones--priorities. Some of them were criminals and were pretty good at fooling the system and got their loved ones who weren't sanctioned into the bunker." She glared at Chantz, giving him a look that said don't give me away.

9/17/2013 #26
Silena River

"Pretty much like what Sam here said," Chantz agreed, giving her a roll of his eyes. "There were private bunkers--belonging to people who'd wizened up--and others survived. Yes, that could mean your families, too."

A collection of hopeful exclamations rose from the crowd, and the teen raised his hands to quiet them. "That isn't a guarantee, though."

9/17/2013 #27
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"And no one can go outside," Sam said. "So..." She swallowed her emotion like she had been doing since her brother had abandoned her. "So it's not like you can go see them."

9/18/2013 . Edited 9/18/2013 #28
Silena River

"Well, there's that too," Chantz admitted. "Nobody knows what the radiation has done to the surface world...the people who didn't make it...."

9/19/2013 #29
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"But we can't dwell on that," Sam said, her blunt tone ending the conversation. "Questions?"

9/20/2013 #30
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