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Same as SbS, except with paragraphs. Intended to be a bit more serious. Someone else can start, because I'm fresh out of ideas.
3/4/2007 #1
Will Sachiksy
Jacob was watching a woman in the rain. An umbrella hid her face, held in calculating stillness as she slipped down the empty road. As far as he could tell, she'd never travelled this part of town and only sought a passing glance or two through the neighborhood. She seemed disappointed. He could understand. He hated the rain, hated the neighborhood and every soul in it. Perhaps she did, too.
3/5/2007 #2
The Ferrett
He wound down the window, wanting to reach out to some kind of life. "Are you alright lady? Would you like a ride?" ((I do short paras unless I'm on a roll.))
3/6/2007 #3
She stared at him, her blond hair was falling over her face. Curls limp in the humidity of the july weather, her eyes wide. There was mascara slighlty dripping down. Was it the rain, or was she crying? He couldn't see it as bad aplication, the rest of her seemed so precisely put together, the three piece suite neatly arranged. "I . . ." she murmured. "I would like . . . I . . . I am . . .?" She blinked. "What would I like?"
3/11/2007 #4

The woman's eyes caught a cat walking across the road, she gasped as pain racked her body. She dropped down to her knees and she vaguely sensed someone coming to her side. Images flashed on the back of her eyelids, she saw the cat running over rooftops, then, it was lifted into the air by a large bird. She suddenly snapped out of it and looked up at the man kneeling next to her. He was almost frantic "Miss, Miss, are you ok? What happened?"

7/2/2008 #5

Her sable eyes were wide and unfocused. "The roc . . .I . . . tell Sinbad I . . . I couldn't make it in the end. I really did try though." She gave him a pleading, childish look, lower lip thrust quivering before her. "You know I tried, right?"

7/11/2008 #6
This is not a name

"I know! You fought bravely, oh valiant princess of the guardians of the Bagel of Bondo Mongo!" He knelt down dramatically beside her his arms outstretched into the wide blue yonder. "However, I must say, Sinbad will be disappointed," he popping back up as if nothing had happened. "You were so close. Feel free to play again. It will only cost you your firstborn child, two quid, and a cheese sandwich."

8/5/2008 . Edited 8/31/2008 #7
You'll Never Walk Alone

"But this isn't a game show," she said, looking up at him in confusion. "Are you some sort of nutter? Guards! Guards, quick, get him! He's escaped from the zoo, you must catch him!" she yelled, her sable eyes wide with horror as she called for Hitler's nearby bodyguards. "I said get him, you sporks!"

9/6/2008 #8

Jacob's attempt at humor, obviously, had failed rather intensely; the woman, now raving about eyeteeth and how annoying it is that they don't have eyes, clutched at him, bony hands quivering. He allowed her to grasp his flabby arms, meeting her gaze with a sharp intake of breath. "Are you sure you don't need anything, ma'am?"

9/15/2008 #9
You'll Never Walk Alone

"Let go of me!" she shrieked, smacking him smack dab in the centre of his face. "Let go of me, I say! Help, someone help!" she cried again, just as Hitler's bodyguards fell upon him and he was taken away... far, far away...

9/16/2008 #10

As he was taken away, a small dark-haired girl peered out from behind a tree. "Mama? Where are we going? I'm tired. I wanna go home." Her voice was teary and afraid, her big blue eyes wide with the terror of their situation.

The woman turned to the little girl who quickly dashed out from behind the tree and into her arms. "Oh mama why did you kill him!"

12/18/2008 #11
words are all I have

The woman held the little girl, hushing her and tearing up. "Because he's a bad, bad man" she answered. "And now he's going where he deserves."

7/22/2009 #12
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