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Marie Silver
My most beloved and fond childhood book. I love them all. Prince Caspian is my favourite and I always cry at the end of the last book. I hate the way Susan stopped believing, I think because I never would, and my favourite character is either Jill or Lucy. I enjoyed The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe film but I thought the siblings were too mean to Edmund in it. I don't really view the books as a Chistian allagory but as a tale for children's entertainment. Those are some of thoughts in The Chronicles, what are yours? ~Marie Silver~
2/23/2007 #1
Lora Taite
I think The Horse and His Boy is my favorite... It's also the only one when they don't come to Narnia from our world or leave Narnia. The Last Battle also makes me cry, just like The Return of the King. I cry primarily because it's over and there's nothing left.
3/26/2007 #2
Begging to Differ
My favourite book in this series was "The Dawntreader". I absolutely adore Reepicheep and his battle loving self. He would make an awesome pet but he would probably kill me, so...
3/31/2007 #3
Lora Taite
Yes, I loved Reepicheep. I love all the books in The Chronicles of Narnia, really.
3/31/2007 #4
A.R. O'Neal
I've always really had an affinity for this series. It's brilliantly written. Hell, I'm an atheist and I still love it. "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is my favorite. I was kind of weirded out by the ending of the series, though. I thought it was kind of stupid.
4/17/2007 #5
Marie Silver
I never realised it was a Christian book until someone pointed it out to me and it didn't make a difference to how I feel about the books. ~Marie Silver~
4/18/2007 #6
U totlayy conider it a Christain series and I love IT. I cried my eyes out in the last battle but that was becuase all the horses DIED!!!! Those stinking filthy no good dwarves killed them and when i read it i flung the book on the ground. I am a horse freak! I liked the Voyage of the dawn treader best becuase of course Repepcheep. the best character ever. I feel kinda sorry for Susan because at the last battle she was the only one not there at the train wreck. even the parents died and she was orphan but she also kinda a stunk becuase she lost faith. But favoite part of the books is the way he has the Jesus figurer of Aslan. Aslan Rocks!
4/25/2007 #7
A.R. O'Neal
*Sigh* You just praised it for all of the things I disliked about the book.
4/26/2007 #8
I read them all more or less in one go and I absolutely loved them. The Horse and His Boy was my favourite as well but I didn’t see the relations to Christianity until the last book. To me it didn't really fit but I suppose it does in a way... I loved how in the magician’s nephew the two children found their way in by the rings and the forest filled with worlds. I would have liked to see the other worlds explored but the series were wonderful anyway
5/16/2007 #9
choosing a favorite is difficult. i think maybe magician's nephew. the wood between worlds was a fantastic idea. but voyage seemed the most adventurous of the 7, with silver chairclose behind it.
6/17/2007 #10
To Be Ascertained
My favourite one has got to be either The Silver Chair or the Voyage of the Dawntreader. You just can't get books like those anymore. I was heart broken when I read the Last Battle. I was like, 'Noooooooooo! Narnia can't be gone!!!' but then it got remade again and I could go to sleep in peace. Aside from the fact Susan forgot about it all, which made me angry, because she got to have all those wonderful experiences and then helpfully shoved it all in my face by wasting them. Grrrr!
6/17/2007 #11
Doktor Beppo
Narnia is pretty shoddy compared even to Tolkien. Tolkien, while a Romantic feudalistic technophobe, did write better than CS Lewis. When they would compared what they wrote, Lewis had pages of s*** writing and Tolkien might have a single paragraph. Tolkien hated everything Lewis did write.
8/6/2007 #12
Tolkein and Lewis wrote completely differnet sorts of things. Lewis wrote for children, Tolkein for adults. Nor did Tolkein "hate[] everything Lewis did write." They were friends. They critiqued each other. I adore Dawn Treader and Magician's Nephew. Reepicheep is great; the "forest full of worlds" is in the back of my mind always. Also most amazing is the last paragraph of Last Battle, which I thought made perfect sense and wasn't a cliché happy-ever-after-untill-they-get-bored fantasy ending. The Horse and His Boy is the only one which seriously bored me, maybe because of there being no Earthling characters, or because of that strange Tash fellow.
8/10/2007 #13
The magicians nephew was boring. I slept through it. The rest was okay i guess. btw, this is mistaria potter, i hacked into my friends account.
8/10/2007 #14
To Be Ascertained
Umm, why would you hack into your friend's account? That's against the fictionpress rules.
8/10/2007 #15
not really hacking. i made her account. but its not mine because im not using my my email. I just wanted a spare fp account. She knows i know her password
8/10/2007 #16
To Be Ascertained
Oh right. That's ok I suppose. But if you didn't really hack into it, why did you say you did? Oh well.
8/12/2007 #17
I love them all! My fave baddie is the White Witch, (I think she's called), My fave animal is Aslan (he's awesome), And my fave charater overall is probably Lucy. I don't remember who said it, but whoever said that they hated Susan not believing anymore, I totally agree. The series was so great, right from the first book to the last. I was practically in tears when it ended :( Star* * *
12/2/2007 #18
Marie Silver
Wow this is weird, I have just literally finished watching Narnia for the first time in months and then in my inbox is a message sating someone's replyed to the Narnia topic for the first time in months. Spooky. Yeah the white witch (Jadis) is an awesome character and I love how we get to see her roots in The Magician's Nephew (I think it was). Aslan is awesome but not my favourite animal (though have now forgotten who is). The series was great but I'm glad they're making the films so it feels like it's not over yet. ~Marie Silver~
12/2/2007 #19
Really? Oh cool, I never knew that! Star* * *
12/2/2007 #20
I also was not aware of the christian aspect of Narnia books.I've only read one but look forward to reading the others.
2/26/2008 #21

I loved the series, and the Christian aspect certainly didn't spoil my reading and re-reading (I'm not very perceptive on things like this unless I look very closely) even though I am not Christian. They have this charm, sincerity and timelessness - every kid should read these or at least one of them. It's great that the movie managed to keep the charm, at least.

5/13/2008 #22
Marie Silver

Ooh, new film coming out soon, can't wait.

I'm studing Northern Lights for my uni course at the moment and one of the lectures was about Narnia and His Dark Materials and there's a couple of interesting articles about Narnia. One is Philip Pullman's critical view of Narnia and C.S. Lewis - The Dark Side of Narnia ( - and the other is 'Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion' ( I don't agree with everything they say but I thought they were interesting none the less.

Let me know what you think,

~Marie Silver~

5/14/2008 #23

I read the second one, and tis interesting. It seems, though, that just as the authors are bashing Narnia for being pro-Christian, they're bashing those who support its Christian if the lesson is, if you're a religious person, you're gonna like the religious symbolism in the movie, and if you're not religious, you're not going to like that symbolism. "The article sortof left me thinking "Well, duh." The phrase "the marvellously secular trilogy His Dark Materials ", made me, pardon the pun, lose faith in the bipartiality of the article's authors and therefor the literary value of their opinions. Instead of a book review, that was a rant.

6/11/2008 #24
Edalene Athene

My favourite book was probably 'The Horse and his Boy' because the main focus wasn't on people from our world. Very refeshing!! My favourite character was Susan but when she lost faith it was a bit sad. Also, Lucy is the main person, without her they wouldn't have got very far yet they still treat her like a child.

7/24/2008 #25


Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I never really thought about the "dark" side of Narnia. I am re-reading Narnia at present. I didnt get to watch the movie Prince Caspian. I did watch a tv program on C.S. Lewis recently.

Good luck in your course.

Linda G.

1/8/2009 #26
Marie Silver

I loved Prince Caspian the film (though I think a lot of that is to do with Ben Barnes). I liked how Susan was present in the fighting and they got Reechicheep (sp?) down perfectly for me. I didn't even mind the added scene where they attack the castle though the bickering between Peter and Caspian seemed pretty childish. I'm looking forward to the next film too (again, Ben Barnes playing a part in that).

For the exam I did on Narnia (amongst a few other texts) I got a 2:1 (which is pretty good).

~Marie Silver~

1/8/2009 #27

I am totally in love with Narnia. I have no idea how many times I've read the books (lots!), I've watched the movies plenty of times, and my siblings now go nuts if they even hear a semi-related word such as 'lampost' or 'mouse' or even 'Oxford'. I really like Susan too, and I was disappointed when she lost faith. I like to think that she came back eventually, maybe after she discovered that the World (as Lewis called it) wasn't as great as she thought, and maybe she had a bad experience that turned her around; I don't know (I do a lot of 'what if' stuff like that). I cry at the end of The Last Battle, because it's just so beautiful.

I thought they did a decent job with the movies, especially with the reactions of the Pevensies to not being in Narnia. It makes perfect sense to me that Peter, especially, would have ego problems, considering that he was High King. And I think that they did Reepicheep so well! I say this often (and it makes my siblings want to shoot me!): I love that mouse!

1/27/2009 #28

Personally, I didn't like the Prince Caspian movie. Had virtually no plot, not at all like the book. The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe one was quite good, but they couldn't possibly live up to the books.

My friend doesn't like them. When she said that, I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open. How can she not like them when she hasn't even read them??!! Apparently, she found them boring, but I can't actually get my head around that. They're the best children's series EVER!! My mum used to read them to me when I was little, and I was forever begging her to read more. They were my first books without pictures, and they are AMAZING!

3/10/2009 #29

OMG I love these books! They were so AMAZINGLY EXCELLENT!

LOL I like the Disney movies...I thought they were good. I had a hard time recalling what happened in Prince Caspian when I saw the movie, but when I saw it, I was like, "Whoa...this was nothing like the book..."

9/2/2009 #30
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