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A place to request reviews for your stories. If you request for a review, generally you should review the person back on something of their choice. Also, the quality of the review should be kept in mind. Give what you want to receive.


  1. Before you request reviews you must give a review to someone who has also requested. This stands for each time you request, not just the first time you posted.
  2. Review what the author asked for specifically.
  3. Don't flame, give some critique if needed, but be courteous about it.
  4. Return reviews given to you within a week, unless the review itself was a return owed to you.
  5. Don't spam this thread, follow the structure to keep it tidy.
  6. If your story is explicit, please have a warning along with your post.
  7. Reviews must be more than"I liked it, very good job"At least make them around three lines long or longer. Give quality reviews!
  8. Reviews must be at the least 150 words.

And read the whole chapter! Here's some things you can choose to review on if you can't think of anything:





Grammar and Punctuation


What you liked/didn't like...

What your post should look like:


I've reviewed: Green Pen's story The Green World

Meets 150 word minimum?: Yes

What I'd like Reviewed: My story - The Blue Ocean

Summary (optional): The story takes place in the...

Review Returns: I'm willing to return reviews given to me.

If there are questions or problems regarding anything here please post them in the Questions thread.

1/26/2013 . Edited 4/8/2014 #1

Since I'm first, I'll request a general review (critiques about plot, characters, storyline, etc.) for my story Off-Beat.

Also, for future reference, I am a huge grammar nut, so if anyone ever needs help with grammar or syntax, I am more than willing to assist.

Cám ơn.

1/26/2013 #2
Un-Ended Tales

The review for your story has been sent, hope that it is to your liking.

I would very much like a review for my story If Only You Knew. I don't have anything specific that I want reviewed so the review can be general.

1/26/2013 #3

I wrote a review in return. More to come. I like it so far. :)

1/26/2013 #4
Un-Ended Tales

Thank you for the review and grammar advice. I always have trouble figuring out where to put the commas.

1/26/2013 #5

I'm forever a grammar tyrant. Feel free to ask me about grammar any time. And remember: commas are your friends.

1/26/2013 #6

Okay guys, I made a new thread so you can state that you returned reviews that were given. That way we can keep this thread tidy with just requests. Otherwise they might get swamped by the posts.

1/26/2013 #7

Well, grammar tyrant. I'd really like it if you would review my story as well. My main problem is grammar but mostly where to place the periods. I either don't have enough or I have too many. Please tell me how my grammar is and where I need to improve.

1/27/2013 #8

Sure thing. Give me...thirty minutes.

1/27/2013 #9
Well, grammar tyrant. I'd really like it if you would review my story as well. My main problem is grammar but mostly where to place the periods. I either don't have enough or I have too many. Please tell me how my grammar is and where I need to improve.

Oh, I didn't see this sooner. Okay LightningBolt since this is still new I'll let it slid. But, generally you have to give a review first to someone in order to ask for one. The reason for this is we'll end up getting people who just request for reviews without giving anything. This is to keep things in order and structured so it doesn't turn into a mess.

So to minus confusion the first post gives an example of how this particular thread works. For grammar help you guys can bring this conversation into the Writing thread!

1/27/2013 . Edited 1/27/2013 #10

I'm unscribing.

1/27/2013 . Edited 6/22/2013 #11
I did a review for T.K. Huynh on Off-Beat. I only did the first chapter but I will do the rest later. Can I request a review on The Light and Dark? Be aware that it is a graphic story and involves a very mature content. Was that right? Its a little confusing about were I'm supposed to be posting this.
1/27/2013 #12

No that was right :)

Okay I just gave Kes a review on If Only You Knew (Ch.1)

I'm requesting reviews on Passage to Ithorah.

Story summary: Young Huntress Roeve finds herself traveling with an unlikely group on a journey that will shatter myths that have been told for centuries, on a journey that will shed light to her hidden past and bring consequences for her future, all the while leading to the Battle for Ithorah.

1/27/2013 #13

I reviewed for Kes If Only You Knew and I am requesting review for my 'Crown of Thorns'

Basically, tell me what you think of the plot line.

Summary: In a land where freedom, equality and fairness try to coexist, men, women and children all ages, statues and bloodlines will play their part in reshaping their world; whether it is by Thorns, Steel, or Ice. All will fight for they believe in their hearts to be right, Which side will you be on? But remember this….all…will pay the price either by Thorns, Steel or Ice.

1/27/2013 #14

I have reviewed Passage to Ithorah (Chapter 4) by AeonNoctis

I am requesting reviews on my "The Cycle of Dominion"

Warning: Moderately high Violence and possible themes

Summary: Humanity has destroyed itself through nuclear war, with only small pockets of people waging war for territory and resources. 3 massive ships have carried a small percentage of the survivors to distant unknown worlds. Meanwhile, fleeing an alternate reality, a small group of humans make a pact with an unknown race of machines to save their universe from itself, for a price.

Thank you

1/27/2013 . Edited 1/27/2013 #15
Luna's Child

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum.

Anyways, I reviewed Crysallea1321's story "Alien." It is really interesting by the way, you guys should check it out.

On the topic at hand, I was wondering if anyone would like to take the time to review my first solo story "More Than Meets the Eye." Here is the description:

"It's the year 2020: the height of a great war known as the Battle for Identity. The Seekers, an international organization, are constantly defending the planet against their greatest threat: the Phantoms. No one sees them, but they see everything. Join the struggle as devoted Seeker agent, Rachel Moore, must find a way to bring down these merciless killers before it is too late."

Thanks again!

1/27/2013 #16
Un-Ended Tales

I sent a review in for Luna's story More Than Meets the Eye.

Could I request a general review for my story If Only You Knew. It has been updated since the last time I requested a review.

Summary:The beasts, once trapped beneath the earth's crust, are breaking free and this version of earth falls in a matter of hours. Until there is only one person left. If she was going to die that day she wanted to be with the people she cared for.

1/27/2013 #17

For now, I'll just say generally review any of my stories that strikes your fancy really. Just know Energy Orb Wars is reaaaaally old, my Horror story "Case of the Masked Phantom" will probably no longer be finished because I have to make myself depressed to even still be able to write it and I'd rather not do that.....and my "Sparks of the Mystical Flame" still has a couple lost chapters being filled at the same time as being a work in progress still....

buuuut yeaaaaah, feel free to review any of those three you like and I'll send a review your way too.

1/28/2013 #18

Hi, Raven! Glad you decided to come over :)

Now, I'm sorry to say that isn't how this works, well, it is, but not quite. Before you can make a request for reviews in this thread, you must give a review/reviews to someone who has also requested in here. This goes for each time you post a request. It's done this way to make sure people are actually receiving reviews. If I don't make you guys review each other first, then everyone is going to request, and that's all that's going to be sitting here... requests.

The first post is an example of how this thread works.

So think of it as collateral:) But the plus side is, that review you gave, will also be returned within the week. So you are at least guaranteed one review no matter what :)

You should go through the requests and choose one to review, I personally suggest someone who has yet to receive a review since requesting.

Amtrack's The Cycle of Dominion could use some lovin' ;)

1/28/2013 . Edited 1/28/2013 #19
Luna's Child

Hey again. I just finished reviewing "If Only You Knew" by Un-Ended Tales Unravel. It's a great story, I highly recommend reading it. Anyways, I just wanted to request again reviews for my story "More Than Meets the Eye." It's my first solo long story, and I would greatly appreciate any review that is given to help me improve my work, or simply to compliment it.

Thanks again :)

1/28/2013 #20

I reviewed Timone's story The Light and Dark (Ch.1)

I'm requesting reviews for Passage to Ithorah.

Warning: contains only mild language so far.

Summary: Young Huntress Roeve finds herself traveling with an unlikely group on a journey that will shatter myths that have been told for centuries, on a journey that will shed light to her hidden past and bring consequences for her future, all the while leading to the Battle for Ithorah.

1/28/2013 #21

I reviewed Un-Ended Tales Unravels story 'If Only You Knew'.

Please Please review my story 'Skin'

1/28/2013 #22

I reviewed Luna's Child's 'More than Meets the Eye', and hidden-behind-the-stars' 'Skin'.

I am requesting reviews for either 'The Lunatic of Westerly City' (if you'd like something freshly written) or 'As a Dragon' (on later chapters, preferably).

1/28/2013 #23

Reviewed The Lunatic of Westerly City.

Please review Kina the Conquerer.

1/28/2013 #24

I took the advice of reading "The Clyle of Dominion" and left a review, though its rather late and I'm tired so forgive me if my review isn't as specific as I'd like. I'll do better on later chapters for it. :)

My request in exchange is the same as before earlier in this thread, except with a revision. I don't want anymore review for Case of the Masked Phantom for now. I'm more interested in reviews for either of the other two.

Just know that Energy Orb Wars is noticably lower in quality because its a story I wrote literally 8 or 9 years ago, and I'm slowly re-typing it all whilst making grammar fixes and minor tweaks, but its still nowhere near as good as my current works. That said, read it if you wanna have a little goofy, yet childish fun in an action format that has a odd Scifi bend to it. (Really its kinda like a Star Fox and Dragonball Z mix in terms of primary influences). I'm still currently filling the chapters in whenever I feel like it.

Sparks of the Mystical Flame I'm much more proud of, though it has two chapters "missing" as "lost chapters" I'm still trying to fill, and obviously even when going to the most up to date chapter its not finished yet. But that story is intended to be a really long one, so it'll be awhile but I'm very dedicated to working on it. (I'm on a hiatus from writing more of it at the moment though)

I look forward to review for either of the two really :)

1/28/2013 #25

Okay I reviewed Sparks of the Mystical Flame (CH.1) by RavenArchangel

And The Lunatic of Westerly City (Ch.1) by Linguistic

I'm requesting reviews again for Passage to Ithorah.

And a side note: I actually prefer if you are to review one chapter, review from beginning and not read it all in one go.

1/29/2013 #26

I have reviewed Chapter 1 of Passage to Ithorah by AeonNoctis (very good, very good indeed)

I would like some reviews and feedback for The Forest of Time, it's the first story I have ever written so I don't think it's that good but... I'll learn to make better.

Summary: Mira is living with her family in a small, beautiful town near a forest. Her life seems to be almost perfect, before it is forever changed by what she is about to witness. And her trials of suffering are only the beginning. All will bow upon the return of... the Sacred Three.


1/30/2013 . Edited 1/30/2013 #27

I've reviewed for 'If You Only Knew' by Un-Ended Tales Unravel

And I would like some feedback on my re-posted story 'The Crown of Thorns'. Just tell me what you think so far, grammar mistakes and so on...

Summary: In a kingdom where freedom no longer exists, one girl will strive to bring back peace and freedom to her people while trying to hide the secrets of her past and the demons of her future.

1/30/2013 #28

I'm going down the list and reviewing everyone's stories who posted so far, this may take a couple days but I'll get to everyone's. I started with "If You Only Knew"by Un-Ended Tales Unravel but I only got 2 chapters in so I'll be doing another review once I get to the end. I'm also reading "Off-Beat" by T.K. Huynh, but I don't feel like I know the story well enough to review it yet, so I'm going to wait a couple chapters. I wanted to let everyone know I'm looking at your work!

I don't require a Review back (It's actually kind of embarrassing to think about people reading my work :P) but go for it if you feel so inclined (I only have one story on here).

1/30/2013 . Edited 1/31/2013 #29


I reviewed "Sparks of Mystical Flame" and I quite enjoyed it.

I would like a very honest, true review of my story called The Price Of Sin. I would like some help with it too, because the main character is not a herione, and she isn't human. She's enigmatic and sometimes I find it difficult to speak through her. I would appreciate Reads and Reviews

1/31/2013 #30
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