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Ok this thread is going to be more individualistic than the Story Reviews thread. It's a turn based thread meaning we do this in turns.

This is also going to deal with multi-chapter reviews.

The way this works is, someone will post saying:

Person 1: I'll give someone Two reviews if they give me Two reviews on 'This Story'

Person 2: I'll give you Two reviews on 'This Story'. I'd like you to review 'My Story' in return.

Then this transaction is done and we move on to someone else.

Person 3: I'll give someone Three reviews if they give me Three reviews on 'This Story'

Person 4: … you get the idea.

You can request between 2-5 chapters. And you can only ask for how much you gave.

DO NOT make a request if someone still has an open trade. Either take the open trade or WAIT until someone else does THEN you can make your own request.


  1. You have THREE days to finish a request you take on. If you feel you can't do it even after you posted, edit your post and say withdrawn so someone else can do it.
  2. If two people take on the same request by accident, only the person who posted first will be chosen.
  3. Reviews need to be at LEAST 150 words and must be more than "I liked it, very good job"And read the wholechapter(s)!
  4. Don't make a request if you don't plan on holding up your end. That isn't fair to the person who accepted the request.
  5. Don't make a request after a unclaimed request. You either accept the person's trade, or wait until someone else does before making a request of your own.
  6. Attach a warning with your request if the chapters of the story you're requesting to trade are explicit. Also, if you're someone who refuses to read explicit work, it's your responsibility to put that information in your trade request.
  7. Number your request.
  8. After claiming a request state: Trade Taken, Next Request.

Some things you can choose to review on if you can't think of anything:





Grammar and Punctuation


Since this one's new, there will probably be a bit of trial and error until everyone gets the hang of it so questions are to be asked in Questions thread!

2/1/2013 . Edited 4/8/2014 #1
Darcy Quinn

Request #1

I guess I'll start since I haven't started reviewing yet and I don't really know anybody. My name is Darcy, and

I'll give Two reviews to someone if they review Two chapters of my story called "Tired"

and I have three chapters posted so far (hopefully four by the end of this weekend). Any takers?

P.S. Is that how this thread is supposed to work?

2/1/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #2

It is, but lets keep it a little more structured :) so I'll tweak your post a bit.

2/1/2013 #3

Ill take on Darcy's request :) and once I'm done I'd appreciate the returns to go to my story Passage to Ithorah.

2/1/2013 . Edited 2/1/2013 #4
Darcy Quinn

Sounds good! I'll start probably tomorrow at the latest. :)

2/1/2013 . Edited 2/1/2013 #5

Ok Aeon is taking on Darcy's request.

Someone's free to make a new Request!

2/1/2013 #6

Request #2


I'll give One review to someone if they give me One review on my story called 'The Specto Chronicles: The Crown of Thorns' (There's only one chapter up so far)

Did I do it right?

2/1/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #7

I have reviewed LightningBolt21's story called The Specto Chronicles: The Crown of Thorns and would like to request that someone review my story called The Princess of the West. Please and thank you.

2/2/2013 #8

Actually Lightningbolt will review you since you agreed to her request. Asking for general reviews are for the Story Reviews thread.

Ok Next Request.

2/2/2013 . Edited 2/2/2013 #9

Request #3

I will give two reviews to someone who reviews two chapters of my story "The Princess of the West"

2/2/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #10

Okay I'll review for Hellsing since no one has taken this yet :) In return I'd like reviews for Passage to Ithorah.

2/2/2013 #11

OK Aeon's got Hellsing

Next Request.

2/2/2013 #12
Midnight Writer2012

Request #4

I'll give two reviews if you give me two reviews to my story A War of the Heart.

2/2/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #13

I'll review Midnight Writer 2012 A War of the Heart. It'll be up before Sunday's over.

2/2/2013 #14

Ok, Hellsing's got Midnight

Next Request.

2/2/2013 #15

Request #5

I'll give Two reviews to whoever give me Two reviews for my two chapters of 'The Spero Chronicles: The Crown of Thorns.'

2/2/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #16
I'm up for the challenge. I will try and have them posted before Monday is over. :) Could you please review my story Dead or Alive? Be warned it is rated M, mostly for graphic violence, and brief heavy language.
2/3/2013 #17


Next Request.

2/3/2013 #18
Emerald Viper

Request #6

I will trade TWO reviews also. My weakness is punctuation, however, so if that is something you particularly want help with - we'd best not trade stories.

I am also easily squicked out (by graphic sex or gore), so if you are writing anything "adult", I'd rather not read it.

I am particularly interested in folks reading the two stories I am actively working on - either Dreams of Endymion or Paladin.

I need a lot of help with the third & fourth chapters of Paladin (the story is losing steam and I don't want to give up on it, because later chapters are already written). If you do review, however, please don't repeat what other reviewers have already said. Give me something new and constructive, and I will try to do the same for you. Sorry for amending this post, it is late my time and my head isn't very clear.

2/3/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #19

Ok well first state how many reviews you want on your story, and also be aware that you are expected to give the same amount.

And by 'Adult' state what you mean, like adult language? Graphic violence? Sexual content? I'm kind of thinking you mean the later. I'm saying this because some can have one of the three or all or whatever, that way we can be clear.

For your story, I'd choose one story for a request, and it seems like you're leaning towards Paladin? Unless you wouldn't mind the person choosing between the two. :)

2/3/2013 #20

I'll do the chapters for Paladin.

On my story, please don't do the Prologue, it's around 300 words and takes like 5 minutes of reading time :P My story says M but there's nothing really graphic about it, just language sometimes.

2/3/2013 #21

Ok ArmachiA has Emerald

Next Request.

2/3/2013 #22

Request #7

One review for one review. If someone reviews my story 'Metal Sun' I'll give them one review in return. how about that?

2/4/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #23

I've reviewed Sombrette's "The Passage to Ithorah" Very good and I recommend it.

2/4/2013 #24

While that story is actually the bomb Hellsing you might want to put this in the returns section since it just seems like a logging. XD

2/4/2013 #25

I will reveiw RimaToya's Metal Sun.

2/5/2013 #26

Request #8

I'll give Three reviews to anyone who reviews my three chapters.

2/5/2013 . Edited by FyloeFox, 2/19/2013 #27
Midnight Writer2012

I will review your story! Should have them reviewed by this weekend!

2/5/2013 #28

Thanks, which one of your stories do you want me to review?

2/5/2013 #29
Midnight Writer2012

A War of the Heart please!

2/5/2013 #30
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