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I'm hoping to keep you guys up to date on stuff that I have been working on, as well as when some of the next updates will be released. So I decided to start this forum, so that you guys can get in touch with me, whether it be to simply talk, or give suggestions!
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Okay, those of you who have been waiting for me to repost the new E-Soul chapters will not have to wait much longer.

Now I would have had them up sooner. But work takes up most of my time, and things in general have been a little hectic. I am sorry that it took so long.

One thing I thought that I would add to E-Soul's improved pages are 'files'. These files would give readers insight into characters, and even point out the differences between the 'old style' characters and the 'new style' characters. I have always wanted to do info pages on them, and I think that it would be a great add-on.

If you guys want to leave suggestions or stuff for E-Soul here, feel free to do so! Heck, you can even post links to fanart or to stuff that reminds you of E-Soul if you want!


2/3/2013 #1

E-Soul is finally back on track! I finished the first chapter, and am currently working on the second.

I'm wanting to do this in a sort of 'anime-based' format. How? Well...

Each week, one chapter would be updated, most likely on Tuesdays, with each chapter being (according to my word processor, Open Office) around 10 pages long. Each arc, or 'season', would be around 10 chapters, or 'episodes', long, with a possible double-size episode uploaded as the final and/or first episode of a season.

I'm hoping to stick with this format, because, honestly, I missed working on E-Soul. However, I'm wanting to do more than post about updates and stuff. Oh, no. There's more.

I'm sure there are some who read my stories and think : "Just what happened before this all started?" "Why are some things changed from the original (this is for those of you who read and remember much of the old version)?" and "Just what do these characters look like to the author?"

I'm going to be posting different things in this forum, having to do with changes between this version and the last, links to my DA (Deviant Art, for those of you who, somehow, don't know what that is) artwork, and also a series of flashbacks called 'Origin Stories', where the pasts of the characters are revealed and explained.

If I don't have updates of extras up, It's because I'm either unable to because of life, or because I just didn't get to finish them in time. But I hope to keep everything running smoothly. In the meantime, feel free to comment on anything E-Soul related, and check out my stories if you feel like it.


6/2/2013 #2
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