Love and Sexism
What do you think about the relationship between the sexes in romance novels? I encourage you to express your honest opinions.
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Ok, I'm Padalock, and I practicly live in the romance section of FictionPress. And I love what I see there. But I do have one little problem. I swear sometimes that I am the only guy that has the nerve to read and post there. So come on guys, post here and show me I'm not alone. And post there too, so we can have a few more stories where a male lead chases after a girl (not that I dont like reading girl chase after guys, or even the occasional slash, but i just dont always relate). And in case you didnt get it from the previous sentance, no, I am not gay. I like girls. Alot. Too much really. But thats another story.
10/26/2007 #1
Dude, I totally understand where you are coming from. I think that the romance section is where I read and post 98% of the time. To me, it's the only one worth reading. Other portions, such as sci fi, I would rather see in action (for example, on a movie screen). Not to say thta it's not worth my time reading, but i'd rather spend my time reading something more relatable!
10/28/2007 #2
Serom Kim
I don't like romance because I think it's annoying, cliche, and full of whiny leads. It's just not something I like. I usually read stories in the general section because it has mostly everything. I like sci-fi, but the stories here aren't what I like. Action is okay, but not enough stories in that section. This section has a few good stories, but it usually annoys me more than anything else. And I'm a girl, in case you were wondering.
10/29/2007 #3
Yo, Padalock & others. I read there a lot too. I write there a lot too. Means you missed me right? :(
12/28/2007 #4
Sword of the Earth
hmm, so I'm not the only dude who's crazy? No, wait, still a dude....but still crazy... But I browse these forums occasionally...even though they are a graveyard nowadays...just to get tips on how I can improve the various romance scenes in my novel. -ST
1/29/2008 #5

Hi, I'm a girl but just two things: first off, I am very impressed by any guy who has the self confidence to read and/or write romance. Second, if anyone's having trouble find guy authors "Beating the Game" is a particularly good romance in my opinion, written in the guys perspective. The author is Lord Iron-Balls. One guess which gender. So yeah, take a look if you haven't already

6/26/2008 #6
Miss KK

Great to know that there are other guys out here! In fact, one of the stories I'm writing right now, it's a co write. Me and another guy are writing it together. Check it out if you have time.

And guys, thanks for coming out and being honest!

10/7/2008 #7

Hey - so, I'm a girl, just so you know. But I think it's really cool that guys write and read in the romance section. I really like that. :)

so, yeah - just thought i'd say that. And I'm interested in reading some of your romance stories, it'd be interesting to read it from a guy's point of view. I'll check some of them out.

11/24/2008 #8

Hey--okay so I'm a girl but it's awesome that you guys can just come out with it and say that you like romance novels/you write them.

It's nice to see a guys point of view but what I think would be great is a co-written story with a boy and girl because a guy would know how a guy would react and a girl would know how a girl would react that way it would be more realistic. Plus it would be interesting to get a chance to see how the other sex thinks. I would soooooo be up for that.

4/17/2009 #9
Mayor of Alternia

Okay, I'm a guy and I looove romance novels. I've just started writing them, started off with a couple smut stories but I just started my first actual.. story. I'm a sucker for romance. XP

8/23/2009 #10
Monochromatic Stains

I'm a guy.

I haven't published anything yet but I plan too soon.

Just gotta work on my punctuation and grammer skills.

9/13/2009 #11
Mortal Soul

Well...not saying what I am since I find it private. But I think my penname and avatar are good enough hints to my gender...or not. LOL

Well, I still didn't post a story yet or don't know if I will ever get the chance to, but what I have in mind is that the story will have one or two dominant women in my story since this site seem to lack it so.

11/26/2009 #12

I'm a girl but I'm glad there are guys out there willing to admit they like to read and write romance stories. I think that's awsome! I've caught my boyfriend reading romance stories from my favorites list and he flat out deny's. I'm glad you guys are man enough to say you like roamnce stories.

5/1/2010 #13
Vinko Ravindra

I come here occasionally. It's an uncommon thing, though.

5/3/2010 #14


I'm very enthusiastic about having guys read and write romance, 'cause I strongly believe that literary genres and themes know no gender... or sex...

However, what is labeled as 'romance' on the book market (which is what I myself happen to read, enjoy, write and generally define as 'romance') is overwhelmingly written by female authors. I would say 100%, but you can never be sure.

That doesn't mean that there's no room for men in the romance niche. But it does mean that it is not a given, or an evidence. The few men I've ever come across who claimed to write romance actually wrote stuff that was very far from what I am used to reading. Granted, that doesn't mean it is necessarily bad (though I've often found that men treat love/sex more vapidly and less explicitly than women), but I just wouldn't call it 'romance'.

Not all love stories belong to the romance genre IMO. Or do they? It's an open question...

2/3/2011 #15

romance section yep that me and i'm all guy power over here however sometimes I like it a little mix like action and romance is the best once mix and I see what other ppl think, tho writing co is something I wanted to do for a while as well somethen like an rp but its a full blown story

12/24/2013 #16
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