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What do you think about the relationship between the sexes in romance novels? I encourage you to express your honest opinions.
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What do you believe came first: Stereotypes in reality or stereotypes in fiction? Do you think that stereotypes are built into relationships between males and females? Or should I say females and males? This topic derives from a few of the posts in the other thread, "Sexes in Romance novels".
4/12/2007 #1
Juni Lyn
I think the word stereotypes is misleading. Because it is a modern terminology. And people didn't think in terms of stereotypes until modern times. I think you are who you are. But people can see similarities in others and in themselves because fundamentally we (those who share economic and geographical backgrounds plus humans in general) are the same or at least we think/react to things in similar ways. Humans tend to think in patterns so we see a pattern in the way females act and males act. I think there are built in themes/situations in all relationship and we as humans react to them in similar (not all the time mind you) ways.
4/18/2007 #2
Serom Kim
A stereotype is a general view of a certain group and only one view of that group. If a person thinks that the stereotype of a person is reality, then there would be no unique people. All women would be either docile and sweet or tough and independent. All men would be jaded and slow to trust or ladies' men. All minorities would be the same, there would be nothing unique about an individuual from the group. Do you see that happening? No. Stereotypes are not the reality.
4/22/2007 #3
Juni Lyn
I would have disagree, stereotypes are happening. A stereotype is something people (well most of them) purposely set out to be. Stereotypes are just limited to personalities either. But there are stereotypical personalities, i.e. Goth, Emo, Sun-valley, Gangster, Ghetto, etc. Stereotypes usually come from someone's person's point of view at another person. Meaning we cast other people into stereotypes and people are casting us into stereotypes. Stereotype has another name...racial profiling...which might be seen as the political correct way of saying I'm not sure but regardless it's still stereotyping people. Yeah people are individual but that doesn't mean that stereotyping does exist because it does. Stereotyping is a way of grouping supposedly like things together.
4/22/2007 #4
Stereotypes do exist. You will always have girls who blush unreasonably and guys who flirt with anybody under thirty in a skirt. The problem is people don't realize that most people can't be labeled one single stereotype unless they are purposely trying to be; people are unique even though we do have a broad similarity in thought processes. Not all smart kids wear huge glasses and play video games all the time and not all athletes fail to understand bitingly sarcastic wit. We were just brought believing that being one thing inevitably led to being another.
5/19/2007 #5
Christy Leigh Stewart
Stereotypes aren't just people, but situations. A friend and I talked once about things that have happened in our lives that seem straight out of some stereotypical of cheesy stories. We could actually name quite a lot. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.
1/26/2008 #6
Sword of the Earth
Hmm, the replies to this are fairly old...but heck, why not. Ugh...the stereotypes KILL readers....reading about a dominant male character protecting the weaker female burns my retinas. So I decided to twist it up a little in my novel...(so what if the main characters are griffins....same idea though) Upon reading the posts about the "overbearing brother" thing, I have to admit, that was one aspect I put in....which I am thinking of switching up a little. I would explain of how I switched up my character's identities/stereotypes....but I'm not sure if this is going to be read anyhow. (if someone wants me to explain, I'd be glad to) Well, that's my two cents, -ST
1/29/2008 #7
King's litirate
You'll all hate me for this... I think that people are overreacting of stereotypes. Even though if your a chick you may go on about how the only differences between them and guys is physical, but if you look around some of the stereotypes are true. Like this, Most chicks like to be pampered by guys, not that the man is dominet though, because he knows the chick has the biggest say so in the relationship, because if you do think about it, chicks get emtional more than guys. In general. Even though this may be bashing a little bit, I think I'll say it anyway. I've seen chicks be hipocrits. I totally just mispelled that. Anyway, I have this freind, who says she's bi (If you ask me I think its just because she wants attention.) Who joined a wheight training class. While we were waiting for the bus she was complaning about haveing to run. Now she had the choice to join the class, and she's complaning about running, well in my gym class we run every day. (Weight training is supossed to be harder.)I was forced to the gym class, she chose to join wheight traning.
2/11/2008 #8
Stereotypes are considered a bad thing. They are not necessarily a bad thing. They become a problem when they are amplified by the media. Stereotypes emerged from the human psychological instinct to categorize things. Like when you see a tree you think: "plant". And when you see someone with long hair (at first instinct) you think: "girl". This is a necessary human trait. We cannot remember everything we see as an individual memory (the brain would go into the biological equivalent of overload) so we categorize things by similarity. People are categorized into subgroups, most commonly male and female. Judging by what we see people in a certain "category" do something, we remember it as "that blond chick" or "the guy with sunglasses" or "the Asian dude" did something. Next time we see a "blond chick" or something belonging to that category, we expect similar reactions. As humans, we only remember enough information to predict the future. Anything more than that is unnecessary information. The more primitive form of this is "moving things" and "non-moving things". "Moving things" can move and may hurt you if you get close to them; "non-moving things" will not hurt you. If you've read White Fang (by Jack London), he explains this much better than I have here. Because of the media, stereotypes are over-simplified by our minds. The more often we see the expected reaction, the more expected it becomes. In the media, stereotypes are often exaggerated; further embedding them into our minds. Moderate stereotypes are not only okay, they are necessary for human survival. They only become because a problem when they are amplified by the media.
3/21/2008 #9
Ligeia de Valois

I must disagree with you love. While the word "stereotype" is fairly new, I think people have had pre-conceived notions of other people for as long as there have been people.

4/9/2008 #10
heavy wings

Stereotypes, I hate them. Reading about a big strong man protecting a weak innocent woman just burns me. It really does.

6/6/2010 #11
A Fire Rose

I suspect stereotypes are a sliver of reality blown out of proportion. And cliches were probably when someone wanted to be a maverick, and everyone copied him/her.

10/14/2011 #12
Fizzy Bath Bomb

surely a stereotypical person is just a type of person who we come across over and over again in our experiences and lives?? surely they are simply a common type of person?? I think stereotypes came first in reality because reality came before fiction!

fizzy x

8/23/2013 #13
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