Love and Sexism
What do you think about the relationship between the sexes in romance novels? I encourage you to express your honest opinions.
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Serom Kim
Don't you guys ever find it funny how romance stories go? The female writers of fictionpress are most likely supporters of women's rights and stuff and at the same time, they're writing either about retrograde societies like the medieval times when women had no rights or about women who are tough at first but give in to a guy.
4/22/2007 #1
That to me sounds like a typical generalization. But then again I think about 90% of the whole population of ALL females want to gain/keep rights that keep them equal to men. And I don’t think because they fall in loves means they have lost their drive to stay strong and fight for rights. Being ‘soft’ has nothing to do with ones personal beliefs. Not to mention in some of those story settings the women ARE, indeed, fighting for their rights. They tend to be strong and blunt thus the reason the men fall for them.
5/29/2007 #2
Serom Kim
Problem is that the women seem to "fall" for the man, no matter how strong-willed or independent they are said to be. It just makes the female look weaker to me ...
5/31/2007 #3
I completely agree! But don't forget that guys, even the ones that say they're just in it for the sex, tend to fall for that one girl who's somehow different from the others, maybe it's just because they're the kind of people you don't usually notice. Guys 'magically' become attached to a girl as well; we just don't see that way because it's written from the girl's point-of-view. I do believe there's someone out there for everyone, but honestly, these stories seem so forced. And in an attempt to make their guy and girl fall in love, they tend to make them so out of character it becomes farcical. And the demons hidden from everybody else is so overused, but people still do it: abused, depressed, death in the family, evil (step)parents... About females seeming weaker, people still believe in the 'strong man' philosophy. The men should take care of finances and things that go bump in the night while women should take care of the kids and the kitchen. What about stories where the woman actually has power? You know, you never see female bosses, even though, according to recent surveys, they're less expensive to hire than male bosses. And everybody's Caucasian...
8/30/2007 #4
Ok, my name is Padalock, and i am one of the few guys that post/reads in the Romance section of FictionPress. And i totaly agree with you. the girl always either starts out with a crush that just falls into her hand, or she develops one quickly. and the guy either uses her, or becomes her perfect little prince charming. oh well. mine is a bit different, but thats because i personaly dont like to be in charge in a relationship, i dont want to wear the pants. wow that came out weird...
10/26/2007 #5
Yay...SK and I aren't the only readers who think the women are entirely too soft. I tried to write something different. See, my male lead is completely like me, except for the fact that he's a guy; so he probably comes off as a little girly (or maybe refined, I'm not quite sure *ponders*). Most of my stories have the guy fall for the oblivious girl first. I personally hate the stories where the whole story is about how hot the player guy is. We've already had a long discussion about how incredibly unrealistic player falls for and is faithful to simple nobody is and how falling for looks is stupid. Once again I tried to make the first thing my guys (and girls) love personality, usually intelligence. This is gonna be my equalist side coming out, but it's not just the women who have stereotyped roles. Feminism is old and outdated now. Sexism against men is so much more prevalent now: See how the guy in all the stories has to be loud and arrogant and charismatic or otherwise he's a wimp, but the girl can (usually) be his quiet best friend, his arrogant enemy, the quiet nobody he notices, the little-bit-of-everything sister of his best friend, etc. just as long as her social level isn't higher than the guy's. Whenever you try to write about a strong girl, reviewers always call her a w*** because they're so used to their men being the strong ones. I fail to see how prostitution correlates with leadership. What is so inherently wrong about guys who, as Padalock says, "don't want to wear the pants" and girls who do?
10/27/2007 #6
Serom Kim
Another person to talk to. Great. I only have one romance story as of now and I've got so many complaints that the main girl is acting too masculine and the boy is too feminine. I don't think there's a problem with that, since the girl is the popular one and the boy's pretty much out of the school social system. Now I'm rewriting the story because the original version isn't to my liking, but it's about a popular girl and a not popular boy. Er, feminism, yeah. I don't really think that we need it as much in the U.S.A. if at all.
10/29/2007 #7
Christy Leigh Stewart
I agree with all of you guys, but I also think girl characters don't need brass balls to be strong leader types. I like seeing lead woman roles with sensitivity, but that tends to make them weak. Why can't a woman be sensitive and strong? I have such a hard time believing romances...I've tried writing them before but just couldn't do it. The newest story I'm doing is, well partly, romance and it's so hard.....It is slash though, so that is a little different. I'm trying to do it to prove to myself and a friend that I can do it, but I think maybe I can't lol Romance is hard.
1/26/2008 #8

Hey that isnt true, not all girls are the ones to 'fall' first in many stories on here and i definitely dont plan to do that nor would i read something that makes the females appear to be little dolls...not all stories are like that on here though

10/14/2008 #9
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