The City of Eyes
The city is full of strangers. All different species and all different walks of life. The tower serves as a shelter from the turmoil, but even the help seems eerily dangerous. Trust is difficult to come by outside of the various groups that have gathered here, but you may find your place in 'The City of Eyes'. TAKING MEMBERS!
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Svfn's list of things that ruin role plays:

1. Excluding information that is viable to the role play, under the assumption that people already know.

2. Members that don't follow the rules.

3. Random 'moving-on' moments without everyone in the role-plays consent. (example: Suddenly it's tomorrow for some of the characters, even if others are still finishing a scene)

4. Characters that speak, do several things or otherwise fill a post with actions that could be responded to, but then totally kill anything that could have been responded by rushing off in the end of the post.

5. No room for reply, such as, one liners.

6. People that write with too much fondness in their writer's voice, as if their character is the best thing to hit planet earth.

7. God-modding.

8. Absence of leadership.

9. Jumpy plot syndrome: when people get too bored and start making up things on the fly, ignoring previous plots that have slowed down.

10. Instant-love.

11. The single blues: being the only person left out of a couple since everyone else got together with who they first interacted with.

12. Over posting/under posting.

13. Posts that are two miles long and describe absolutely nothing.

14. Absence of relevance.

15. Not letting dead plots die.

16. Too much OOC, especially when two people talk about a plot idea where everyone else in the rp can see, and then progress to do said plot idea, even though everyone else just saw exactly what was going to happen. Take it to a PM.

17. Revealing all the history at once. With a character or plot.

18. Too many people/not enough people.

19. One person who interacts with themselves more then anyone else.

20. Different tenses within the same rp. Past, present.

21. Different persons within the same rp: first, third, missing person, second.

22. Too many rules/not enough rules.

23. Cussing.

24. Inappropriate interactions.

25. 'Perfect' characters.

26. I'm just so beyond anyone-anything-any help- any request-any anything- that my character just sits there and pretends he/she's cool.

27. Over drama.

28. And then he fainted, and then she died.

29. Oh no, Billy! Why Billy? Why?

30. And everyone turned and looked at how purty he was. And they all loved him, da end.

31. He snapped her neck, as she died he laughed.

32. Characters that are unrealistic.

33. People who think they own the plot, and that their character should always be the center of attention.

34. Politically corrector writing.

35. Neutral characters, 'whatever man'. Characters with no actual personality.

36. Lists of things people think kills role-plays.

3/22/2013 . Edited 4/1/2013 #1

Rules to abide by:

1.Third-person, past tense writing exclusively.

Example: He went to the park.

As apposed to: I go to the park.

If this is too complicated for you, this is not the Role Play for you.

2. Limited one liners and no abbreviated text, the latter is an insult to the English language and to this role play.

3. If you are going to make multiple characters I would like to be able to tell them apart by their attributes and mannerisms, not only by their name and character sheet. This rule is in place to better your characterization and character development. React realistically for your character but within reason. If you character is a psychopathic maniac I can understand some abnormal responses, but attempt realism.

4. Listen to moderators. I will assign moderators who will abide by these rules and will approve or disapprove character forums. Listen to them as you would me, in my absence.

5. Always include your character's name in posts that are in regard to your character. The only exclusion to this rule are posts that describe rooms and settings and such.

6. Be creative and active. Feel free to make your own action, summon up trouble, get into arguments, fight, die. Feel free.

7. You are permitted side characters to maintain realism. This is a large city, full of two many people to fill out character sheets for. If you would like to go zombie hunting, make some zombies. This of course, done only within reason. Once a character is features three times or more you will need to make a character sheet. When I say featured, I mean recurring in the plot.

8. No Play format:


Billy: Hello.

Janis: How are you?

Billy: Swell thanks.


Example 2:

Mike: (walking in, while on the phone) How could I forget?

Jojo: (to Amy) He didn't forget!

Amy: How could he?

4/1/2013 . Edited 4/1/2013 #2
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