The City of Eyes
The city is full of strangers. All different species and all different walks of life. The tower serves as a shelter from the turmoil, but even the help seems eerily dangerous. Trust is difficult to come by outside of the various groups that have gathered here, but you may find your place in 'The City of Eyes'. TAKING MEMBERS!
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Here you can purpose clans and the like within the role-play and join groups other members have created. It's recommended you check back here and that you maintain and update any clan you create. Groups can have any aim, weather it is to survive, to rebel or to seek out the object of power before the Occi do. Feel free.


Group name:








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Group name: The Occi

Leader/chief: Unknown, referred to as 'The Witness', 'The Watcher', 'Boss', 'Big Brother', or "The King of Eyes'.

Territory: The City of Eyes is all within The Occi's territory, though they do not exclude from their boarders. The only location beyond their reach is the hills and mountains outside the city.

Goals: The Occi's hidden agenda seems to have to do with first locating the object of power. What the group plans on doing with the power they obtain is uncertain.

Members: All foot-agents and Soul-jars that haven't gone rogue, as well as other officers, searchers, explorers, and hunters.

Enemies: Most other clans within the city.

Mark/Color/Uniform: Occi uniforms can vary, but tend to look clean-cut and nearly army status. On the left upper arm of every Occi member (other than undercover agents) is an arm strap with a single eye on it.

Other: The Occi are currently the strongest and most common-place group in the city.

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Group name: Worker Bees

Leader/chief: 'Ben-Ben'.

Territory: Small clusters all over the city of eyes. Mainly in the bad lands, or the east. There is a main HQ more recently in The Hills due to increased Occi hostility.

Goals: To protect the object of power from falling into (mainly) the Occi's hands, as well as the hands of anyone else. This group forms outreaches to protect people on the Occi's hit-list, and to protect people in general.

Members: Ben-Ben. Ketzil.

Enemies: The Occi and groups that are seeking the object of power.

Mark/color/uniform: Worker Bees have been labeled by the Occi as enemies of the city, and thus can be shot on sight. For this reason only those with a death wish ware the Worker-Bee's yellow attire (head-scarfs, yellow bandannas tied anywhere on the person.) Sometimes stripes can be taken as Worker Bee uniform or as a sign of Worker Bee sympathy.

Other: The group is very well known in the city and very powerful. Always OPEN to new members.

History: The team originated approximately 25 years ago, though it was only an organized group 15 of those years. Before Ben-Ben it is rumored the Worker Bee's worked for the Occi before the two began to have differing interests.

Side Note: Rogue Worker Bees are known as Killer Bees.

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Razor's Edge


Group name: The Nightblades

Leader/chief: They have no central leader; instead, they have a council, with each person specializing in the main aspects of the guild (Assassination, Misinformation, Infiltration, and Sabotage)

Territory: They have no distinct territory; instead, they have hideouts spread throughout the city. Nobody knows the location of the main hideout, but it is rumored that it is close to the heart of the Occi operation.

Goals: The toppling of the Occi, and the prevention of another group from rising to power; basically, they want total anarchy, where their skills will be sought after.

Members: The membership is mostly Nocturnes, with a few being of other races.

Current leaders are Ivan Golov (Assassination), Marina Valderin (Infiltration), Tomas (Misinformation), and Vincent Claudius (Sabotage). Normal members include Klisa Holster.

Enemies: The Occi and anybody who supports them.

Mark/color/uniform: While they don't have special uniforms, their hideouts are usually distinguished by a symbol of a moon.


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Group name: The Black Star

Leader/chief: (I will make him)

Territory: No set territory as they go everywhere. Their main base is somewhere near the Tower, this way it is easier to go wherever they please.

Goals: To insight war between the other groups, so chaos and disorder spreads, creating a new world where the majority suffers.

Members: Several people have joined his cause, and he accepts members of all species and backgrounds.

Enemies: N/A yet

Mark/color/uniform: They mostly appear as civilians. But can wear dark cloaks, appearing almost like a cult.

Other: They play all the other groups against each other.

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(Once you have established a leader please set a territory of some sort, like if there is a main base or what not. After that this is accepted.)
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Group name: The Awakened Ones

Leader/chief: Pernes Belnes

Territory: As of late, the group has set up operations in a series of underground caverns beneath The Hills.

Goals: The Awakened Ones believe that humanity is descended from a group of psychic superhumans called 'The Ancestors', and that most of humanity, now devolved has suppressed their true nature (which leads to their name). The Awakened Ones's goals are to usurp control over the city in order to 'awaken' the population.

Members: Wild people, mad people, failed experiments, or outsiders that believe in the Ones's philosophy.

Enemies: Any that attempts to get in their way.

Mark/color/uniform: The preferred wear amongst the ranks is a black, hooded cloak made of tough fabric; their habitat is dark caves, so they tend to 'blend with the night'. Thus, the cloaks are helpful in that sense.

Other: The group's 36th anniversary is upcoming.

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Group name: Goto

Leader/chief: "Blair the Transparent"

Territory: Gotos are scattered all around the city, they don't stay in one place very long since their pretty much ghosts to many, including the Occi. They have 2 main hideouts, the East and the Tower.

Goals: Gotos, meaning thief, are masters at sabotage, extraction, and stealth. They primarily steal information from groups threatening the wellbeing of others, mainly the Occi then, feed it to groups who can help. Supplying secrets for many years they are a great ally to have, that is if you can identify one.

Members: Several people, some human and some other species.

Enemies: Those they have stolen from, though they probably don't know it yet.

Alliance: Chaotic Neutral

Mark/color/uniform: They are very hard to identify, let alone know they exist, but they all have eyes which when shadowed by their hoods, look as if they have a backlight to them. All Goto's have a Cloaking Field which allows them to vanish from plain sight, though they can't attack while cloaked. Their appearances vary, though all members have black hoods and the backlight eyes. Some wear a silver ring containing a yellow gem with a black gem on both sides as to show Worker Bee sympathy.

Other: Their hideouts are hidden in plain sight by a cloaking field called a Glamour, Goto's backlit eyes allow them to see past it and enter. Goto's eyes are thought to be artificial.

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((Accepted. They will fit in swimmingly.))

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