The City of Eyes
The city is full of strangers. All different species and all different walks of life. The tower serves as a shelter from the turmoil, but even the help seems eerily dangerous. Trust is difficult to come by outside of the various groups that have gathered here, but you may find your place in 'The City of Eyes'. TAKING MEMBERS!
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Here you can choose from the list of known species in the city, or you can create your own. If you are creating your own species please fill out the species forum before filling out your character forum. Both your new species and character will need to be accepted before you can role play. Species listed as 'Exclusive' will need to be approved by their creator before you may make a character for that particular species. If you have any questions in regard to species please PM me or ask in chat, DO NOT fill up this section of the forum with chat or questions.


Species name:

Species origin:

General appearance:



Preferred environment:

Most active at: (Times, include if nocturnal or anything related to times of greatest activity level)

Characters of this species:


3/24/2013 #1


Species name: Migas

Species origin: Under earth: beneath the planet's crust.

General appearance: Grey, black, white skin tone, or any mixture of the three. Below four feet tall and petite. Three fingered and toed. No obvious gender differences. No pupils in their eyes.

Abilities: Naturally advanced taste and enhanced ability to hold their breath. Everything else depends from Migas to Migas.

Weaknesses: The species is weak natured and can easily dehydrate or be burned in the sun.

Preferred environment: Underground or in cool shaded places.

Most active at: Mainly nocturnal, though they require very little rest and can be seen in the day time.

Characters of this species: Ketzil.

Other: EXCLUSIVE. Please request characters of this species before posting their forum. Members of this species are rarely seen on the earth's surface.

3/24/2013 #2


Species name: Soul-Jar

Species origin: Man-made semi-robotic life form.

General appearance: Tend to be large clunky machines resembling suits of armor or humanoid battle tanks. Some models are more humanoid and less cripplingly large.

Abilities: Brute strength, nearly unbreakable.

Weaknesses: Large size disables quick locomotion. In general they are slow.

Preferred environment: Flat paved areas.

Most active at: All times.

Characters of this species: Charlie.

Other: The Soul-Jars are servants of Occi agents unless they are reprogrammed, are created by rogue Worker Bees (Killer Bees), or become lost. They are unintelligent lackies with only a living energy in a non-living robotic body.

3/24/2013 . Edited 12/6/2013 #3
Razor's Edge


Species name: Nocturne

Species origin: Evolved from black creatures that were often mistaken for 'ghosts'

General appearance: Nocturnes are born pitch black, and stay that way for most of their life. As a natural defense mechanism against predators, juveniles automatically transform to appear as a completely black version of the nearest creature. Adults can control their appearance, as well as limited control of their color.

Abilities: Nocturnes are skilled mimics, which is a defense mechanism that improves their shadowing abilities. Nocturnes also have greatly enhanced eyesight; their eyesight at night is about equal to an average human's eyesight, while their day eyesight is about twice as good as a human's.

Weaknesses: Despite excellent eyesight, their eyes are extremely sensitive to light; Nocturnes usually compensate by wearing heavy sunglasses, but removing the glasses is usually an effective way to counter anything they might try. Causing considerable damage to a Nocturne also causes their body to become unstable, reverting to their juvenile shifting as a reflex; this often causes Nocturnes that are used to their forms to become even more flustered than the damage would cause.

Preferred environment: They are at home just about anywhere except large cities, where their powers tend to be slightly off.

Most active at: They are most active during sunset and sunrise, although they have been seen to be active at just about any time of the day. They do require at least 6 hours of sleep a day, however, but they are usually spent at the Nocturnes' discretion.

Characters of this species: Vincent Claudius, Marina Valderin


3/26/2013 . Edited 4/5/2014 #4


Species name: Enfante Terrible

Species origin: Said to be born when one or both parents have exceptionally evil thoughts. The Enfant Terrible is an adorable child. An angel, one might say, with a cherubic face. One just wants to pick them up and hug them. Pity they're psychopaths. An Enfant Terrible knows people think they're cute, and will use that to their advantage. An Enfant Terrible is either supernatural, or simply a child born without a conscience. Enfants Terribles are truly dangerous and vicious at heart. They almost always play the "wouldn't hurt a child" and "children are innocent" cards to get away with their actions, which almost always works.

General appearance: Not distinguishable from normal children.

Abilities: Immortality (Stop aging at 10), Supernatural Condition, Very Powerful Magic

Weaknesses: They can become easily distracted. Being shown affection by adults who know what they are tend to confuse them (this may make them more violent). Resistance to feeling positive emotions.

Preferred environment: Somewhere dark and/or cold.

Most active at: (Times, include if nocturnal or anything related to times of greatest activity level) All times, but prefer to "work" at night.

Characters of this species:

Other: Extremely rare species. They do not have a side, but tend to play all of them. Do not let their small size fool you. They can and often do.

(Can I make the species Exclusive?)

4/24/2013 #5
(Accepted and yes, you may make them exclusive.)
4/24/2013 #6


Species name: Morphite

Species origin: Alein. From the planet of Klala.

General appearance: Looks like an albino 4-tailed fox with no whites in the eyes. A sinister red. (like a white bunny). Tails are tipped with black.

Abilities: morph, or shape-shift into anything described to it, imagined, or seen. alive or inanimate. also can manipulate molecules. Agile, swift thinking. Intelligent.

Weaknesses: If injured, can't shift. If badly injured in another form, the morphite's body will freeze until it can revert to normal fox form. As inanimate objects, still needs to breathe. Insomniac.

Preferred environment: quiet, nature environment.

Most active at: (Times, include if nocturnal or anything related to times of greatest activity level) High energy situations. "in the thick of things." Doesn't matter what time, though wishes to think of itself as a nocturnal creature.

Characters of this species: Mystic.

Other: Eats energy auras. More likely absorbs it. Small appetite though so not too much of a nuisance (unless needed) to those around them.

8/11/2013 #7


8/12/2013 #8

Species name: Whisps

Species origin: Unknown

General appearance: They are exceptionally tall and thin. A full grown adult stands at an average of ten feet, and weighs 175 pounds. Their forms are insect like, all angles, they have three pairs of arms, and on each arm is a hand with seven fingers on each hand. They have grey to white skin, almost reptillian in it's apearance. Thier hide is thick, and can be patterned. They have sbsolutely no hair on thier bodies. They have a large cranium, thier eyes are bulbuous and take up most of thier face. They have no nose to speak of, and scent through glands in thier mouths. Females and males are almost the exact same, except males have spikes along thier spine.

Abilities: They can breath under water, are extremely venomous, thier young being the deadliest. They are extremely fast and inteligent. They can also change thier skin color to match thier enviornment, only when under extreme stress. This ability fades as they age.

Weaknesses: They cannot stand fire or direct sunlight.

Preferred environment: Moist or wet enviornments, with a quick escape underground.

Most active at: Nocturnal

Characters of this species: None yet.

10/19/2013 #9

Accepted. They will fit in nicely.

10/19/2013 #10


Species name: Galen

Species origin: Alien from the planet Galenia

General appearance: Darkish skin like someone from Inda. Dark brown hair with wide strips in varying shades of yellow and gold. Cat-like eyes and physic. Claws instead of fingernails. Sharp teeth like a cat's. Pointed ears like elves.

Abilities: Mostly cat-like ablilites such as exceptional agility, seeing well in the dark, and hightened hearing.

Weaknesses: They cannot swim at all. Very few of them have ever learned to swim, but like most cats, the species as a whole hates water and does not swim.

Preferred environment: They usually prefer to live somewhere warm, but they are very adaptable and can live anywhere if they want to.

Most active at: (Times, include if nocturnal or anything related to times of greatest activity level) Most active from sunset to about midnight. They will do things during the day, but they prefer the cover of darkness and usually stick to that time-frame.

Characters of this species: Klisa Holster

12/8/2013 . Edited 12/9/2013 #11

((Pick a more fatal weakness please and a more limited time frame.))

12/8/2013 #12

Weakness: They feel emotions in more extreme doses than humans. This makes them easily distracted especially during a battle.

Most active from sunset to about midnight. They will do things during the day, but they prefer the cover of darkness and usually stick to that time-frame.

12/8/2013 #13

((I was thinking somthing more along the lines of 'unable to swim' or 'deathly allergic to peanuts'.))

12/8/2013 #14

((That makes total sense. Sorry. Can I just ignore those last two and do the unable to swim one?))

12/9/2013 #15

((Please edit your first post. These other posts will be removed.))

12/9/2013 #16
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